Science fiction and fantasy news library February 2004.

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Sci-Fi Channel Gets All Animated
25/02/2004. The Sci-Fi Channel are about to premiere their first home-brewed animated series, 'Tripping the Rift'.

Alternative Armies Shot and Shelled
25/02/2004. Fantasy wargame outfit will be at the 'Shot & Shell' show. See you there?

The Alien Online Reorganises
24/02/2004. Wooden Rocket Award-winning web site The Alien Online to focus just on news and reviews.

Dwarves with Muskets
23/02/2004. Alternative Armies releases new figures in their fantasy wargaming range.

Jarrold'd Fix It
19/02/2004. Legend in his own lunchtime - John Jarrold, ex-editor of Orbit, Legend and Earthlight - moves into SFF manuscript doctoring.

George R. R. Martin's Odyssey
17/02/2004. Fantasy author to lead the Odyssey '04 summer writing workshop for budding SFF talent.

Del Rey's Lineup: March-June '04
16/02/2004. Authors Greg Bear, Bruce Sterling and David Gemmell all feature in forthcoming novels from publisher Del Rey.

Del Rey nab the Brits (and the Vamps)
16/02/2004. Dely Rey have just signed new novels from Brit authors David Gemmell and Richard Morgan ... and, umm, Tara from Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

Return of the King goes to Saturn?
16/02/2004. The Return of the King leads the nominations for The 30th Annual Saturn Awards.

2004 'Woodies' Open for Business
16/02/2004. The annual Wooden Rocket Awards open for nominations to honour great SF/F web sites.

Nebula Nominations In
13/02/2004. The line-up for this year's Nebulas has hit the streets. Girl power is back.

Galactica gets the Greenlight
13/02/2004. The Battlestar Galactica revival continues as the recent TV miniseries is extended into a full series.

Listen With Teal'c?
13/02/2004. Stargate's tame Jaffa interviewed on radio on Monday 16th Feb.

Donna Shirley Named Director of the Science Fiction Museum
12/02/2004. Donna lands the ESF's top job as James Cameron, George Lucas, Majel Roddenberry and Steven Spielberg join its advisory board.

(Pattern) Recognition for Gibson?
09/02/2004. William Gibson's Pattern Recognition makes the 2003 British Science Fiction Association awards shortlist.

Simulacrum Magazine Launches
09/02/2004. And the first issue is available free as a downloadable PDF file.

World Fantasy Awards Open for Business
06/02/2004. The flag drops on the 2004 WFAs. Competitors, start your engines now.

Clarke Awards Loom Large
06/02/2004. Stephen Baxter leads the newly announced 2004 Arthur C. Clarke Awards shortlist.

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Just in | Library of scifi news

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