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The Zombie Apocalypse and Bad Weather
28/10/2011. In honour of Halloween, Lycos has just launched the only weather app designed to increase your chances of survival during the occasional zombie apocalypse... Weather Zombie.

It's not Exotic, it's Xotic
28/10/2011. WXP Games has launched Xotic, an arcade-style first-person shooter game for the PC with a sci-fi twist.

Prophets of the Ghost Ants selected by Kirkus Reviews
28/10/2011. Prophets of the Ghost Ants has been selected by Kirkus Reviews as 'A Best of 2011' for their end of the year edition, and is heading towards the big screen. The novel is categorised in a number of genres including science fiction, fantasy, action-adventure, epic fiction and literary fantasy. The setting is Earth, hundreds of millions of years from now, when humans have evolved to the size of insects and live intertwined with their world.

Breaking Dawn
28/10/2011. Breaking Dawn? The trailer for the new kissy kissy vampire movie is breaking my heart. Is this really the last film? No! Be still, my breaking heart.

Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol
27/10/2011. Here's a nice little featurette on the next Mission: Impossible movie, Ghost Protocol. Did Ethan Hunt's team really try to start a nuclear war between Russia and the USA? What do you think...

27/10/2011. Roland Emmerich (mostly) lays aside the CGI SFX and makes a movie about whether Shakespeare really wrote his works or not. It sounds dull, but in actuality, it's kind of genius.

Tower Heist
27/10/2011. Ben Stiller, Eddie Murphy, Casey Affleck, Alan Alda and Matthew Broderick star in a comedy heist movie. Set in a tower. Yowsa. This is the movie which Universal was planning to release as a pay-to-view online, until the industry kicked up a large rumpus and got them to backtrack.

The Secret World of Arriety
27/10/2011. Like many anime fans, I winced a little when I heard that the usually faultless Studio Ghibli's next project was The Secret World of Arriety. Mainly because Japan's history of translating Western novels into anime is spotty at best.

Independence Day sequels double up
27/10/2011. Independence Day sequels are like buses, it seems. You wait fifteen years for one, then two come along together. Shakespeare it isn't - but fun, it should be.

Author Barbara Freethys sells one million indie e-books in 2011
26/10/2011. US contemporary romantic author Barbara Freethy tells the Nest she has now has sold over one million units of her indie-published titles in 2011. Unlike many indie authors who publish at the $0.99 price point to fuel sales, Freethy's books are primarily priced between $2.99 and $5.99.

11-11-11... you know, like the Omen
26/10/2011. There's a new horror film coming soon called 11-11-11. Think the Omen, but with a Dan Brown horror twist centring on the fact that this is only the 2nd time since the Roman calendar was created to have repeated all the numbers in sequence-the first time was in 11th November 1111.

The Son of No-one
26/10/2011. The Son of No One is an R-rated 2011 thriller movie based on Dito Montiel's book of the same name. A young cop (played by Channing Tatum) is assigned to a precinct in the tough New York neighbourhood where he grew up. But his life comes in danger when an anonymous tip-off informs him about the unsolved murder of two youths and a police cover-up.

Vote for the next Star Wars action figure from Hasbro
25/10/2011. Take part in the official Hasbro Fans' Choice poll to decide which Star Wars character will go into production next.

Turkish rights deal for Rod Rees
25/10/2011. Flora McMichael, Rights Manager at Quercus, has sold Turkish rights in Demi-Monde: Winter by UK novelist Rod Rees to Inkilap.

Eric Brown's Helix sequel
25/10/2011. Jonathan Oliver, commissioning editor of Solaris Books, has acquired the sequel to Helix by Eric Brown, which was published by the company in 2007 and has reprinted ever since, selling regularly.

25/10/2011. Kendra Levin at Penguin has acquired US rights to Curtis Jobling's Wereworld books 3 & 4 from Zosia Knopp, Rights Director at Puffin UK.

Mslexia goes scifi
25/10/2011. The March issue of Mslexia magazine will focus on SF. They are inviting women writers to submit poetry and short stories on the theme ‘In the year 2212’. The deadline is 28th November 2011 and they say they pay for everything they select for publication.

The Thrill Electric
25/10/2011. Channel 4 Education is announcing the launch of The Thrill Electric at this weekend’s MCM Expo London Comic Con. The Thrill Electric is a 10-part enhanced comic series produced by Hat Trick Productions set in the Victorian era that demonstrates the parallels between the telegraph age and the Internet age.

Dead Cute: Limited Edition Little Apple Doll Launches at London Comic Con
25/10/2011. Horror fans, otaku and lovers of Gothic Lolita fashion will want to check out the Screaming Matriarch stand at this month’s MCM Expo London Comic Con, where artist Yurei Urie will be showcasing her latest limited edition Little Apple Doll.

Amazing Stories project announces Editorial Advisory Board; commissions cover art
25/10/2011. Steve Davidson (Crotchety Old Fan) who recently acquired the Trademarks for Amazing Stories, has announced the creation of an Editorial Advisory Board to assist in the re-launch of the world's first science fiction magazine, Amazing Stories.

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