Science fiction and fantasy news library December 2003.

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Dreamworks goes Rusty?
29/12/2003. Yep, Dreamworks is showcasing it's 2004 movie lineup at Rustycon this January.

Take my Wife. Please.
29/12/2003. Nicole Kidman looking fine in 'The Stepford Wives' remake.

From Software to the Stars?
22/12/2003. Microsoft co-founder Paul G. Allen confirms he's funding the SpaceShipOne project.

Oggs Awards for 2004?
22/12/2003. You've heard of the Nebulas and the Hugos, but how about the 2004 Nanny Ogg's fantasy fashion show awards?

An Odyssey for Martin?
22/12/2003. Odyssey, the creative writing workshop for SFF authors, has announced its 2004 session with George R. R. Martin as special writer-in-residence.

A Renaissance for Renaissance?
22/12/2003. The SFF e-book publisher bulks up for 2004.

Baen dive-bombs Navy ...
17/12/2003. ... with science fiction e-books?

A Diskworld Movie at Last?
16/12/2003. Pratchett gets a film, with Troll Bridge.

80% of UK's favourite books are SFF
15/12/2003. The BBC's Big Read has ended, and in the top five, there was only one book that wasn't science fiction & fantasy!

The dragon that ate Manhattan
15/12/2003. Paul Barnett's The Dragons of Manhattan series is drawing to an end.

An Ansible for Xmas
09/12/2003. Ansible 197 published: AuthorsMarket on easy SF and the truth behind the beasts of Tor.

SciFi Channel gets UFO Fever
05/12/2003. The SciFi Channel are out there (somewhere). They've set up their own X-Files like team to dish the dirt on UFOs.

Game on at GenCon
05/12/2003. North America's largest RPG con opens next week with Val Kilmer (Batman Forever) and Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca).

Comics get a Red Eye
01/12/2003. New publication launches to cover the Indy Comics scene.

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Just in | Library of scifi news

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