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Film option deal for Adam Nevill's horror novel The Ritual
28/09/2011. Stillking Films have optioned Adam Nevillís horror novel The Ritual. Published in the U.K. in 2011 by Macmillan UK, the book will be published in the U.S. by St Martinís Press in 2012.

Science Vs Science Fiction in Leicester Central Library
28/09/2011. Science meets Mad Science in a battle for the ages where everybody wins. On Friday 7th October 2011, Peter F.Hamilton will step into the debating ring with Professor George Fraser to discuss how science fiction's vision meets, and conflicts, with the realities of science.

The Immersion Book of Steampunk
28/09/2011. Here comes The Immersion Book of Steampunk, edited by's own Gareth D Jones and Carmelo Rafala.

Connie Willis wins 2011 Robert A. Heinlein Award
28/09/2011. Science Fiction author Connie Willis is the 2011 solo winner of the Robert A. Heinlein Award. The award is bestowed for outstanding published works in science fiction and technical writings to inspire the human exploration of space.

15/09/2010. Trailer for the animated movie that looks to do for evil superheroes what The Incredible did for the good guys.

He's on a blimp
15/09/2010. And yet another little video treat for you steampunk fans. He's on a blimp. Really.

Vanishing On 7th Street trailer
15/09/2010. Trailer for a new horror movie. What if you woke up what morning to find most the world had just vanished. And you really don't want to know what did it!

Last season of Smallville
14/09/2010. The trailer for the 10th season of Samllville. And the last one too. Sob.

Monsters (extra-long)
14/09/2010. The Monsters movie gets an extra-long trailer. Would an alien asteroid really seed Earth with such nasty critters, I wonder. Poor old Mexico, always getting the short end of the stick.

The Fangoria Machine
14/09/2010. One for the steampunks among you, via our friends at YouTube. Watch, if you dare.

Hugo awards ceremony
13/09/2010. Combining the miracle of the interweb with the latest developments in videocam technology, this year's Hugo awards ceremony from Australia praises the best in science fiction literature.

Chuck season four
13/09/2010. The king of light-hearted spy-fi is back as Chuck gets its 4th season premiere. Watch the trailer here.

Stargate Universe season II premiere
11/09/2010. The second season of Stargate Universe gets its premiere trailer. Looks good.

10/09/2010. Second trailer for Skyline - lots of people getting sucked up by ET. I always knew those UFO cow abduction reports had some truth in them

Dr Who spinoff Sarah Jane is back
07/9/2010. Alien investigator, Sarah Jane Smith, is back on CBBC with a fourth series of The Sarah Jane Adventures from Monday 11th October 2011.Created by Russell T Davies, the Doctor Who spin-off sees Sarah Jane and her teenage gang set off on new adventures that take them out into space and back in time to face Nazi soldiers, a Victorian ghost-hunter, and turmoil in the Tower of London.

Rjurik Davidson picked up by Tor
02/09/2010. James Frenkel, Senior Editor at Tor Books in New York, has concluded a two-book world rights deal for Australian SF author Rjurik Davidson, for a good five-figure sum in US dollars. The agent was John Jarrold.

Mark Charan Newton goes to Germany
01/09/2010. Volker Busch at VGS Egmont has acquired German rights in two fantasy novels by Mark Charan Newton from Jon Mitchell, Rights Manager at Pan Macmillan. Julie Crisp acquired World rights in the books from agent John Jarrold.

Bioshock 3 Infinite
01/09/2010. As a computer game, Bioshock has always played around the margins with their steampunk and dieselpunk styling - but with the 3rd incarnation of the game... Bioshock Infinite, the game developers have jumped on the bandwagon and shaken its airship hull all the way to the steampunk piggy bank.

Extra-long Thor Trailer
01/09/2010. The last extended trailer for the Thor superhero movie that hit the intertubes got removed by the copyright police in case too many people saw the trailer and wanted to see the movie, thereby making it a commercial success. Let's hope this new trailer carries the blessings of the IP Stasi.

Clone Wars Season III
18/08/2010. The third season of Clone Wars is burning its way back to TV in its usual animated form. The kids will love it as always, but will you, oh Jedi?

Sanctuary's season three
15/08/2010. Sanctuary is back for a 3rd season on the TV screen, and the world is about to end because of a giant spider with the ability to cause biblical-sized floods. Can the Sanctuary team save the world? Sure they can.

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Just in | Library of scifi news

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