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It's metal. It's heavy.
12/02/2011. For fans of the French comic-strip Metal Hurlant - better known over here in its translated form... Heavy Metal, there is now a French TV series based on the science fiction strips coming soon. It's called the Metal Hurlant Chronicles.

X-men First Class
11/02/2011. Before he was Professor X he was Charles. Before he was Magneto, he was Erik. X-men First Class gets its first trailer - need we say more. We're going mutant over here on SFcrowsnest for the new X-men movie!

Steampunk StarWars
10/02/2011. What, you like steampunk and Star Wars? Well, so do we. And lucky for you, so does artist Bjorn Hurri. You can see his very fine illustrations of steampunk C3P0, Han Solo, Yoda and co here.

Captain America - first trailer
07/02/2011. The first trailer for the new Captain America film has hit the intertubes and it looks good, oh yes. I think this is one we're going to have to see at SFcrowsnest. Team cinema trip for the crew?

Terra Nova - first trailer
07/02/2011. The first advert for Steven Spielberg's new scifi TV series, Terra Nova, where the survivors of humanity flees a biosphere-wrecked future to colonise the Jurassic era.

Super 8 - first trailer
07/02/2011. What is the new upcoming scifi movie Super 8 from J.J. Abrams about? Think a modern updating of the ET legend with a bit of Men in Black 'talk and we'll kill you' action going on along the side.

Transformers Dark of The Moon
07/02/2011. The first trailer for Transformers Dark of The Moon has landed. Guess what, there's big fracking robots kicking two shades of the brown stuff out of each other. Well, what did you expect, the plot from a Jane Austin novel?

Thor - new trailer
07/02/2011. The Thor movie has a new trailer showing the god of thunder chucking his hammer around and banging up the place. Knave, thou trailer doth tickle me into thinking this film might be worthy of tasting the attention of SFcrowsnest.

Cowboys and Aliens
07/02/2011. Another helping of scifi goodness from Steven Spielberg. The new trailer for Cowboys and Aliens. Bring them ETs in, cowpoke.

Brian Jacques RIP
07/02/2011. Children's fantasy author Brian Jacques has passed away from old age at 71. His best known series was of course Redwall, where talking animals went furry to protect Redwall Abbey from the rat warlord Cluny the Scourge.

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Just in | Library of scifi news

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