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Arise, Sir Picard - Patrick Stewart gets a knighthood
31/12/2009. Veteran science fiction actor Patrick Stewart has picked up a knighthood from the queen, god bless her.

Warhammer the movie
23/12/2009. Codex Pictures, the film shingle behind the Warhammer 40k movie (based on the gothic Warhammer scifi game, of course), has released their first concept art picture - this one being the portal into the Codex Chapel of the Space Marines.

Knight and Day
23/12/2009. Tom Cruise in some more spy-fi action - but this time, not Mission Impossible, but a more fun flick about a super spy protecting a civilian woman - the ever lovely Cameron Diaz - from an evil conspiracy that wants to assassinate her.

Karate Kid rebooted
23/12/2009. The Karate Kid is rebooted with Jackie Chan taking the role of Mr Miyagi. It looks okay, but the original so was so perfect, you have to wonder why they bothered with this one.

Fantasy movies dominate the noughties
23/12/2009. has been doing some analysis of the genre of the top twenty movies (by millions of bums on seats in the cinema), and has found that over 75 per cent of this decade's top movies were fantasy films. The next most popular genre was chick-flicks, then spy-fi, with science fiction squeaking in fourth.

Hit Girl in Kick-Ass
22/12/2009. Another clip from that upcoming classic of the powerless superhero movie genre, Kick Ass, featuring Hit Girl. This one is for more mature viewers, so you have to enter your date of birth before you get to see the clip. Think the girl assassin from Leon with a pyscho father and attitude.

Adventures of the League of STEAM - The Fright Before Christmas
21/12/2009. What do you get when you mix Santa Claus with steampunk? Why, something a little like this video short from the the League of STEAM, I suspect.

Day of the Triffids redux
21/12/2009. What could be more seasonal than the BBC's two part reboot of the Day of the Triffids. Eggnog and carnivorous plants wiping everyone out after a comet has blinded everyone on the planet. Marvellous - watch the trailer here.

SFFmeta - watching us, watching you
21/12/2009. There's long been a tradition in movie sites for people like Rotten to scour the world's media for film reviews and their associated ratings, then combine them and average them to give a 360 degree view of what the planet thought of a particular film. Here comes a site that aims to do the same thing for science fiction and fantasy book reviews.

Shrek Forever After
18/12/2009. A trailer for what we are promised will be the last chapter of the Shrek movie sequels. Yeah, well, as long as it makes money, right? Looks like alternative history is being rewritten, with the princess being hunted as a monster and the puss being a fat, lazy sluggard.

Survivors is back
18/12/2009. The UK after the great plague of the 21st century is revisited in the second series of the BBC's TV series, Survivors, hitting the small screen in Jaunary 2010. Its return was delayed in case swine flu proved to be a little too close to fiction.

New Clash of the Titans trailer
17/12/2009. The reboot for the Clash of the Titans film is shaping up very nicely, if these trailers are anything to go by. Giant scorpions, angry gods, sword fights, what more could you want from a fantasy movie?

Atlantis found?
17/12/2009. Has the lost city of Atlantis been found under the Carribean? Is it lost no more?

Iron Man 2 - first trailer
17/12/2009. A new trailer for the second film outing for everyone's favourite tin man, and we don't mean the Wizard of Oz. Robert Downey Junior dons the exo-suit again and continues as Iron Man in the full light of the public eye (his secret identity is not so secret anymore). Samuel L. Jackson stars as the head of SHIELD and Scarlett Johansson is Black Widow. Looks fun.

Hot Tub Time Machine
17/12/2009. John Cusack is back in this science fiction time travelling comedy about a bunch of middle-aged losers who go to a ski resort, and accidentally get sent back in time to the 1980s by Chevy Chase.

Series 2 of Being Human
17/12/2009. Series 2 of Being Human as now been confirmed to show on Sunday 10th January 2010.

Alice in Wonderland
16/12/2009. A trailer for Tim Burton's take on the Alice in Wonderland story, with Alice escaping a marriage worse than death, only to find herself back in Wonderland (with a slight steampunk edge) - and possibly facing death.

Getting the steampunk look right
16/12/2009. The fashionistas at the League of S.T.E.A.M introduce a video on how to get that alternative reality Victorian look down just right.

Ridley Scott's Robin Hood
16/12/2009. Trailer for Ridley Scott's fantasy epic, Robin Hood, which looks a little like Gladiator in tights, which may be unkind, but it is an observation I'm sure more than few media outlets will make when the reviews are in.

Von Slatt's steampunk keyboard
11/12/2009. A video interview with the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Von Slatt in which his steampunk keyboard is given some air time.

Ghost Machine
11/12/2009. Sean Faris (Never Back Down), Rachael Taylor (Transformers, Shutter) and Luke Ford (The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor) star in this supernatural thriller about a group of young U.S. military techs who borrow a top-secret combat simulator for a weekend of unauthorised gaming.

No Fan shall drink alcohol. No Fan shall kill any other Fan.
11/12/2009. As those who follow the blogosphere may know, there has recently been an intense debate centred around the subject of fantasy versus science fiction and who’s the daddy.

Captain Swing and the Electrical Pirates
10/12/2009. Comic-book creator legend Warren Ellis discovers steampunk... with his new series Captain Swing and the Electrical Pirates. View the video interview...

Season three Chuck trailer
10/12/2009. No more Mr Nice Spy? Yes, Chuck has gone all Matrix on us with his skills, and downloaded enough weapons, pilot and kung fu talent to make even Neo blush with envy. Check out the third season of prime Chuck(age) here.

08/12/2009. Trailer for a proposed science fiction series called Slingers - very nice look and feel and SFX, with a plot that looks a little like Oceans 11 in space, with the sensibilities of Lock Stock. It's set on a 23rd century casino starship.

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