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The Last Days of American Crime
20/11/2009. Avatar actor Sam Worthington is making another scifi movie, a near scifi thriller this time based on the graphic novel Last Days of American Crime in which the US government resorts to high-tech mind control to remove pre-criminal impulses from the US population.

Brad Pitt activates Plan B for Dark Void
20/11/2009. Actor Brad Pitt is pushing ahead with his plan to turn the Dark Void computer game into a scifi movie with Brad himself playing the role of the hero who gets sucked into the Bermuda Triangle where he discovers an alien-infested alternative reality Earth... kind of like Planet of the Apes, with the apes played by ET.

New season Chuckage
20/11/2009. The new Kung Fu-style Chuck complete with Matrix-like spy download enhancements is coming back in January 2010 for a special extra-long premiere. We've got a sneak peek trailer for all you spy-fy fans.

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief
20/11/2009. A new trailer for the YA fantasy movie Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. Gee, it's hard enough been a teenager, don't throw Greek gods and magic into the mix, dude.

Doctor Who, working for charity
20/11/2009. Tonight's BBC Children in Need appeal TV show is to feature a new preview of the forthcoming Doctor Who 2009 Christmas Special.

Equalize no more - Edward Woodward OBE RIP
16/11/2009. Sad news for the fans of spy-fi everywhere. Edward Woodward, star of such spy-fi TV series as The Equalizer and Callan has passed away, aged 79, today in his native Cornwall.

The Prisoner
14/11/2009. A trailer for the new TV series The Prisoner, where spy-fy meets sci-fi. The trailer looks a little like the scene from one of the Wayne's World movies, where Wayne is wandering the desert looking for wisdom from The Doors frontman. If you open the village, the spies will come, No. 6!

BattleStar Galactica - the comedy?
14/11/2009. A funny little Battlestar skit where the Caprica Debt Collection Company is on the phone to Adama demanding he keep up the payments on the ship - the alternative is repossession and the end of the human race.

Ray Bradbury's Chrysalis coming to TV
14/11/2009. Lightning Entertainment has picked up Urban Archipelago Films' production of Ray Bradbury's Chrysalis for US distribution. The feature film based on a short story by scifi author Ray Bradbury will premiere on November 17, 2009, via On Demand through Time Warner, Charter, and Bright House digital cable providers.

Altitude - first trailer
13/11/2009. Trailer for a new horror flick. The safest way to travel turns out to be the worst, when a group of teenagers out on a high-school girl's first solo flight (with only an old beaten up issue of Weird Stories comic-book for guidance) enters a dark dimension in the sky.

Clash of the Titans - first trailer
11/11/2009. Not sure about the heavy rock soundtrack to the trailer for the reboot of the fantasy movie Clash of the Titans, but the action looks fairly intense, with good SFX.

Crisis on Two Earths - first trailer
11/11/2009. First trailer for the new DC comics animated movie Crisis on Two Earths. For those poor souls who haven't read the comic-book of this, it features the evil parallel reality Justice League of America going up against their goody-two-shoes counterparts.

Kick-ass - first trailer
11/11/2009. Imagine the team from Heroes trying to be superheroes without any special powers - then you have the basic plot for this new comedy superhero movie, Kick-ass, where a bunch of comic nerds set up their own superhero team.

Prince of Persia the movie
03/11/2009. Trailer for the new Prince of Persia movie. It's based on the old game and with the usual Disney flourish, puts us here at the Nest in mind of a Sinbad-style Pirates of the Caribbean. The original good one, rather than the cashing-in milk-my-teats sequels.

A warning from Bowie Base One
02/11/2009. Mars, 2059. Bowie Base One. Last recorded message: "Don't drink the water. Don't even touch it. Not one drop..." Yes David Tennant is joined by Lindsay Duncan and Peter O'Brien on their second special episode of 2009, Doctor Who The Waters Of Mars. Bowie Base One? It's the freakiest show!

David Gemmell Legend Award expands
02/11/2009. The David Gemmell Legend Award for Fantasy have reported two new, additional awards, to be presented at next year's ceremony. They are The David Gemmell Morningstar Award for Best Newcomer and The David Gemmell Ravenheart Award for Best Fantasy Cover Art.

Et Tu, scifi publisher?
02/11/2009. Editorial Director Stacy Whitman is the founder of Tu Publishing, a new publishing company with its sights set firmly on the YA science fiction and fantasy market.

How to Train Your Dragon
02/11/2009. Trailer for a new fantasy movie called How to Train Your Dragon: a geeky viking kids chums up with a wild dragon for some myth-adventures (apols to Robert Lynn Asprin).

The Road - trailer II
02/11/2009. Viggo Mortensen, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Guy Pearce, Robert Duvall and Molly Parker star in this miserable post-apocalyptic tale of eating your neighbours to keep your kids alive.

SciFi authors Le Guin and McIntyre going it alone for e-books
02/11/2009. Traditional publishing, new media and e-books, the publishing world is gripped by unprecedented upheaval. In the middle of industry revolution, what's a working sci-fi author to do? For authors such as Ursula K. Le Guin and Vonda N. McIntyre, and their sci-fi and fantasy writers co-op, Book View Cafe, the answer is to band together and take charge. This group of twenty-six authors have elected to bypass traditional publishing and bring out their latest work directly on Amazon's Kindle and Sony's eReader. A new steampunk anthology is also planned to test the water… titled The Shadow Conspiracy.

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