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Stephen Hunt interview
17/08/2008. Fantasy/SF author Stephen Hunt is interviewed by Pat from the Fantasy Hot List about the new paperback edition of his novel The Kingdom Beyond the Waves and why he'd need Tarzan, Flash Gordon, Tom Strong, Michael Kane of Old Mars, Jerry Cornelius, and Oswald Bastable to keep him alive in a dangerous plot.

In Carl Sagan's name
17/08/2008. NASA has just set-up their new Carl Sagan Postdoctoral Fellowships in Exoplanet Exploration, created to inspire the next generation of explorers seeking to learn more about planets, and possibly life, around other stars.

Jetse de Vries jacks in Interzone
17/08/2008. Jetse de Vries is resigning from Interzone magazine after nearly five years as co-editor, complaining that he is unhappy with the tone Interzone's short science fiction tales will be taking in the future.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer gets a virtual world
17/08/2008. Twentieth Century Fox and The Multiverse Network will be launching an original Buffy the Vampire Slayer massively multiple online game... aka a MMOG. The virtual world will be based on the mythology made popular by the horror TV series.

Torchwood is re-lit
17/08/2008. Filming for the third TV series of the scifi drama Torchwood, created by Doctor Who writer Russell T Davies, has now begun in Cardiff. Due to transmit in 2009 on BBC One, the series - called Torchwood: Children Of Earth - sees the team embarking on a single action-packed adventure as they battle for the future of the human race against the fiercest force they have encountered.

Stargate Universe to get a Summer 2009 premiere in the US
17/08/2008. The SCIFI Channel and MGM have reached an agreement to extend Stargate with a new series called Stargate Universe. Production on the first season of Stargate Universe, a weekly series based on the Stargate mythos, will begin in early 2009, with the science fiction show targeted to premiere that Summer.

Halloween short story contest
17/08/2008. In honour of the US presidential election, Apex Publications is offering its Annual Halloween Short Fiction Contest, titled Election Horror to be guest judged by Jay Lake.

2008 Mythopoeic Award winners announced
17/08/2008. The Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for Adult Literature went to Catherynne M. Valente, The Orphan's Tales, consisting of In the Night Garden (Spectra) and In the Cities of Coin and Spice (Spectra). The winners of this year's awards were announced at Mythcon XXXIX in New Britain, Connecticut, on August 17th 2008.

Hands Of Flame
17/08/2008. C.E. Murphy will be signing Hands Of Flame at the Forbidden Planet Megastore, 179 Shaftesbury Avenue, London, WC2H 8JR, on Thursday 18th September 2008, 6-7pm.

James Barclay goes to Birmingham
17/08/2008. James Barclay is visiting the UK's Birmingham Science Fiction Group on Friday September 12th 2008 at 8pm to talk about his writing and what he has been up to lately.

Of the Night
17/08/2008. Cliff Burns has posted a new novel on his site, a supernatural thriller titled Of the Night.

Tor/Pan Macmillan: going cheap
17/08/2008. UK science fiction publisher Tor/Pan Macmillan have a money-off offer on their website at the moment. From now until December 8th 2008 they have 20 per cent off a selection of their science fiction and fantasy books.

These aren't the reviews you're looking for. Move along.
14/08/2008. An incredibly negative review of the new animated Star Wars: The Clone Wars movie on genre entertainment web site Ain't It Cool News has reputedly been taken down. Ain't It Cool News contributor Moriarty is said to have posted news on his own site that the review was killed after pressure from Lucasfilm. If this is true, it's a bad day for the freedom of the science fiction press, and it sadly confirms the apathy we've felt ourselves at SFcrowsnest about this latest attempt to pump some extra medicloreans into the decaying bloated scifi corpse that is Star Wars.

14/08/2008. Online trailer for a new dark fantasy/horror horror movie called Twilight. This the one based on the YA vampire novel written by US author Stephenie Meyer.

Heroes season 3: Villains
13/08/2008. An online trailer for the third series of Heroes. The company sees a mass-breakout of super-evil types from their notorious Level 5 facility. Guess who's left to do the clear-up?

Going La-la for Batman
13/08/2008. La-La Land Records are inviting you to meet and get your CDs autographed in Burbank by the composers of the music scores from the Teen Titans and Batman DC/Warner animated series.

Forbidden Planet gets middle-aged
13/08/2008. On Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th September 2008, Forbidden Planet science fiction stores around the UK will be throwing birthday parties as part of their 30th Anniversary celebrations. You're invited, trooper.

Alt.Fiction expands to a weekend festival
13/08/2008. Derby City Council today announced significant changes to its Alt.Fiction festival of fantasy and science fiction literature for 2009, growing to a weekend-long deal and adding movies too, at the city's brand new centre for art and film.

The Yiddish Policemen's Union does well at Hugos
11/08/2008. The 2008 Hugo Awards for the best science fiction writing were given out at the world SF con, Denvention, on Saturday August 9th 2008. The Yiddish Policemen's Union won best novel.

The Painted Man
11/08/2008. Peter Brett will be signing copies of his new horror novel The Painted Man at the Forbidden Planet Megastore, 179 Shaftesbury Avenue, London, WC2H 8JR, on Thursday 4th September 2008 between 6-7pm.

Fringe comes to UK
09/08/2008. Sky1 will be showing Warner's Fringe - the TV series not about a bad haircut - but the new sci-fi offering from JJ Abrams and his team behind the upcoming Star Trek movie, as well as Lost and Alias.

The Battlestar that wouldn't die
09/08/2008. The SCIFI Channel has told us about an all-new Battlestar Galactica TV movie, set to air in 2009 following the conclusion of the last TV series and then released on DVD by Universal Studios. It will be directed by Edward 'Adama' James Olmos and written by Battlestar Galactica's Jane Espenson.

Sky1 to show Battlestar Galactica prequel Caprica
07/08/2008. Sky1 is to show Caprica in the UK, NBC's prequel to Battlestar Galactica.

Alt.Fiction goes residential
07/08/2008. The Alt.Fiction literary festival is holding a horror writing weekend over November 7th-9th 2008, at the Dove Valley Centre, outside Buxton.

Hood homicide?
07/08/2008. Jonas Armstrong, the actor who plays Robin Hood on the BBC TV prog. of the same name, is set to bow out of the third series on BBC One in the series finale. Shades of Michael Praed leaving for Dynasty, methinks.

Transmissions From Beyond
06/08/2008. News reaches us of Transmissions From Beyond, a new biweekly podcast of science fiction stories from the pages of the TTA Press genre magazines stable.

06/08/2008. US scifi publisher Bantam Dell has launched their audiobook podcast of fantasy author Karen Marie Moning's Darkfever. This is the first project between Bantam Dell and one of its authors to release the full version of a book for free as a podcast.

No flowers for Morgan Freeman
05/08/2008. Looks like the Curse of the Joker has narrowly missed actor Morgan Freeman. One of Morgan Freeman's staff tells SFcrowsnest he'll be okay after his recent car accident and says you can send him well wishes - but no flowers or gifts, please.

The Turing Test
05/08/2008. Andrew Hook of British small press genre publisher the Electric Press writes in to tell us that the launch of author Gareth L Powell's novel The Last Reef, and Chris Beckett's novel The Turing Test, will take place in London on Saturday 9th August 2008 (that's this coming Saturday) from 2-4pm at the Citte of York pub, 22 High Holborn, London.

05/08/2008. Ghost in the Machine podcast, hosted by fantasy author Gail Z. Martin, will be welcoming science fiction authors Andy Remic (War Machine, BioHell) August 1st-14th 2008 and gaming author Mike Lee, August 15th - 31st 2008.

Ticonderoga supporting Paul
05/08/2008. Ticonderoga Publications is joining in the effort to raise funds for Australian science fiction fan Paul Haines.

Monsters versus Aliens trailer
05/08/2008. Online trailer for the animated film Monsters versus Aliens.

Saving the world, one blog at a time
05/08/2008. The US cable science fiction player, SCI-FI Channel, has just opened the doors to its new blog, Their blog features ideas from top visionaries, innovators, and scientists providing new viewpoints to help overcome society's challenges... famine, global warming, energy poverty, war etc. No biggie then, sorted by tomorrow.

When publishing worlds collide
02/08/2008. The science fiction and fantasy small press community are intensely worried about the implications of Amazon buying second-hand book retailer ABEBooks.

Scifi law suit end - Lucasfilm crushes stormtrooper helmet man
01/08/2008. The English High Court has found that poor old British firm Shepperton Design Studios and its unlucky principal, Andrew Ainsworth, violated the US copyright of Lucasfilm by making Star Wars stormtrooper helmets and other science fiction costume replicas from the Lucas's movies.

All change on the board of the ASFA
01/08/2008. Some interesting news - from a UK point of view - is that British space artist David Hardy is now the new Vice President of the Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists - the first time this role has been taken by a European or a Brit. The old board is still up on the ASFA site, but their new President is Elisabeth Humphrey, and the Secretary is Jannie Shea.

There's water on them thar' planets
01/08/2008. NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander has identified water in a soil sample. The lander's robotic arm delivered the sample to an instrument that identifies vapors produced by heating samples. Water, water, everywhere, but nary a drop a drink.

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