Science fiction and fantasy news library January 2004.

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BBC Radio 4 has the answer to Everything?
23/06/2004. Yes, it's a brand new radio series of The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy.

Spectra Line-up for the First Half of '04
29/01/2004. Here's the line-up of new books from Random House's Spectra SFF publishing imprint.

The Burning Land of EOS
29/01/2004. Victoria Strauss's Burning Land kicks off the list of forthcoming novels from HarperCollins' EOS sf&f publishing imprint.

The Big Green Download
29/01/2004. Free PDF download for issue #101 of Emerald City SFF zine now available.

Author Appearances in the USA '04
29/01/2004. Want to meet a SFF author in February or March? Here's where to go then ...

He is the, err, Law?
28/01/2004. Forget Judge Dredd. Heck, Forget Judge John Deed. Here comes ... Judge John Clute.

Take us to your Treaties?
27/01/2004. Independent U.S. presidential candidate urges full disclosure of E.T. treaties.

Del Rey Lines Up
23/01/2004. SFF imprint Del Rey announces it's line up of new novels for 2004.

A Star for Pandora
22/01/2004. Author Peter F. Hamilton goes on tour, touting his new brick ... err, book.

The Fantasy of Mary Jo
22/01/2004. Author Mary Jo Putney signs with Del Rey for two new romantic fantasy novels.

A Night at the Space Opera
19/01/2004. Jack Williamson is joined by authors Frederik Pohl and Robert Silverberg for the March '04 Williamson Lectureship.

An Imperial Credit for your Thoughts?
16/01/2004. SFF currencies get a little more real as an online gaming currency exchange is set up.

Sawyer wants to be Human?
15/01/2004. SF author Robert J. Sawyer wants his novel Humans to win the Hugo. Read his cunning plan for victory here.

The New Foundations of SF
15/01/2004. Science fiction writers get a helping hand from the new Speculative Literature Foundation.

Online Hugo and Retro-Hugo Nominations
14/01/2004. Nominations are now open for the 2004 Hugo Awards (and for the Retrospective Hugo Awards for work done in 1953).

Canadians Do SF
14/01/2004. A major new science fiction book imprint is planned, with just a little help from Robert J. Sawyer.

Beyond is Back
12/01/2004. SF Mag 'Beyond' is coming back in Spring 2004 after a 10 year break.

Texas gets an Alternative Reality
12/01/2004. Odd new Korean-made parallel reality SF movie opens in Houston.

Earthsea TV series announced
08/01/2004. Ursula K. Le Guin's popular 'Earthsea' novels to hit the small screen.

Death fails to Silence SF Master
05/01/2004. Spider Robinson authorized by the Robert A. Heinlein Trust to write a new RAH novel.

Science Museum Prices out Clarke Award
05/01/2004. More bad luck ... the UK's Science Museum hits the Clarkes with a 700% price rise.

Beagle 2 Mission: Alien intervention theory dismissed
05/01/2004. Professor Pillinger confirms aliens (probably) aren't behind the missing Beagle 2 mission.

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Just in | Library of scifi news

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