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22/08/2009. Syfy has ordered a new action-adventure 90-minute pilot, Alphas (working title) from writers Zak Penn (X-Men: The Last Stand, Fantastic Four, The Incredible Hulk) and Michael. Alphas is executive produced by Gail Berman and Lloyd Braun for BermanBraun Television and is expected to commence production in early fall 2009.

Heroes season 4 trailer
30/07/2009. Here a sneak look at some of the goodies from the fourth season of Heroes. It will be interesting to see how on or off form the superhero TV show is after the last couple of seasons...

Rachelle Lefevre sees her last Twilight
29/07/2009. Fangs for the memories, but Rachelle Lefevre is out of the Twilight movies as the studio brings in Bryce Dallas Howard to replace her for the part of Victoria in this teen-vampires-in-love movies series.

Season Two of the Clone Wars
28/07/2009. The Star Wars animations keep on rolling in - here's a long trailer for the second season of the Clone Wars. Well, the kids love it, right?

Doctor Who and The Waters of Mars
27/07/2009. Trailer for the next Doctor Who series. Looks very creepy, with a Martian colony falling prey to something that lives in the frozen Martian waters. Looks like a good swan-song for David as the current doctor to exit on.

First Caprica to air late January 2010
27/07/2009. Syfy has announced the US air date for its Battlestar follow-up, Caprica, and it's running on Friday January 22nd 2010. Caprica will start with a two hour premiere and will appear regularly on subsequent late Fridays evenings.

Tron 2 footage in hi-def
26/07/2009. Footage from the movie Tron 2 in high-def. The Summer sure is shaping up to be a rich mine of Hollywood-based science fiction goodness.

The Book of Eli - the kick ass trailer
24/07/2009. Imagine Kane from the TV series Kung Fu going across a nuked-up future America and you have a good idea of Denzel Washington's latest scifi film, The Book of Eli. Crikes, the future seems grim these days.

SGU Stargate Universe trailer
24/07/2009. New trailer for SGU Stargate Universe trailer - boy, is this one shaping up. It looks a lot less like Stargate Voyager now, too. And with lines like "It looks like we've entered the Hoth system" (que ice planet), this might yet be the best StarGate ever.

Trailer for Halo Legends anime
24/07/2009. Here's the first trailer for the Halo Legends anime. Wow, that was quick. Bill Gates is obviously eager to get his hand on all that anime loot (yeah, like he needs it).

2009 Mythopoeic award winners
23/07/2009. Who are the winners of this year's Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for the best fantasy novels? Well, we've got an inkling!

New Sherlock Holmes trailer
23/07/2009. Steampunk fans rejoice, for there is a new trailer online for the next glossy Sherlock Holmes film. It looks more of an action flick than the cerebral Holmes we know and love, though. Has it been sexed up for joe public? Are the gadgets and bad guys for Steampunks? Elementary, my dear cinema goer...

The Lightning Thief
23/07/2009. Book one of the Percy Jackson series makes it to the big screen in what many, we are told by our Hollywood friends, are hoping will become the next YA Harry Potter-sized film franchise. Oh dear, lightning doesn't strike twice. Just ask Zeus!

Aliens In The Attic Kung Fu Grandma
23/07/2009. A trailer for one of the more odd movies to make it to the big screen - Aliens In The Attic Kung Fu Grandma. Aliens use mind control technology to possess a grandma and turn her into a kung fu master. The younger members of her family fight back with the same tech.

Trailer for White Out creeps out of the snow
23/07/2009. Trailer for a new SF horror movie called White Out (based on the graphic novel of the same name). Looks kind of like a remake of the Thing. Researchers at a remote Antarctic station looking for meteors find something terrible under the snow, and have to survive on their own until help reaches them.

Halo the anime
23/07/2009. Microsoft, in collaboration with some anime types, is looking to produce a series of original anime short films, to be called Halo Legends. Halo Legends, which officially debuted at a Comic-Con panel today, is being produced by Microsoft's 343 Industries and features creative direction from anime creator Shinji Aramaki, director of the Appleseed and Appleseed EX Machina movies, and Mamoru Oshii, director of Ghost in the Shell.

New trailer from 9
21/07/2009. A cybernetic glider-raptor attacks our little band of knit-wear adventurers. They bravely fend it off inside an old human church.

Rotten Row
21/07/2009. John Jarrold has sold an SF novella by Chaz Brenchley, Rotten Row, to Peter Crowther at PS Publishing. Rotten Row is set in the same universe as his short story Terminal, which was shortlisted for the BSFA award and will be reprinted together with the novella.

The 11th Doctor begins work: Matt Smith is in the house
20/07/2009. Production, we are told, has started today on the new series of Doctor Who, in which BBC One viewers will meet the 11th Doctor and his companion - Amy Pond (aka Karen Gillan) - for the very first time. Matt Smith of Party Animals fame plays the latest incarnation of our favourite time lord.

Guy Haley from Death Ray magazine in shameless plug horror
20/07/2009. Guy Haley from the UK-based glossy science fiction title Death Ray has just sent in a shameless plug for his magazine.

He's bad, he's Sinbad
17/07/2009. Giant Flick Films is reviving the Middle Eastern fantasy adventures of Sinbad the Sailor as a new movie. Called Sinbad The Fifth Voyage, the film is due for a 2010 release, and will, we are promised, be reminiscent of the stop-motion animation movies of Ray Harryhausen. Director David Winning of Stargate Atlantis and Andromeda fame, is slated to head up the movie.

Doctor Who gets the Viz treatement: as Doctor Poo
17/07/2009. Forget Doctor Who, here's Doctor Poo and his quest through space and time to find somewhere to, ahem, drop his rubbish. Yes, Dr Who gets the Viz treatment. Watch the animation and weep.

Phyllis Fay Gotlieb passes away
15/07/2009. Man, sometimes the Nest resembles a big obit. column at the back of a newspaper. More sad news just in following the death of Locus founder Charlie Brown - Phyllis Fay Gotlieb, the Canadian science fiction writer who the Sunburst Awards are named after (her first novel was of course, Sunburst), passed away yesterday.

Wrath of The Lemming Men By Toby Frost
15/07/2009. Toby Frost's third humorous SF/steampunk novel, Wrath of The Lemming Men, has just been published by Myrmidon Books, and is even part of a 3-for-2 promotion at Waterstone's. Can you feel your wallet parting?

War of the Worlds: Goliath
13/07/2009. Here comes a new steampunk anime movie set in 1914. In 1900, invaders from Mars attacked the Earth. The Martian's 80 ft tall, heat-ray spewing, Tripod battle machines laid waste to the planet, but the invaders ultimately fell prey to Earth's tiny bacteria. Fourteen years later, Man has rebuilt his shattered world, in large part by utilising captured Martian technology. War of the Worlds: Goliath will feature heat rays, steam-powered battle Tripods, souped up biplane and triplane fighters, a 1,500-foot long, armoured battle Zeppelin and a re-imagined steampunk New York City are some of the visuals that are being brought to life in this production.

Locus magazine founder Charles N Brown dies
13/07/2009. Long-time science fiction fan and founder of Locus magazine, the monthly news magazine of the SFF genre, Charles N Brown, has passed away at the grand old age of 71... he went like a true fan, on the journey back from science fiction con Readercon.

District 9 - second trailer
09/07/2009. Second trailer for the science fiction movie that looks like Alien Nation crossed with The Wire. This trailer has some cool shots of an alien refugee robot (or possibly power armoured alien), and one of the refugees on the run making off in a shuttle-sized space ship while South African cops try to bring it down with a rocket launcher. We have high hopes for this film in the Nest.

Futile Flame
09/07/2009. Here comes the second volume in Sam Stone's Vampire Gene trilogy of novels. Published by the UK small press, The House of Murky Depths, the novel follows the life of Lucrezia Borgia as she struggles with love, betrayal and vampirism in sixteenth Century Italy.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: what, there was an author involved?
09/07/2009. Bestselling fantasy author Stephen Hunt dimly recalls there was an author involved with Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. What was her name? JK something? Did quite well in the Sunday Times Rich list, once-upon-a-time? Don't worry if you forgot too, because at least you got to see Emma Watson in a wet T-shirt contest.

Day One
08/07/2009. New science fiction TV series from NBC which looks like it's blending a whole load of different movies and shows. Asteroid strikes wipe out most of Earth's society and technology, and then alien stuff starts growing in the ruins. It's an invasion, but there's a condo block full of heroes ready to become the resistance, led by a resident who might be a friendly alien.

Maxim Jakubowski's Best of British Science Fiction
08/07/2009. One of the UK's most prestigious commentators on science fiction, Maxim Jakubowski (founder of the much-missed Murder One bookshops), names his top ten science fiction novels. Stephen Hunt's The Kingdom Beyond the Waves is there, just a couple of days after being voted number seven in the top twenty fantasy novels at the Legend Award.

Superman's home opened to the public
07/07/2009. The Superman-themed Cleveland-based Screaming Tiki Super-Con event (July 10th-12th 2009) will see actors, writers and artists come to the convention, and in an event to honour the memory of Supermanís creators, Cleveland natives Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, the two Glenville teenagers who created Superman in the mid 1930s, there will be a ribbon-cutting ceremony at Jerry Siegelís restored childhood home

La Horde
07/07/2009. Trailer for a French language zombie movie whose elevator pitch probably ran as something like: think Fort Apache the Bronx, where cops and criminals have to team up to fight off the undead. Ooh La La.

Golden Cob awards 2009
06/07/2009. The B Movie Celebration will be hosting their second Golden Cob Awards for Excellence in B Movies. This year The B Movie Celebration is asking your help in determining who wins the Cob. Ah, the horror, the horror.

The Box
05/07/2009. SF/horror-type movie from the same team that did Donnie Darko. Cameron Diaz plays a badly credit-crunched mom who is given a box by a devilish stranger. On it is a button. If she presses the button, a supposedly random person will die, and she will get a million dollars. A mind game by shape-shifing aliens, a test by Old Nick? But don't tell the cops. The stranger has employees everywhere. Looks like a cool cult hit SFF thriller.

The Estuary
05/07/2009. Irish writer, Derek Gunn's latest horror novel, The Estuary, has been released by Permuted Press. According to the author, The Estuary is a horror adventure tale about a desperate plan formulated in the darkest years of an evil empire, which now threatens to engulf the residents of a small community in Southern Ireland.

Edge Hill Short Story Prize won by science fiction author
05/07/2009. Science fiction author Chris Beckett has walked away with £5000 (c. US $10,000) after winning the mainstream Edge Hill literary award, we are informed by his agent, John Jarrold, who is obviously over the moon. Chris's work The Turing Test was published by the now dead Elastic Press, seeing off more mainstream publishers such as Cape and Faber.

Top twenty fantasy books for 2009
04/07/2009. Deborah J Miller, the award administrator for the The David Gemmell Legend Award for Fantasy has just published the top twenty fantasy novels from the long-list in order of votes received. Our own sugar daddy, Stephen Hunt's novel, The Kingdom Beyond The Waves, was in at number seven.

04/07/2009. John Jarrold has sold limited-edition rights in popCULT!, a novel by UK author David Barnett, to Chris Teague at Welsh publisher Pendragon Press. David is the Assistant Editor of the Bradford Telegraph and Argus newspaper, and has had two earlier novels published by Immanion Press, Hinterland and Angelglass. He also writes regular blogs for the Guardian books website.

Nguyen is Boomer (true)
04/07/2009. SFcrowsnest reader and scifi fan down under, Nguyen, sends us in some footage of her at the Australian Supanova con. It's a big genre event down there, and she loves to dress up as Boomer from Battlestar Galactica. I'm more of a No. 6 girl myself.

Planet 51
03/07/2009. There's no space like home. Trailer for an animated scifi movie that reads like ET reversed - human astronaut lands on alien planet and has to be hidden by alien kid and helped back to his in-orbit return module. ET has a whole 1950s retro look going on, so lots of opps. to lampoon all the science fiction movies of the period.

A Quantum Quest to Comic-Con
03/07/2009. A Quantum Quest panel, featuring film composer Shawn Clement and co-director and writer/producer Dr. Harry Kloor, will speak at Comic-Con on Thursday, July 23rd 2009 from 12pm-1pm in Ballroom twenty at the San Diego Convention Center. Shawn Clement scored the animated film Quantum Quest: A Cassini Space Odyssey, which takes viewers on a solar safari through the universe.

Realms of Fantasy rescued from oblivion
03/07/2009. Sci-fi publisher Tir Na Nog Press have purchased the recetly defunct Realms of Fantasy magazine from Sovereign Media.

The City & The City (in the city)
03/07/2009. China Miťville talks about his new weird detective novel The City & The City - UK tour details are here.

From SCI FI to SyFy
03/07/2009. SCI FI officially becomes Syfy on-air and online via in the USA on Tuesday July 7th 2009.

Tor Books goes for an EVE Online novelisation
03/07/2009. Tor Books are set to publish a new space opera set in the universe of EVE Online, a science fiction MMOG.

Horror is back
03/07/2009. Julie Crisp of Pan Macmillan in London has concluded a World Rights deal with John Jarrold, for two untitled horror novels by British author Adam L G Nevill, after a hard-fought auction.

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