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Thou didst not reckon with the might of Thor
29/07/2010. The first trailer for the Thor movie hits the virtual streets fresh on the heels of comic-con. Now that's the hammer action I'm talking about.

Last Smallville
29/07/2010. The Last season, season 10, of Smallville is heading our way, and to mark this sad good-bye to the not-yet-caped hero of Krypton, here's the trailer for the season.

New Caprica season
29/07/2010. Have you been enjoying the last season of Caprica? Well, wait until you see what the next one holds. You don't have to wait of course, because here's the new trailer. Looks good, eh?

Sucker Punch first trailer
27/07/2010. Sucker Punch is best described as Alice in Wonderland set in a mental institution with leather, machine guns, steampunk and kinky girls. Give Zack Snyder this, he knows what the genre audience likes!

Anatomy of a fantasy cover redesign
27/07/2010. HarperCollins Voyager, the fantasy and science fiction imprint of HarperCollins, is currently in the process of re-jacketing many of the old classics on their list to bring the novels up-to-date. So what’s the new look for authors like Raymond E. Feist and Stephen Hunt? SFcrowsnest investigates.

26/07/2010. Just when you thought there wasn't any more room for vampire movies, along comes Priest. But wait a minute, this isn't your daughter's fracking twinkly Twilight, it's hard ass futuristic alternative reality vampire killing action based on a Japanese manga.

Cowboys and Aliens - yeeha
25/07/2010. The first picture for the scifi movie Cowboys and Aliens is released, with Daniel Craig looking like a cowboy with alien technology. Well, at least the film is doing what is says on the tin.

TRON: Legacy trailer II
23/07/2010. God bless the herd of nerds that is comic-con, for witheth the annual gathering of the clans, comes the annual release of the scifi trailers. In this case, the second trailer for the Tron movie reboot, TRON: Legacy.

The ice comet cometh: 10,000 Days
22/07/2010. A comet hits Earth and - forget about the immediate nuclear winter - it knocks our world into a new freezing cold orbit. A grim story of survival from MGM. Kind of like The Road, but with snow and a reason for the disaster.

Down these dieselpunk streets...
22/07/2010. A nice dieselpunk short movie called Reign of Death, with apologies to Raymond Chandler. Stars good old Noel Clarke who played Mickey Smith in Doctor Who, as the private dick with a secret.

The Black Mausoleum
22/07/2010. John Jarrold has concluded a four-book World Rights deal with Simon Spanton of Gollancz, for fantasy novels by Stephen Deas, for a high five-figure sum in pounds sterling.

More Australian fantasy coming your way
19/07/2010. Jonathan Oliver, commissioning editor of Solaris Books, has concluded a three-book deal with Australian fantasy writer Rowena Cory Daniells. The agent is John Jarrold, and the deal is for world English language rights. The books are due for publication in 2012.

Doctor Who and Dumbledore
12/07/2010. Michael Gambon - AKA Dumbledore in Harry Potter - is to star in the 2010 Doctor Who Christmas Special, which started shooting today. Wizard news, if you forgive the pun (not that we expect you to, of course).

Jonah Hex trailer
30/04/2010. Want a steampunk movie? Go west, young goth. Just watch you don't bump into supernaturally souped-up Jonah Hex and his twin gatling guns, cow-poke.

Kings Of Eternity and Ben Macallan
29/04/2010. Jonathan Oliver, commissioning editor of Solaris Books, has acquired a new science fiction novel from Eric Brown, Kings Of Eternity. Jonathan Oliver also acquired the opening volume of an urban fantasy series, Desdaemona, from pseudonymous author ‘Ben Macallan’.

20/04/2010. Some teaser material for a potential new movie that looks like a cross between Highlander and Merlin, with a knight cursed with an immortal life and his story as he moves from the past into the future.

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Just in | Library of scifi news

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