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Clarke Awards 2010 shortlist includes Robinson, Roberts and Mieville among others
31/03/2010. This year's shortlist for the Arthur C Clarke Awards includes a cracking line up of literary talent including Gwyneth Jones, China Miéville, Adam Roberts, Kim Stanley Robinson, Marcel Theroux and Chris Wooding. It's going to be hard for the judges, including's own Paul Skevington, to pick from such an outstanding selection.

Scott Pilgrim versus the World
26/03/2010. A first look at another film of the comic-book, this time Scott Pilgrim versus the World, the silly tale of a Canadian highschooler who has to defeat seven evil super-powered ex-boyfriends to date his high school sweetheart.

Dr Who wishes they could all be Californian (assistants)
23/03/2010. The USA gets a brand new Doctor Who trailer which the poor old Brits don't get to see - unless you watch it online here!

Suzanne McLeod gets spooky
20/03/2010. Jo Fletcher, Gollancz’s Associate Publisher, has acquired World Rights in three more supernatural thrillers by Suzanne McLeod, for a decent five-figure sum in UK pounds. The agent was John Jarrold.

Another Predator movie trailer
19/03/2010. Isn't it typical. You wait ages for a decent trailer of the new Predator movie and then two show up more or less at once. Come, hunt an Earthman ...

Doctor Who extravaganza part 2: Steven Moffat interviewed
19/03/2010. Steven Moffat, the executive producer and lead writer of the new upcoming Doctor Who series chats about reinventing the Doctor after the departure of Russell T Davies, what the most important ingredient to Doctor Who is, and his love of big twists and sleight of hand.

Doctor Who extravaganza part 1: Matt Smith interviewed
19/03/2010. It may be the eleventh time an actor has taken on the iconic role of the Doctor but Matt Smith hasn't let that stand in his way of creating his very own vision for the world-famous character. Here the star of Party Animals and Moses Jones explains what it was like to land one of the biggest roles in television and talks about his dream trip in the TARDIS.

Doctor Who extravaganza part 3: Karen Gillan interviewed
19/03/2010. The regenerations of the Doctor are a staple part of the mythology of Doctor Who, but across the past five decades there has been another constant in the series; the changing faces of his Companion. Now, as Inverness-born Karen Gillan becomes the latest actress to join the Doctor in the TARDIS, we find out her thoughts on landing one of the most enviable roles in British television and making her mum cry.

The Court of the Air goes Russian
16/03/2010. Thanks a million (rubles) to one of fantasy author Stephen Hunt’s Russian readers for sending in this to us. It’s the Russian language design cover for Stephen’s first novel, The Court of the Air.

Goodbye to the king of spy-fi: Peter Graves dies
15/03/2010. The actor Peter Graves , better known as the mission impossible force leader during the time of the classic IMF adventures on television (as well as various scifi films and TV series), has died aged 83 in the garden of his Hollywood house after returning from a late lunch with his wife.

The Strange Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec - first trailer
15/03/2010. The first trailer is now up for Luc Besson's first steampunk effort, the movie version of the French graphic novel The Strange Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec. Like the comic, the film is in French, but it looks glorious.

Shrek Forever After
13/03/2010. It must be that time of year again, for with the first buds of Spring comes news of the latest Shrek movie, cunningly entitled Shrek Forever After. Oh, and it's in 3D. Sigh.

New Predator movie first trailer
13/03/2010. The first trailer for the new Predator film has arrived. This is the one where a load of hard-ass mercs get stranded on the Predator homeworld and hunted to death in the alien version of a Simon Cowell TV production.

New trailer for Twilight Eclipse movie
11/03/2010. The new Twilight film is hitting US cinemas June 30th 2010 and to whet your appetite, here's the brand new trailer from the film. Bella once again finds herself surrounded by evil as Seattle is struck by a series of terrible slayings as a wicked female vampire continues her search for revenge.

Terence Stamp, Sean Pertwee and John Hurt to appear in first Warhammer sci-fi movie
10/03/2010. Terence Stamp, Sean Pertwee and John Hurt lead the cast of actors lending their voices – and their facial expressions - to the upcoming Ultramarines animated movie, based, of course, on the Warhammer 40K tabletop wargame system.

War of the Worlds gets a mock-umentary film
10/03/2010. A new live-action movie based on H.G. Wells’ science fiction novel, The War of the Worlds, is in postproduction. The new movie, titled War of the Worlds – The True Story, has a planned release date of October 2010.

Gordon R. Dickson's scifi novel Dorsai heading for the TV screen
10/03/2010. MDR has told the Nest about their new live action series for television… to be based on Dorsai, the first published book of the Childe Cycle series of science fiction novels by the late Gordon R. Dickson.

The Parasol Protectorate: the seven stages of steampunk art
10/03/2010. Ever wanted to know how the art types in publishers get around to creating the book jacket for a steampunk novel? Well, wonder no more, for here are the the seven stages of steampunk art through the miracle of YouTube.

Aether Shanties
10/03/2010. Abney Park perform a track from their new album of steampunk music, Aether Shanties, at the Wonderland Tim Burton Ball.

Repo Men the nasty trailer
10/03/2010. Scifi movie Repo Men, about a bunch of evil futuristic debt collectors coming to rip out your still beating genetically-engineered heart when you fall behind on your medical payments. This is new the new extra nasty trailer, so definitely not one for your kids to watch.

Your new Terry Pratchett TV series is in the post
09/03/2010. Following the TV adaptation of Terry Pratchett’s Hogfather and The Colour of Magic, the next Discworld film to be produced will be based on El Tel’s novel Going Postal. Going Postal will be a two part adaptation showing on Sky’s cable service late May 2010.

Tron Legacy - new trailer
09/03/2010. There's a great new trailer up for the big budget Tron Legacy film. Ah, the light-cycles, the light-cycles.

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