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Riese Kingdom Falling
29/03/2011. The UK premiere of Riese Kingdom Falling is on tonight - the 29th March 2011. The story follows Riese, a wanted princess of the Kingdom of Eleysia that has been overthrown by a powerful society called The Sect.

Storm Of The Dead
21/03/2011. Jonathan Oliver, commissioning editor of Solaris Books, has acquired UK/US rights in the two previously published Sea Beggars novels by Paul Kearney plus a third and final volume, Storm Of The Dead.

Andy Remic joins JJLA
21/03/2011. Author Andy Remic has joined the John Jarrold Literary Agency. Andy is the author of nine published SF and Fantasy novels (with a tenth delivered), with Orbit, Solaris and Angry Robot since 2003.

Peter Atkins at FantasyCon 2011
21/03/2011. FantasyCon 2011 has announced author and screenwriter Peter Atkins as its third Guest of Honour. Peter was born in Liverpool and now lives in Los Angeles. He is the author of the novels Morningstar, Big Thunder, and Moontown and the screenplays Hellraiser II, Hellraiser III, Hellraiser IV, Wishmaster, and Prisoners of the Sun.

Demi-Monde goes French
21/03/2011. Emma Thawley, Rights Director at Quercus, has sold French rights in the four-novel Demi-Monde series by UK novelist Rod Rees to Thibaud Eliroff at Jai Lu, who have a dedicated marketing spend for the first in the series, as with their publication of Robin Hobb. needs you
21/03/2011. Yes, has been nominated for the SFX online awards. Will you vote us best web site for science fiction and fantasy and what-not?

Battle LA
18/03/2011. And yet another clip from the new Battle LA film.

Apollo 18
17/03/2011. Some more trailer footage from the new Apollo 18 movie - think Apollo 13 meets Alien on the moon. Hey, I can do an elevator pitch.

Age Of The Dragons
15/03/2011. A trailer for a new fantasy film which has been pitched as Moby Dick with dragons. Well, if you are going to recycle the classics, you might as well go with the best ones...

Getting Hammered
15/03/2011. Yep, it's time for another Thor trailer. He's blonde, he's nordic, and he has a large hammer. And he's not Bob the Builder. Time to get scared, knave.

The Third Letter
13/03/2011. Here's a neat looking short science fiction movie called The Third Letter. Made with very little money by Marauder Film, it shows what you can do with ideas and low cost SFX.

Conan trailer
11/03/2011. The first trailer for the Conan flick. Oh, it's a teaser all right. Let's hope a longer one comes out in the near future.

Super 8
10/03/2011. Another trailer for the movie Super 8, this time pushing the movie more down Predator/Alien territory, rather than an ET reworking.

How annoyed am I?
06/03/2011. Hello, SFcrowsnest readers, Stephen here with a missive for all British genre readers. If, as individual viewers based in the UK, you want to complain to the BBC about failing to cover a single fantasy, horror or science fiction novel during the whole evening of TV programming for World Book Night, the online form to do this is located at...

Attack the Block
06/03/2011. A comedy movie where ET lands in a run-down British housing estate and tries to do the Predator thing with the English youff. Oiiii, alien, you looking at my bird?

05/03/2011. A trailer for the film Super - imagine Kickass with a slightly more realistic take on the hero... trying to win back his girlfriend by finding the superhero within.

25th Clarke Awards
04/03/2011. The shortlist is in for the 25th Arthur C. Clarke award for science fiction literature and the six authors shortlisted for this years award are Lauren Beukes, Ian McDonald, Patrick Ness, Richard Powers, Tim Powers and Tricia Sullivan. The Arthur C. Clarke Award is the UKs main prize for science fiction literature.

The Fractal Prince
04/03/2011. Following confirmation of The Fractal Prince as the title of Hannu Rajaniemi's sequel to The Quantum Thief, here is a teaser for the new book from the author.

Brian Aldiss guests at FantasyCon
28/02/2011. FantasyCon 2011's first Special Guest is author Brian Aldiss. Author of eighty novels, both mainstream and science fiction, including Frankenstein Unbound,The Helliconia Trilogy and Harm to name just a few; and various short stories, including 'Super-Toys Last All Summer Long,' which was filmed as A.I.

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Just in | Library of scifi news

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