Science fiction and fantasy news library March 2004.

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Dune Sequels Announced
24/03/2004. Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson to write Dune sequels.

Wheel of Time Movie Rolls Around?
24/03/2004. Robert Jordan's fantasy novel The Eye of the World gets the movie treatment.

Cathy, the Filly in Phily
24/03/2004. In Philadelphia? Hear SFF author Catherine Asaro speak tonight.

Hardman actor to play Who
22/03/2004. Tough guy actor Christopher Eccleston is to play the new Doctor Who.

A Dit'ty from Downunder
19/03/2004. Nominations in from the 2004 Australian Science Fiction Awards ... aka the Ditmars.

By the sword of Gemmell
18/03/2004. Fantasy author David Gemmell will be in London shortly to sign copies of his new book, Swords of Night and Day.

Amazing Stories magazine is back!
17/03/2004. The Queen of SFF pulp magazines is back on her throne once more.

Science fiction fans needed for new TV series
16/03/2004. At a loose end in London next Tuesday? The BBC needs science fiction fans for the audience of a new literary television show.

Lord of the Rings trading card game to feature original images
16/03/2004. Weta Workshop designs Tom Bombadil and others who didn't make it into the movies.

The Virtual Mr Chadbourn
15/03/2004. Fantasy author Mark Chadbourn gets a new web site.

Isabella Rossellini Casts Spell on 'Earthsea'
12/03/2004. Actress signs on for SCI-FI Channel's Ursula K. Le Guin fantasy miniseries.

Hugo Nominations Deadline is Approaching
12/03/2004. Have you voted in the Hugos yet? Get cracking then, your time is running out.

Eos's advance line-up
12/03/2004. Forthcoming books from US imprint Eos include a new fantasy tome from Raymond E. Feist and C.J. Cherryh's new novel, Forge of Heaven.

Volunteer for an Odyssey
10/03/2004. Wisconsin's cuddliest SFF con needs a few brave (wo)men for April. Are you one of them?

Shunters get a new home
10/03/2004. Those tricky 'Shunters' - fans of author Stephen Hunt - get a new online home.

Author Kevin J. Anderson strikes Spice
08/03/2004. Or should that be gold? Read on for some great 'Dune' news as well as movie-related stuff for Kevin's 'Captain Nemo' novel.

Suzy's New Site
08/03/2004. Fantasy author Suzy McKee Charnas updates her new website.

Del Rey Line-up
08/03/2004. China Miéville and David Gemmell both feature in the forthcoming new novels list from Del Rey.

SFF Small Press Threat
05/03/2004. Print on Demand costs set to rise dramatically after patent battle rout.

JK Rowling goes Adult
05/03/2004. Rowling plans a grown up Harry Potter novel (and may end up writing science fiction after that).

Gatiss and Moffat join Russell T Davies to write New Who
05/03/2004. Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat are to join the writing team led by Russell T Davies on the new series of Doctor Who.

Stamp'ing on Science Fiction
05/03/2004. Isaac Asimov on a U.S. postage stamp? Now that's a good idea.

Atlantis Resurfaces
04/03/2004. Stargate Atlantis gets ready to spin-off from SG1 with its new team confirmed.

The Spacescape at Night
04/03/2004. Artist David Hardy and astronomer Sir Patrick Moore team up for a new art book.

Alternative Armies all at Sea
04/03/2004. The 19th century fantasy wargame takes a nautical turn with 'Trafalgore'.

Money from Old Slush
04/03/2004. New horror magazine launches with an interesting commercial twist ... er, charge the authors a fee for submitting fiction.

Something to get your Teeth Into
04/03/2004. Editor Stephen Jones is saying 'Fangs for the Memories', with his new vampire anthology.

Shooting starts on the 'Batman Begins' movie
04/03/2004. Gary Oldman joins the cast of the new 'Bats' film. This time he plays a good guy!

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Just in | Library of scifi news

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