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John Barry RIP
31/01/2011. Some very sad news hitting the desk of this morning. Composer John Barry has died. He was responsible for the sound tracks to such scifi classics as Black Hole, as well as the 1976 King Kong reboot and the Italian SF movie Starcrash, but will be best remembered for his work in the area of fantasy spy-fi, composing many of the greatest James Bond tracks.

Superman is British?
30/01/2011. British actor Henry Cavill has just accepted the role of Superman in the new Supes film going to be spun into existence by producer Christopher Nolan and Zack Snyder.

Terra Nova
26/01/2011. In case you were living on the dark side of the moon, there's a new scifi TV series coming our way called Terra Nova, from producer Steven Spielberg. It's got time travellers going back to dinosaur times to colonise the place.

Battle LA secret database
18/01/2011. The Battle LA alien invasion flick has a secret online database. Here's how you access it! Once inside, you have access to various schematics and intelligence reports.

Evangelion 2.0
17/01/2011. There's a big money anime coming our way from Japan, and Evangelion 2.0 be thy name. Nobody beats the little-kids in big robot suits genre like Evangelion.

He is the law
12/01/2011. There's a purported picture of a Lawmaster bike from the new sci-fi movie based on the Judge Dredd comic book character doing the rounds. Here it is!

Fantasy and scifi books for 2011
10/01/2011. Want to know what this year looks like for new fantasy and science fiction book releases? Then gaze in wonder at this list of fine notables - from new timers coming your way soon, to old hands likes Stephen Deas and Jasper Kent (not to mention Stephen Hunt).

9/01/2011. The second trailer for that dark vampire future movie, Priest, hits the SFcrowsnest screens, with a free Mega City and Cursed Earth looky-likey included for the price of it.

SFX Weekender ticket give-away
05/01/2011. Guests at one of the UK's main science fiction events for the year include the actress Keeley Hawes (Spooks, Life on Mars), the actors Anthony Head (Merlin, Buffy), George Takei (Star Trek, Heroes) and superstar novelist Terry Pratchett. Win your free tickets here...

Real Steel
01/01/2011. A trailer for a near future scifi movie where Hugh Jackman is an ex-boxer made unemployed by an upgraded game of killer robots. Kind of like Rocky with droids.

I am Number Four
01/01/2011. Trailer for another upcoming science fiction movie, I am Number Four. Looks a little like Twilight with aliens instead of vampires.

Modern Times
01/01/2011. John DeNardo over at has uncovered this little gem - a short movie, kind of a 2001-ish homage with new SFX (and some old SFX too). Watch and you'll see what I mean... thanks, John.

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Just in | Library of scifi news

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