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The real mermaidís tail
27/02/2009. Weta Workshop, the scifi special effects house behind Lord of the Rings etc - as well as some very nice steampunk weaponry - have recently completed work on creating a fully functional Mermaid tail for Auckland woman Nadya Vessey, who is a double leg amputee.

The BBC's werewolf howls again
26/02/2009. Being Human, the BBC Three horror drama, chronicling the lives of a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost living in modern-day Bristol has been recommissioned for a new TV series.

Steampunk myths and legends winners
26/02/2009. Over 2000 digital artists created steam-powered works to win $220,000 worth of prizes. The winners of the CGSociety's CGChallenge XXIII: Steampunk - Myths and Legends have now been reported. Digital artists battled to claim $220,000 worth of software and hardware in steampunk categories such as video, animation, modeling and illustration.

StarGate goes La Bamba
26/02/2009. The SCI-FI Channel has told the Nest that actors Lou Diamond Phillips, Ming-Na, Elyse Levesque and Alaina Huffman will be cast members of the SGU: Stargate Universe, which has just began production in Vancouver.

The buzz around Green Hornet
26/02/2009. Michel Gondry is in negotiations to direct Columbia Pictures' superhero movie The Green Hornet, starring Seth Rogen and Stephen Chow, the Nest is told by Doug Belgrad and Matt Tolmach, presidents of Columbia Pictures.

The Ultimate Guide to Modern Writers of Fantastic Literature project
26/02/2009. Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of scifi and fantasy authors bursting onto the scene in the past decade. Top authors are better known, of course, but the beauty of science fiction and fantasy is in the variety and full spectrum of the sub-genres, topics, and styles offered.

Famous Monster
26/02/2009. Famous Monster is a new DVD documentary celebrating the life of science fiction and horror fan, Forrest J. Ackerman.

Scifi author David Weber Honors some tour dates
26/02/2009. David Weber, author of the Honor Harrington science fiction novels, will be on a book signing tour in the US Northeast beginning in March, for the release of Storm From the Shadows, featuring his signature character, the heroic starfleet officer Dame Admiral Honor Harrington

Horror fans to gorge on Eclipse
24/02/2009. Eclipse, the third movie in the ever-popular Twilight saga of vamping vampires, is be released in the USA on Wednesday June 30th 2010. Melissa Rosenberg, who did the scripts for both Twilight and New Moon, is currently writing the script for Eclipse in consultation with the creator of the Twilight books, Stephenie Meyer.

Christopher Paul Carey interviewed
23/02/2009. Christopher Paul Carey is interviewed. He's the editor of a new omnibus of works by science fiction author Philip Jose Farmer - called The Other in the Mirror.

Warehouse 13 opens its doors
21/02/2009. The US SCI-FI Channel's new TV series Warehouse 13 has begun production in Canada, starring Eddie McClintock, Joanne Kelly and Saul Rubinek. The one-hour drama is slated to premiere in July 2009 with 11 episodes including the previously produced two-hour pilot.

Ghostwriter picks up Derek Gunn's HMS Swift Chronicles
20/02/2009. A new historical horror novel from Irish writer Derek Gunn (Vampire Apocalypse series, The Estuary) titled The HMS Swift Chronicles, has been picked up by Ghostwriter Publications in the UK, for publication in 2009 in hardback, paperback and audio editions.

Dragonball Evolution
20/02/2009. A new trailer for 20th Century Fox's sci-fi film Dragonball Evolution, and the news that the release date has been changed to 8th April 2009.

The search for alien life hots up
20/02/2009. NASA's Kepler spacecraft is ready to be moved to the launch pad today and will soon begin a journey to search for worlds that could host alien life.

Birmingham Science Fiction Group brings in Ballantyne
20/02/2009. Science fiction author Tony Ballantyne is to visit to the BSFG in March 2009.

Dr Who gets Thatcher
19/02/2009. Margaret Thatcher actress Lindsay Duncan is to guest star in the second Doctor Who Special of 2009 on BBC One.

Marian is dead, alas
19/02/2009. Robin Hood returns to BBC One Spring 2009 with thirteen new episodes of the fantasy TV series. It is three months since Marian's death and Robin (Jonas Armstrong) is a changed man. Tougher, he's sacked his gang since they all returned from the Holy Land. Not only that Ė he's hell bent on avenging his wife's tragic end.

A day in the BookArmy
16/02/2009. There's a new online networking service for book readers that looks fairly impressive. Fantasy and scifi author Stephen Hunt has been playing around with the service on behalf of science fiction fans everywhere, and he likes what he sees so far.

Tales of the Black Freighter
16/02/2009. Here's the official trailer for the Watchmen movie within a movie. Yeah, it's complicated, and its online marketing. The comic-book did it better.

Jasper Kent
16/02/2009. Fantasy and scifi writer Jasper Kent has made a couple of videos related to his novel Twelve, which he has posted on YouTube.

Terra Incognita
16/02/2009. Terra Incognita is Australian speculative fiction read by the authors who created it. The podcast is free and is cast monthly on the TISF website for streaming and download, and is also on itunes.

Doctor Who heats up
13/02/2009. The BBC has told SFcrowsnest that part of the next Doctor Who Easter special will be filmed in Dubai. Planet Of The Dead is the first of four Doctor Who Specials which should air in 2009.

Thrilling Wonder Stories
13/02/2009. While the science fiction magazine Thrilling Wonder Stories ended its run more than eleven years before the original Star Trek series premiered in 1966, the second volume of the revived anthology is just in time for its rebirth in the new Star Trek feature film reboot, coming out May 8th 2009 in the USA.

Red Rocket Station
13/02/2009. The Internet Review of Science Fiction has recently started a social networking site for fantasy and science fiction folks, called Red Rocket Station.

The Cylon detector
13/02/2009. Fans of the SCI-FI channel's Battlestar Galactica TV series can now find a Cylon Detector application on the Apple App Store.

Marty Halpern gets Wilder
13/02/2009. Science fiction small press Wilder Publications has told us that that Marty Halpern has accepted a position as a freelance Acquisitions Editor for Wilder Publications genre imprint, Fantastic Books.

The Rise of the Iron Moon: The missing Trek episode
11/02/2009. Incredibly, a missing episode of one of the animated Star Trek TV series has been found which features the fantasy novel, The Rise of the Iron Moon, by Stephen Hunt. Given this is Hunt's latest book - just out this Monday - and the TV episode is from the 1970s, a temporal paradox is suspected.

Stargate finds The Ark of Truth
09/02/2009. This spring the SCIFI Channel will be running the US premiere of the two Stargate films, Stargate: The Ark of Truth and Stargate: Continuum.

Daniel Barnz goes Beastly
09/02/2009. Daniel Barnz has signed on to direct Beastly for CBS Films, we hear from Amy Baer, CEO over at CBS Films. Barnz also penned the screenplay for Beastly, which is based on the dark fantasy novel of the same name by Alex Flinn.

Dark Haven
09/02/2009. Dark Haven, the newest title in author Gail Z. Martin's Chronicles of the Necromancer series, begins a new chapter in the tale of adventurer Jonmarc Vahanian, Lord of Dark Haven and King Martris Drayke of Margolan.

Men In Black crew get animated
09/02/2009. Sony Pictures Animation has agreed a deal with comic-book publisher Platinum Studios. This marks the first collaboration between Sony and Platinum Studios CEO Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, since their two Men In Black movies.

Google goes to Mars
09/02/2009. NASA and Google have told us about a new Mars mode in Google Earth that offers a three-dimensional view of the Red Planet.

Torchwood: Children Of Earth
09/02/2009. Torchwood fans in the UK are getting a sneak preview of the new series of the scifi drama. A 60-second trailer of Torchwood: Children Of Earth is up on the Torchwood website.

The Objective
09/02/2009. Yet another new sci-fi movie we haven't heard of. But the trailer looks interesting.

Star Trek
09/02/2009. The extended version of the new online Star Trek movie trailer with some more clues about what the reboot movie is going to feature.

Land of the Lost
09/02/2009. Online trailer for the new Land of the Lost movie adaptation with Will Ferrell, Danny McBride and Anna Friel.

The ninth art
09/02/2009. Wim Lockefeer writes a regular column on the Forbidden Planet blog on European comics (or bande dessinee) and is currently at the Angouleme comics festival, a comics con held in France where the comics medium is treated as the ninth art and taken seriously.

Adam Shardlow twitters
09/02/2009. Horror and fantasy author Adam J Shardlow is currently twittering a new story out. Short but sweet.

The Battle for Terra
09/02/2009. Lionsgate have acquired Snoot Entertainment's Battle for Terra, a 3D animated adventure feature film with the vocal talents of Evan Rachel Wood, Luke Wilson, Justin Long, Amanda Peet, Chris Evans and Dennis Quaid. The feature directorial debut of short filmmaker Aristomenis Tsirbas of The Freak fame, Battle for Terra is the first in a series of animated sci-fi and fantasy features to be produced by Snoot.

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