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Angels & Demons trailer
31/10/2008. Columbia Pictures has made with their teaser trailer for the new Angels & Demons movie - the prequel to Dan Brown's not-so-good supernatural thriller The Da Vinci Code.

The Day the Earth Stood Still
03/07/2008. Klaatu Klaatu with our Keanu. Yes, it's the first online trailer for the remake of one of science fiction's finest classic SF movies, The Day the Earth Stood Still. Keanu Reeves brings the main role a certain wasted alien elegance.

The Prisoner returns to TV
30/06/2008. Jim 'The Passion of the Christ' Caviezel and Ian 'Gandalf' McKellen are to star in ITV's reinvention of the 1960s cult science fiction-spy series The Prisoner. Caviezel takes the role of Number Six while McKellen will appear throughout the series in the role of Number Two. He's a man, not a number.

Quantum Of Solace trailer
30/06/2008. Online trailer for the new James Bond movie. When you can't tell your friends from your enemy, it's time to leave the game. Never was a truer word spoken.

Lost and Enchanted scoop the scifi prizes at the 2008 Saturn Awards
28/06/2008. Yes, the judges' deliberations are in on the annual movie and TV awards for the science fiction and fantasy genre, aka The Saturns. Walt Disney Studios Enchanted picked up three Saturn awards including Best Picture (fantasy), and Best Actress (Amy Adams). Television gongs were dominated by the ABC television series, Lost, which walked away with 4 awards, including Best Network Television Series and Best Actor (Matthew Fox). Sweeney Todd, Ratatouille, and 300 each received two Saturn awards.

Building the Galaxiki - one world at a time
28/06/2008. Here's an interesting science fiction concept. Galaxiki is a wiki-based online galaxy - each star, planet and moon is represented by a single wiki page that can be edited by its site members. It's a hub for science fiction and fantasy fans to name stars, planets and moons, design solar systems, invent alien creatures and write fictional scifi histories about planets and civilisations.

When planets smash - Mars got really zapped
28/06/2008. New analysis of Mars' terrain by NASA reveals what appears to be by far the largest impact crater ever found in the solar system. Boy, did the red planet ever take a hammering. Talk about your ELE.

X6 – a novellantho
28/06/2008. Australian publisher coeur de lion publishing has reported its latest project, a single volume made up of six novellas from Australian science fiction authors.

Escher's Loops
28/06/2008. Science fiction and fantasy agent John Jarrold has sold World English language limited-edition rights in Serbian author Zoran Zivkovic’s new full-length novel, Escher's Loops, to Peter Crowther of PS Publishing, for publication in 2009.

Tesseracts wants you, horror dude
28/06/2008. Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing has reported that Tesseracts Thirteen, a dark fantasy and horror publication, is now open for submissions from writers.

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor
21/06/2008. New long online trailer for this fantasy Indy-light flick with handsome Brendan Fraser as explorer Rick O'Connell, who along with his son Alex, wife Evelyn (Maria Bello, now that scrummy Rachel Weisz has moved on) and her brother Jonathan (aka John Hannah), must stop the resurrected Dragon Emperor (aka Jet Li).

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
20/06/2008. Well, we love Brad Pitt, but do we love him enough to watch this curious science fiction movie about some nutty mutie that ages backward. Watch the online trailer. Make your own mind up.

Tachyon Publications going to the dogs
19/06/2008. Scifi and fantasy publisher Tachyon Publications wants to see photos of your little woof woof. Their contest celebrates the July 1st release of Dogs, a new novel of bioterrorism and international intrigue by science fiction author Nancy Kress.

Natasha Rhodes signs up with JJLA
19/06/2008. The latest client of the John Jarrold Literary Agency is scifi author Natasha Rhodes. Rhodes is the British-born author of two supernatural thrillers for Solaris Books, Dante’s Girl and The Last Angel, as well as a number of film novelisations, including one for the movie Blade: Trinity, Final Destination: The Movie 1 and 2, plus several original movie-based tie-in novels such as A Nightmare On Elm Street: Perchance To Dream and Final Destination: Dead Reckoning.

Daryl Hannah kicks up some Fu-Fi in Kung Fu Killer miniseries
19/06/2008. David Carradine and top replicant Daryl Hannah are getting it on for the first time since their Kill Bill roles to star in the two-part original fighting fantasy miniseries, Kung Fu Killer.

Death Race
19/06/2008. An online trailer for the remake of the Death Race movie, reminiscent of all those Games Workshop Car Wars sessions of our youth. And boy, is it a dark scifi future.

Hannu Rajaniemi joins JJLA
19/06/2008. The latest client of the John Jarrold Literary Agency is Scottish-based Finnish science fiction writer Hannu Rajaniemi. His short fiction has featured in Finnish magazines, the anthology NOVA SCOTIA and two Best of the Year SF anthologies, and he has written articles for scientific journals.

The Dark Knight
19/06/2008. Another new trailer for the latest Bats movie. Definitely one for our must see list.

Your Priest will see you now
18/06/2008. Science fiction and fantasy author Christopher Priest will be visiting the Birmingham Science Fiction Group in the UK to talk about the making of his book into the film of the same name, The Prestige. It had Wolverine and Michael Caine in it. How cool is that?

Punisher War Zone
18/06/2008. Online trailer for the new movie from the Marvel comic of the same name, where vigilante-antihero Frank Castle fights crime lord Jigsaw and the FBI at the same time. Oh, he's hard, that Frank. Not like Frank Spencer at all.

The scifi best of the rest
18/06/2008. The American Film Institute reveals their top ten best science fiction and fantasy movies. A jury of 1,500 film artists, critics and historians named the films as the very best.

Halo there
18/06/2008. Tor Books will be producing the next novel in the Halo series, while science fiction hard-nut Tobias Buckell has been tapped to write Halo: The Cole Protocol, due for Autumn 2008. The new novel will be the sixth in the series based on the Halo scifi video games.

Fly your own Enterprise
17/06/2008. Coming to a US city near you soon, Star Trek The Exhibition, a touring exhibition of Star Trek ships, sets, costumes and props from the five TV series and ten Trek films.

Astro Boy the movie
17/06/2008. Actors Nicolas Cage and Donald Sutherland will be joining join Freddie Highmore, Nathan Lane, Bill Nighy and Eugene Levy to voice various roles in the CGI animated movie based on the classic Astro Boy manga.

Michael Moorcock on the Sofa
17/06/2008. StarShipSofa, a bi-weekly audio science fiction podcast magazine, is to broadcast its first video episode: an interview with science fiction and fantasy author Michael Moorcock.

Diary of the Dead
17/06/2008. In his first independent zombie film in twenty years, George A. Romero takes viewers back to ground zero in the history of the living dead. Catch the online trailer here.

Sulu gets married
17/06/2008. Star Trek's George Takei and his partner Brad Altman head up the aisle.

Dungeon: Monstres
16/06/2008. If you like your fantasy comics with a touch of madness, then Dark Lord Dungeon: Monstres, Volume 2: The Dark Lord, might just be for you.

The Mirrored Heavens
16/06/2008. Online trailer for David J. Williams's just-released debut science fiction novel from Bantam Spectra, The Mirrored Heavens.

Heart of Stone
16/06/2008. Over the last year Guy Hasson has been working on an independent, feature-length Israeli sci-fi film called Heart of Stone.

Holy Moses: DC Comics sees RED
13/06/2008. The same chap that is making the Transformers II movie (and GI Joe the film), Di Bonaventura, has just signed up to bring DC Comic's RED to the big screen. It's a dark near-future tale of a retired secret agent that has to get back into the game to discover who the oddly high-tech assassins are that are putting he and his family in the firing line. Meet Frank Moses, super-spy-guy. DC Comics have been having a good run recently, what with The Dark Knight and the Watchmen flicks coming up.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars
12/06/2008. There's a new theatrical trailer out for the latest cartoon Star Wars spin-off for you to watch on the internet.

Babylon AD Trailer
12/06/2008. Trailer for a new film where Vin Diesel plays a mercenary smuggler who is given a contract to escort a girl with superhuman powers to America in a dark dystopian cyberpunky near-future. Lots of people want her dead. Cue action!

12/06/2008. Yet another trailer online for the Wanted movie. It's getting lots of hype, in inverse proportion, we suspect, to its quality.

Sir Richard Barnson has a Vision For Tomorrow
12/06/2008. The SCIFI Channel has released Dare to Dream: Visions For Tomorrow, a report commissioned by the channel as part of its public affairs initiative utilising the power of science fiction to shape a positive future. The report features social commentary from SCIFI's Visions For Tomorrow advisory board. Arnold Schwarzenegger says humanity vill be back!

David Brin on the Sofa
12/06/2008. The Starship Sofa audio science fiction magazine continues its journey this week featuring fiction by Jeff Vandermeer and David Brin, along with Poetry from Bruce Boston and non-fiction by Amy Sturgis.

Comics for the boys and girls
12/06/2008. Arcana Comics, the home of Kade, Koni and Dragon’s Lair, recently donated thousands of Clockwork Girl comic books to the Boys and Girls Club of America.

Space for space artists at Denvention 3
12/06/2008. The Denvention 3 world science fiction convention are accepting applications for their dealers' room, art show and commercial exhibit space.

Starship Farragut hits Warp Nine
09/06/2008. Starship Farragut, a film project based on the original series of Star Trek, has won Best Fan Film of 2008 at the Wrath of Con science fiction conference and film festival in Panama City Beach, Florida.

2008 Mythopoeic award finalists announced
09/06/2008. The Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for Adult Literature is given to the finest fantasy novel, multi-volume, or single-author story collection for adults published during 2007 that best exemplifies the spirit of the Inklings, JRR Tolkien's old street gang.

Your scifi lunch is here
06/06/2008. There may be no free lunch for scifi hero Hal Spacejock, but his readers worldwide are about to be served a big helping of science fiction - for nothing. Fremantle Press and Western Australian author, Simon Haynes, are giving away online copies of the novel Hal Spacejock 1 to coincide with the release of the fourth book, Hal Spacejock: No Free Lunch.

Science fiction 101
06/06/2008. Jeff VanderMeer has been named Assistant Director of the Shared Worlds Creative Writing Program at Wofford College in the USA. Just remember kids, A is for Asimov, Z is for Zelazny.

Cylons on your phone
06/06/2008. Universal Pictures is teaming with mobile games house Glu Mobile for the launch of a Battlestar Galactica game on your mobile phone. The game stations players aboard the Galactica in a top-down shooter position. Die, Toasters, DIE.

04/06/2008. Second trailer of the movie version of the Wanted comic ... which is heavy on the whole super-powered assassins thing. But hey, it does have Angelina Jolie in it. Nuff said.

I Want to Believe II
04/06/2008. The latest teaser trailer for the new X-Files movie, The X-Files: I Want to Believe.

Lord of Silence
04/06/2008. The Ghost in the Machine podcast will feature science fiction author Jeffrey Thomas (Deadstock) from June 1st - 14th, and Mark Chadbourn (Lord of Silence) from June 15th - 30th 2008.

Toll the Hounds
04/06/2008. Word reaches us that US fantasy author Steven Erikson will be doing a rare UK Book Tour through July 2008.

The tailor of Jackals
03/06/2008. The Grasping for the Wind science fiction and fantasy blog has just added a very insightful and amusing interview with author Stephen Hunt.

The ghost of a madman who preys upon human flesh
03/06/2008. Alan Davies - aka the magician - is set to return as Jonathan Creek for a one-off special of the fantasy detective series written by David Renwick, due for transmission on BBC One late 2008. Jonathan Creek was last broadcast on the BBC in 2004 (it got a BAFTA). Many say that's editor Geoff bears an uncanny resemblance to curly-haired buff-god Jonathan Creek.

Grasping for the Court
02/06/2008. Sci-fi blogger of great renown, John, over at Grasping for the Wind has just reviewed the US edition of The Court of the Air (Tor), and it's already on his best of the year list.

House Of Many Ways
02/06/2008. Fantasy Diana Wynne Jones will be signing her new book House Of Many Ways (the sequel to Howl's Moving Castle) at The Forbidden Planet Megastore Bristol, Unit 4, Clifton Heights, Bristol, BS8 1ED, on 1-2pm Saturday 5th July 2008.

Mysterious men in airships
02/06/2008. Fantasy novel The Court of the Air is the focus of one of the three articles in this month's Tor-Forge newsletter.

2008 Sunburst Award finalists named
02/06/2008. Nalo Hopkinson and The New Moon's Arms is one of the short-listed works for the 2008 Sunburst Award for best Canadian fantastic fiction.

The sci-fi series of the game (or is it the other way around)
02/06/2008. The US SCI-FI Channel and Trion, a massively multi-player games developer, have entered into a partnership to codevelop a new entertainment franchise that will be a mutant fusion of both online game and science fiction TV show. The two companies are to codevelop a connected video game franchise published by Trion and a television show to air on SCIFI.

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