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Science fiction author Ian R Macleod wins the 2009 Arthur C Clarke Award
29/04/2009. It was a good thing that the Public Astronomer at the Royal Observatory Greenwich, Marek Kukula, made the main speech at this year's Arthur C Clarke Award, because when Ian R MacLeod won the award for his scifi novel Song of Time, you could see his grin from space.

Spy-fi autumn: Spooks series eight
27/04/2009. Following the climax of series seven of Spooks, spy-fi fans will be waiting to find out which of the UK's favourite sci-fi spies will return to their TV screens.

David Slade of 30 Days Of Night-fame is given the Twilight Saga's movie Eclipse to play with
23/04/2009. 30 Days Of Night's David Slade has been hired to direct the Twilight Saga's third movie Eclipse, based on Melissa Rosenberg's screenplay. Eclipse, the third film in the studio's Twilight series based on the Stephenie Meyer's vampire teen lurv series of novels, will be released in US Cinemas on June 30th 2010. Vampires, can't live with them, can't live without 'em.

Those ugly green Ninja Turtles are coming back
23/04/2009. Comic and sci-fi fans, stop your grinning and drop your linen, for the green light for development has just been given for a live-action movie looking at the origins of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The film will be coming at you 2011.

SyFy has Unfinished Business
21/04/2009. SyFy is getting together with James Lassiter, Will Smith and Ken Stovitz for a 2-hour fantasy horror pilot entitled Unfinished Business, which they're hoping to extend into a full new TV series. I hear dead people...

Empire of the Particularly British Science Fiction Author
20/04/2009. JG Ballard has passed away, notes author Stephen Hunt. The sci-fi world has lost an author whose prose was so beautifully crafted you could, like an old-style razor, cut yourself on it quite pleasurably. But his greatest achievement? That, says Stephen, was conning the literary establishment into believing he was no longer writing science fiction and thus worthy of review in their stilted, dead publications. Shed your tears now, you frakkers, for a giant no longer walks among us.

20/04/2009. There's a new trailer up for the scifi movie 9 - in which good glove-puppet-like bio-creatures created by humanity survive a World War III that kills their creators, but leaves behind mankind's killer droids still at war with everything. Think Terminator meets Coraline.

First World Horror Con in the UK
20/04/2009. The first World Horror Con in the UK, is taking place March 2010 in Brighton. I suspect there will also be a number of SF and Fantasy people there.

John Jarrold guests at the Birmingham Science Fiction Group
20/04/2009. John Jarrold is currently the literary agent for over forty authors and has also run three science fiction and fantasy imprints in the UK since 1988. Further to this he has also edited many well known SF and fantasy authors. As well as being a literary agent he also offers professional advice and editing to new SF and Fantasy authors.

New web site for the Ghost in the Machine
20/04/2009. The Ghost in the Machine's sci-fi podcast has rolled out a new homepage for the podcast and is to interview Jeri Smith-Ready (Wicked Game, Bad to the Bone) and Jana Oliver (Mad Man's Game).

Daylight win for the Night Sessions
20/04/2009. The BSFA has reported the winners of the 2008 British Science Fiction Awards. At a ceremony at the 60th Eastercon convention, LX, at the Cedar Court Hotel, Bradford, hosted by John Jarrold, Paul Macauley and Kim Newman, Ken Macleod scooped the award for best novel for The Night Sessions.

New trailer for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood
17/04/2009. There's a new trailer out for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood. Looks like London takes a pasting from the forces of darkness. Oh dear.

Next film instalment of The Twilight Saga is green for go
16/04/2009. Erik Feig, the grand fromage over at Summit Entertainment, drops the Nest a line to tell us that their teen vampire movie The Twilight Saga: New Moon, has started filming - and he like what he sees.

Stargate Universe: the gang is back in town
16/04/2009. Stargate fans rejoice, for SGU: Stargate Universe is to have quite a line up of guest stars, with appearances throughout the season including Richard Dean Anderson, Christopher McDonald, Janelle Monáe, Amanda Tapping, Michael Shanks, Gary Jones and Carlo Rota.

Drag Me to Hell
16/04/2009. The brains behind the Spider-Man trilogy and the Evil Dead series, director Sam Raimi, is coming back to the horror genre with his new movie Drag Me to Hell, a sad tale of a young woman’s quest to shatter an evil curse that has been cast on her. We have some early pics from Sam and the gen. on the film too.

The Choir Boats
16/04/2009. Fantasy, horror and sci-fi publisher ChiZine Publications has released a hardcover edition of Daniel Rabuzzi’s The Choir Boats, its fourth title and first dark fantasy novel.

Doctor Who hires in some new blood
16/04/2009. BBC Wales has told the Nest about three new appointments to its Doctor Who science fiction series just before the new episodes starring the eleventh Doctor, the cheeky fresh-faced Matt Smith, move into shooting.

Buying Battlestar
14/04/2009. The SciFi Channel is to auction items from SyFy's Battlestar Galactica TV series in a live auction weekend running May 8th-10th 2009. Nearly a thousand items will be included in this auction including Lee Adama's bomber jacket, which was worn in the Daybreak flashback scene, the painting that Kara Starbuck Thrace paints in her apartment on Caprica before the Cylon attacks, the Galactica Podium, Admiral Adama's (Edward James Olmos) desk chair, a full size Viper Mark II ship and a full size Blackbird Stealth ship. The red dress worn by Number Six (aka Tricia Helfer) and a Starbuck flight suit will also be offered in this auction.

Eating with Locus
14/04/2009. The Locus Awards Banquet will be held on Saturday June 27th 2009 in Seattle WA during the Science Fiction Awards Weekend at the Courtyard Marriott Lake Union. SciFi author Connie Willis will present the awards and judge the traditional Hawai’ian Shirt Contest.

Seven new pictures from the 11th Star Trek movie
14/04/2009. Some exclusive pics from J.J. Abrams' new Star Trek film. This is one movie I'm really looking forward to now, and from early comment from those who have seen it in the Sydney Opera House, it sounds like a cracker.

David Gemmell Legend Award 2009 shortlist
13/04/2009. The shortlist is in for the first David Gemmell Legend Award, and there's five fine fantasy novels in the frame for all you sci-fi fans to vote on. Our bookies odds at the Nest make Joe Abercrombie and his book Last Argument of Kings the odds on favourite.

Science Fiction Writers of America web site hacked
13/04/2009. Writers beware, the Science Fiction Writers of America site was seriously hacked and used to deploy a malicious trojan horse against all the sci-fi fans visiting their web site.

StarLog magazine folds: the last days of Rome for print sci-fi magazines
13/04/2009. StarLog magazine, the science fiction and fantasy bible for media fans for thirty-three years, has folded as a print magazine even as it promises to try to make the jump to web-only production. It's only one of many titles that has fallen to the hard, cold economic realities of the new media world, and sadly, it won't be the last. Expect Locus to die, expect everything you love to die. Fantasy and sci-fi author Stephen Hunt hates to say he told you so, but: he told you so.

Voyager books gets a new web site
13/04/2009. Voyager Books, the fantasy and science fiction arm of book publisher HarperCollins, has a new web site online now, along with some interesting looking deluxe signed and numbered special editions of Cory Doctorow's novel Little Brother.

Scagliotti's in the Warehouse
09/04/2009. Allison Scagliotti of Drake and Josh fame is to star in Warehouse 13, SyFy's sci-fi adventure series, as a geeky hacker. She joins the previously announced cast members Eddie McClintock, Joanne Kelly, Saul Rubinek and CCH Pounder.

Amber Benson swaps TV for horror novels
09/04/2009. Amber Benson, who played Tara Maclay on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, has launched a new trilogy of urban fantasy novels. The first book in the trilogy, Death’s Daughter arrives on the heels of Benson’s Ghosts of Albion series, which she co-wrote with Christopher Golden, the author of the Hellboy novels. Her new novel introduces Calliope Reaper-Jones, a normal girl, who also happens to be Death’s daughter. Err, Terry Pratchett's Mort, anyone?

3rd mini-trailer for Star Trek XI
09/04/2009. The third mini-clip from the new Trek film. Kirk and Spock go head to head about how young Jim managed to beam aboard the Enterprise when she was doing warp speed. Ah, that's an old trick. I'll show you some time.

Star Trek Disease and Danger
08/04/2009. The latest clip from the Star Trek Movie. Dr McCoy gives a young Kirk a flea in his ear about the dangers of space and what they really mean as their rickerty old Star Fleet shuttle is about to take off.

Doctor Who Planet Of The Dead
08/04/2009. A trailer for the next Doctor Who special coming our way. A London bus and its passengers falls through a wormhole and ends up on a dangerous alien desert world. Er, Dr Who does Pitch Black - we kept on trying to work out when Vin Diesel was going to pop up.

To Your Scattered Smallville and Battlestar Cast Go
08/04/2009. The lead roles in Riverworld and The Phantom - two of SyFy's trio of upcoming four-hour sci-fi movies - have been cast and production on both back-door movie pilots have started. It's a babe-fest with Laura Vandervoort and Isabella Rossellini in the frame.

Give me Sanctuary
07/04/2009. SCIFI's horror TV series Sanctuary has started production in Vancouver on series two. Slated to return this fall, the one-hour drama's 13-episode second season will include the addition of Agam Darshi as Kate Freelander.

Greg Bear says Halo, soldier
07/04/2009. Science fiction publisher Tor Books have told the Nest about a new trilogy in the Halo series based on the Halo videogames franchise for the Xbox. The first novel in this new trilogy will be published in early 2010. An unabridged audiobook edition will publish alongside the novel. Greg Bear has signed on to write three Halo novels set in the time of the Forerunners, the creators and builders of the Halos.

Dungeons & Dragons piracy attracts Wizards' wrath
07/04/2009. Sci-fi games house Wizards of the Coast LLC have filed three lawsuits in US District Court for the Western District of Washington against eight individuals, including named defendants located in the United States, Poland and the Philippines, for alleged copyright infringement of its recently-released Dungeons & Dragons Player’s Handbook 2.

Set your iPhone to kill
07/04/2009. The free Star Trek Phaser application has just launched in the iTunes app store to allow you to turn your iPod or iPhone into a Trek Phaser.

More Trek reboot action
05/04/2009. Yet another trailer for the upcoming Star Trek Academy reboot franchise thingy. Don't overdo it guys, you might put us off. Gently gently catchie Trekie.

Latest StarGate Universe trailer
05/04/2009. A short little trailer for the upcoming StarGate Universe TV series. Looks interesting, but this, as the actress said to the bishop, could have done with being a bit longer.

Twilight at Twilight
05/04/2009. One for you vampire fans, the Twilight movie is stalking the night in DVD form and going on sale at the London Forbidden Planet superstore on Sunday 5th April 2009 at exactly midnight.

Scale Spacecraft Modelling
05/04/2009. David Jefferis writes in, inspired by our Geoff's scifi model-making hobby, to tell us about his scale modelling blog.

Wolverine's claws are out
05/04/2009. 20th Century Fox write to us about the new Wolverine movie being stolen and leaked online.

The Wheel of Time keeps on turning
05/04/2009. You can tell a real fantasy author, when even death can't stop their literary output. November 3rd 2009 is the release date for The Gathering Storm, Book Twelve of The Wheel of Time, and the first of three volumes that will make up A Memory of Light, the conclusion to Robert Jordan’s fantasy series. A Memory of Light, partially written by Jordan and completed by Brandon Sanderson, will be released over a two-year period.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine Trailer II
05/04/2009. It seems a little redundant putting up the second trailer for this film since the entire beast has been leaked big-time across the web, but what the heck, we're going to the cinema to enjoy this one and hope that you are too.

We're feeling MIFFF'd - the Maelstrom International Fantastic Film Festival
05/04/2009. Perhaps encouraged by the success of the London International Festival of Science Fiction and Fantastic Film for us Brits, we are now told of the existence of the new Maelstrom International Fantastic Film Festival(aka MIFFF), a three-day showcase of animation, fantasy, horror, and science fiction cinema, which is to be held over September 18-20th 2009 at the SIFF Cinema at McCaw Hall in Seattle, Washington USA.

Shock new look for Doctor Who's TARDIS
01/04/2009. SFcrowsnest has had the new designs leaked for the TARDIS in the next season of Doctor Who. Yes, not only is Doctor Who getting a total Time Lord makeover in the form of boyish actor Matt Smith, but the Type 40 TARDIS gets a whole new look as its chameleon circuit briefly starts working again, only to become frozen in the shape of a super-loo.

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