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28/11/2010. What do you get when you take an imperial stormtrooper from Star Wars and steampunk him? Find out inside...

The Cape (extras)
28/11/2010. Upcoming US superhero TV show The Cape teases us with some more trailers.

Sherlock Holmes II
28/11/2010. Here's the first new image from the Sherlock Holmes II movie. Looks like the boys have picked themselves up some female help for this next adventure.

Gratuitous Space Battles
28/11/2010. I know what you are thinking... who has time to play scifi strategy games anymore? But then, along comes a game like Gratuitous Space Battles. Hey, you had us at Gratuitous!

Battle Los Angeles
23/11/2010. Here's the HD trailer for the upcoming alien invasion flick, Battle Los Angeles. It's been a while since we had a stand-up fight rather than just Blair Witch-style running around in the dark bug hunts.

Source Code
22/11/2010. The director of Moon comes back for his second scifi forray, with the film Source Code. Looks a little like the same premise behind the film Déjà Vu with Denzel Washington.

Apollo 18
21/11/2010. Here's a film with an interesting premise. Apollo 17 was the last official moon mission, but here was another one - a secret mission - because they found evidence of alien life on the moon.

Orcs the movie
21/11/2010. Could be cult classic. Orcs flood into a US national park in our current age from a magic wormhole, and then take on the US Park Service in an epic but silly battle.

A Christmas Carol, Doctor Who style
18/11/2010. A sneak peek at the upcoming Christmas special for Doctor Who. Yes, Doctor Who is the Ghost of Christmas Present, and has to fix Scrooge before the universe ends.

The first Buffy-loving queen
16/11/2010. Catherine Elizabeth Middleton (aka Kate) is getting hitched to Prince William, it was announced this afternoon. Amid all the plans for the wedding next year, one story you can pretty much guarantee not hearing on the BBC is that Kate Middleton was a big Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan as she was growing up when the series was on TV.

Second two-book deal for horror novelist Adam Nevill
15/11/2010. Julie Crisp, Editorial Director of Pan Macmillan in London, has concluded a World Rights deal for two further horror novels by British author Adam Nevill with agent John Jarrold, for a very good five-figure sum.

Green Lantern movie - first look
15/11/2010. In case you have been living in an extra dimension unconnected to ours, there is a Green Lantern movie coming our way. Here's the first look at what to expect.

Transformers Prime
15/11/2010. Not so sure how this one is going to play out. The Transformers are coming back as a new animated TV series. Well, let's hope our kids like it, eh?

Steampunk Batman
15/11/2010. Batman has been steampunk'd by a whole heap of artists over at Whitechapel. Enter, dear reader, if you dare, for such treats as The Batman Battlefield Mannequin.

Judge Dredd
15/11/2010. Here's the first picture of actor Karl Urban as the new Judge Dredd, in the new film of the classic British comic book scifi lawman.

Cowboys and Aliens
15/11/2010. Another new trailer, this time for the comic-to-scifi-film Cowboys and Aliens. It has the current James Bond and the current Indiana Jones in it, so it can't be too bad. Can it?

Red Riding Hood
15/11/2010. Isn't it about time the Red Riding Hood fable was updated with werewolves and a Twilight-lite dark romantic subplot? What, it isn't? Then don't watch this trailer, pilgrim.

Green Lantern trailer
14/11/2010. In Darkest night and all that... yes, it's the new Green Lantern film. The special effects look suitably impressive, but let's hope they don't play it too much for laughs.

Your Highness
14/11/2010. You want a cheeky mature look at the fantasy movie genre? Then how about this comedy movie, Your Highness. Rude, oh it's rude alright!

Cars 2 goes spyfi
14/11/2010. Here's the trailer for the next Cars movie, Cars II. This one has a spyfi twist with the cars getting involved with a James Bond like Aston Martin and an evil car's plan to take over the world.

Tron 2
13/11/2010. The new trailer for the upcoming Tron movie. You have to be middle aged or older to remember the first one and the impact its special effects had on the audience.

Space: 1999 in HD
30/10/2010. Here's a blast from the past, the TV series Space 1999 is now out on high-def Blueray. Here's a clip from the disk to celebrate.

Adam Nevill goes German
30/10/2010. Sascha Mamczak at Heyne has acquired German rights in two horror novels by Adam Nevill from Jon Mitchell, Rights Manager at Pan Macmillan. Julie Crisp acquired World rights in the books from agent John Jarrold.

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Just in | Library of scifi news

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