Science fiction and fantasy news library April 2004.

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Taking in the Solvista
29/04/2004. SFF illustrator Peter Jones launches new monthly zine.

Sailing the Clyde
29/04/2004. Cheryl Morgan drops us a behind-the-scenes looks at Interaction, the 63rd World Science Fiction Convention.

Trek Site Gets New Look
29/04/2004. The Star Trek web site is due a makeover. Greenroom gets the job.

One Festival to Rule Them All ...
29/04/2004. The 3rd annual Fantastic Films Festival comes to the UK's National Museum of Film in May.

Lord of the Rings TV Series
29/04/2004. Rumours of a possible LoTR television series circulate.

Fireworks for Andromeda and Mutant X
28/04/2004. The Andromeda and Mutant X TV series get zapped as their Production Firm dies.

Of Eragon and Druids
27/04/2004. Fantasy's boy wonder gets an online home and the Druids are coming.

Books of Iron
27/04/2004. Del Rey's forthcoming line-up of novels include the much anticipated 'Iron Council' by China Miéville.

Physics gets Science Fiction
27/04/2004. What do films like Independence Day, Armageddon and X-Men have in common? Why they all feature in a new course called Physics in Films.

It's Miller Time
27/04/2004. Fantasy author Miller Lau signing tomorrow in Edinburgh.

Meisha Merlin closes the door to newbies
27/04/2004. SFF book publisher Meisha Merlin pours its slush away.

A Tor Summer
27/04/2004. Tor UK's summer SFF novel line-up, including one from Jeff VanderMeer.

A Ditty from Downunder
26/04/2004. Winners of the 2004 Australian Science Fiction Awards, the Ditmar, announced.

Burning Down the House
26/04/2004. Prometheus Books to launch new SFF imprint, Pyr.

Stamping on Hugo
26/04/2004. Early father of SF, Hugo Gernsback, to get his own stamp.

Doctor Who sees Daemos Rising
23/04/2004. Yep, it's a new Who-spinoff drama DVD.

StarGate Atlantis gets Site
23/04/2004. New website for StarGate spin-off series.

Death to Slush
22/04/2004. Argosy Magazine shuts the door on unsolicited manuscripts.

Lost in Space(ys)
22/04/2004. Winners of Canada's 2004 Spacey Awards announced.

Brian Aldiss goes Weird
22/04/2004. BBC Radio 4 to broadcast new science fiction show 'Weird Science'.

Interzone Loses Founder
20/04/2004. What would Microsoft be without Bill Gates. Where would Virgin be without Branson? And what will Interzone magazine be without David Pringle?

And Now Asimov's?
20/04/2004. Not to be outdone by Interzone magazine's David Pringle leaving, Asimov's magazine's Gardner Dozois says 'ciao baby' too.

America's first Science Fiction Museum Hopes to Learn Lessons from University of Glamorgan
20/04/2004. Professor Mark Brake, Professor of Science Communication at the University of Glamorgan, will be visiting Seattle this week to make a presentation to the advisory board of America's first ever Sci-fi museum.

Faye Dunaway Signs on to 'Anonymous Rex'
19/04/2004. Joining Sam Trammell, Daniel Baldwin, and Stephanie Lemelin in the Sci-Fi Channel's new movie pilot.

Over the Moon
17/04/2004. Author Elizabeth Moon wins this year's Nebula Awards.

New Roof for the Clarkes
16/04/2004. Good news. The Clarke Award's search for a new home is over.

Lucky with Lustbader?
15/04/2004. The next novel in Eric Van Lustbader's 'Pearl' fantasy series is due out soon.

Issue 1 of Continuum Appears
15/04/2004. The new SF mag Continuum Science Fiction hits the newsagents.

John's Site for Sore Eyes
14/04/2004. Famed SFF editor turned script doctor John Jarrold has a new online home.

Hugo a-go-go
13/04/2004. The nominees for the 2004 Hugo Awards are announced.

Hugos Time Travel to '53
13/04/2004. The Retrospective Hugo Awards nominees are in for work done in 1953.

SF Museum Open Soon
13/04/2004. Late June date set for the new SF museum at the Seattle Center. Yawn.

Out of EOS
13/04/2004. The May-August SFF lineup from publisher HarperCollins.

Earthlings: Ugly Bags of Mostly Water
13/04/2004. New 70-Minute documentary visits the Klingon Language Institute's annual Qep'a' (Conference).

Grimwood Wins
13/04/2004. Author Jon Courtenay Grimwood scoops top honour at the BSFA Awards.

New SFSFC Scholarships
08/04/2004. Running a SFF convention? Get some folding green stuff for training.

Alien Love (Actually)
08/04/2004. Winners of the ninth annual Sapphire Awards for the best romantic SFF novels announced.

British World Con gets Web
07/04/2004. The 2005 Hugos awards will include a category for Best Web Site.

Fantasy 'Bath' Time
07/04/2004. Bath hosts a 'Fantasy week' with the British Fantasy Society next month.

Farscape's Back!
06/04/2004. Farscape is coming back as a TV mini-series, as is Larry Niven's Ringworld.

New SFF Movies for 2005
06/04/2004. The Sci-Fi Channel announces its new slate of original action movies for 2005, with new work from Stan Lee.

More new SFF TV series
06/04/2004. Upcoming science fiction and fantasy series include Witchhunter Robin, Amazing Screw-On Head, and Eureka - a U.S. community of geniuses.

Bishop and her Etchings
06/04/2004. Author K.J. Bishop wins the Crawford Award for 'The Etched City'.

Vampires over America
06/04/2004. Editor Stephen Jones sinks his molars into San Francisco tonight. Ya-ha-ha.

Science Fiction in a Suitcase?
06/04/2004. British theatre company Battered Suitcase extracts the urine from old pulp serials like Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers.

Brown be thy Colour
06/04/2004. Science fiction author Eric Brown gets a new web site.

How short is your Fantasy ...
06/04/2004. The BFS launches its '04 short story competition.

President Bush to Write SF Novel
01/04/2004. The U.S head of state is writing a book. Apparently it's science fiction.

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