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Behold, the steampunk lightsaber
29/05/2010. A custom lightsaber called Isambard. It's a Steampunk/Victorian style laser weapon with a crystal chassis and a clockwork handle base.

Hark a vagrant
29/05/2010. Canadian artist Kate Beaton brings you a finely illustrated steampunk styled web comic strip for your edification called Hark a vagrant.

New TV series: Illegal Alien (Exclusive)
29/05/2010. Suffering Flashforward withdrawal symptoms yet? Fear thee not, gentle viewer, because science fiction author Robert J. Sawyer has written in to tell us about his latest endeavour, a new TV series based on his novel Illegal Alien. Illegal Alien is a courtroom drama with an extraterrestrial defendant.

The steampunk camp at the 2010 Maker Faire
28/05/2010. Didn't make this year's big Maker Faire in the US of A? Don't worry, with this video of the steampunk camp over there, you'll feel as if you had.

Universal Dead
24/05/2010. Another new TV-on-the-web experience made semi-professionally and hoping to attract the big kabuckzies. This one is straying into World War Z the Zombie War territory.

The Event
22/05/2010. A new TV series from the USA which looks to have an aliens cover-up conspiracy angle. The US president is about to be assassinated by the CIA for revealing the fact they have a bunch of ETs locked up.

The Gates
22/05/2010. A new US horror series set in the contemporary USA. Not, as you might think, about Bill and his software company, but a gated community where most the inhabitants are werewolves and vampires.

No Ordinary Family
22/05/2010. Looks like a new US TV series where they're all sitting around and said, I know, let's have a series that would be like a live action version of The Incredibles. And we'll get that bald guy from The Shield to be the dad. Well, you had to be there.

The Quantum Thief
22/05/2010. A new hard science fiction novel which is setting tongues wagging, The Quantum Thief, by first time author Hannu Rajaniemi.

BFI got scifi
22/05/2010. This summer the British Film Institute are running a science and science fiction in film season. Looks like lots to do if you're coming to London between June and August.

The Anachronism
22/05/2010. The Anachronism is a Steampunk-themed short film about two children who discover the wreck of a giant squid submarine on a beach near their home.

Tales of an Ancient Empire
18/05/2010. First trailer for Tales of an Ancient Empire, a new fantasy film with Kevin Sorbo of Hercules fame and Christopher Lambert (aka Highlander). Looks a little saucy.

Wyrmeweald book trailer
18/05/2010. Wyrmeweald is a new series by Paul Stewart & Chris Riddell, and this is the book trailer for the new novel.

The Cape
18/05/2010. The new superhero TV series from NBC, The Cape. Looks a little like the Batman Begins concept crossed with Robocop. The last honest cop is framed by a corrupt city hall and supposedly executed, but with a little help from a mysterious travelling circus, he is resurrected as... The Cape.

The Koi of Hungwa
17/05/2010. More online movies hoping to make the break into the world of TV. The Koi of Hungwa tells the story of Rose and John, a young couple living in the hostile world of 1970’s post-devastation New York City, with only each other to rely on. Reminds us of all those seventies end of the world flicks, the Omega Man, Solyent Green etc.

Heartless, The Story of the Tin Man
17/05/2010. Another short movie story, The Story of the Tin Man. Or, how to take one of the characters from the Wizard of Oz and give him a bionic steampunk back-story.

Doctor Who Live
17/05/2010. BBC Worldwide has told the Nest about a series of arena dates for their production of Doctor Who Live. The new stage show, based upon the BBC’s series Doctor Who features live music, special effects and appearances from the show’s monsters. digs for online victory with Buried Alive
17/05/2010. A first for, as they break new ground with the UK premiere of the for-web horror series Buried Alive. From the week of May 17th 2010, will release a new ten minute episode every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Clock that
17/05/2010. Some nice pictures of the Steampunk Clockworks Zeppelin Clock. If you use that to tell the time, then I suspect it's always time for Tiffin, c. 1899, my dear steampunk.

Steampunk Deathstar
17/05/2010. The artwork of illustrator Mattias Adolfsson has recently come to our attention here at the Nest. Mattias is a dab hand at drawing steampunk-ish creations, including a very nice looking steampunk Deathstar.

The Adjustment Bureau
17/05/2010. Here comes a nice-looking trailer for the film, The Adjustment Bureau, a forthcoming scifi movie based on the Philip K. Dick short story, Adjustment Team.

Super 8 trailer
12/05/2010. The first trailer for next summer's J.J. Abrams/Steven Spielberg scifi blockbuster, Super 8. Something has escaped from Area 51 - ET it ain't.

Adele Blanc-Sec - the super trailer
12/05/2010. French steampunk has a name, and it is Adele Blanc-Sec. Ou la la. Watch the extended movie trailer here. Pterodactyls, Egyptian tombs, and one super-sexy sleuthing French lady to sort them out.

UK genre imprint Angry Robot changes hands
11/05/2010. The British science fiction and fantasy imprint, Angry Robot, originally set up as an indy-style label within HarperCollins, has just been sold by HarperCollins to Osprey Publishing.

What the heck is steampunk
08/05/2010. Big media in the USA gets its fangs stuck into that most thorny of questions, just what the heck is steampunk?

Inception gets weird
08/05/2010. The first extended look at a new science fiction film, Inception, which is full of weird - kind of like Naked Lunch on steroids, with more than a hint of Philip K Dick paranoia.

The Sherlock Holmes sequel
06/05/2010. Our chum Robert Downey Junior, fresh from his part as Tony Stark in Iron Man II, chats about the new Sherlock Holmes movie sequel.

Modesty Blaise creator sadly passes away
04/05/2010. Titan Books has dropped the Nest a line to report the passing of writer Peter O’Donnell, who died over the Bank Holiday weekend at the grand old age of 90.

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