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Olivia De Berardinis art GoH at Dragon*Con
30/06/2004. Leading SFF illustrator to appear at this year's Dragon*Con show.

Rusch's new Gig
30/06/2004. SFF editor Kristine Kathryn Rusch joins Æon Speculative Fiction.

I, Robot
30/06/2004. Will Smith to be even more robotic that usual in new movie?

Emerald City issue #106
29/06/2004. The new issue of that crazy free PDF magazine for science fiction fans is out now.

Woken Furies
29/06/2004. SF author Richard Morgan talks to the 'Nest about his third Kovacs novel.

Blowing up a Typhon
28/06/2004. New range of fantasy models from Alternative Armies: Greek Myth is the flavour of the day.

That Sinking Feeling
28/06/2004. Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea to be remade as a new movie.

Interzone Afresh
25/06/2004. TTA's Interzone magazine takes on a modern new look.

Seven of Nine Gets Saucy
24/06/2004. Star Trek Voyager star brings trips to clubs for swinging into her divorce case.

Life on The Edge
23/06/2004. Two new books released today in the fantasy 'The Edge Chronicles' by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell.

A Fantasy with extra Nooky?
23/06/2004. Will author China Miéville's new work 'Iron Council' get you hot around the collar?

First Private Manned Mission to Space
22/06/2004. By jove, those reckless rocketeers actually did it!

The Secrets of Spider-Man 2
21/06/2004. Spidey star Maguire fired then rehired; there were back problems, and claims that money issues were at the heart of the dispute.

Whoever Wins, We Lose
18/06/2004. So says the new Aliens vs Predator movie. New trailer now online!

Use of Weapons
17/06/2004. Weapons from the new Star Wars movie revealed.

17/06/2004. Christopher Fowler's new novel, Breath, is 'The Office' meets 'Night of the Living Dead'.

The Clockwork Woman
17/06/2004. Claire Bott's new 'Timehunter' novel blends Mary Shelley's 'Frankenstein' story with 'A Vindication of the Rights of Woman' by Shelley's mother, Mary Wollstonecraft.

Mad Max 4 Runs out of Gas
17/06/2004. 'Terrorism' worries kill Mel Gibson's 'Mad Max: Fury Road'.

Historic Space Launch in Four Days
17/06/2004. Microsoft co-founder talks to the 'Nest about the first non-government, privately funded manned space flight.

John Jarrold sets up own Literary Agency
17/06/2004. John Jarrold, ex-publisher of SF and fantasy imprints at Time Warner, Random House and Simon & Schuster, has taken on his very first author client and set up shop as a Literary Agent. Blimey!

Iain M Banks finishes latest SF novel
16/06/2004. Iain has just laid his pen down on his latest science fiction work.

Ellison Loves AOL?
15/06/2004. America Online and award winning SF author Harlan Ellison today announced a settlement of their four-year old copyright dispute.

SF Museum's Online Makeover
15/06/2004. The Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame gets a new web site.

Jules Verne, Steampunk?
15/06/2004. The Great Grandfather of steampunk, Mr J. Verne, gets a Kung Fu makeover of 'Around the World in 80 Days'.

15/06/2004. Sony Picture's strange new fantasy movie revealed.

Marvel Comics Gets Books
15/06/2004. Marvel to set up their own book imprint, Marvel Press.

RevolutionSF: June Update
14/06/2004. June's Revolution SF online zine looks at how Battlestar Galactica's fans have blown $10,000.

New Batman Movie To Explain How Bruce Wayne Becomes 'Batman'
14/06/2004. In 'Batman Begins,' Wayne Returns To Gotham City To Avenge Parents' Murder; Family Company's Inventor Helps Create Alter Ego.

'Shrek 2' Becomes the Top-Grossing Animated Film in History
14/06/2004. The first "Shrek" has been pushed down a notch in the top-grossing animated film rankings, going from third to fourth, but you won't hear the big green ogre complaining.

Kage Baker Selling Out
11/06/2004. Golden Gryphon Press's limited edition Kage Baker novel nearly sold out.

Feel the Soul (Cages)
10/06/2004. EPPIE-winner Nicole Givens Kurtz's new SFF novel.

Science Fiction Comic Gets Blue Jeans?
10/06/2004. 2000AD, the bastion of the Brit SFF comic world, teams up with Diesel.

2004 Comic Awards
10/06/2004. The Awards are in, and SF title 2000AD gets many goodies.

Nanotechnology pioneer slays 'grey goo' myths
10/06/2004. Eric Drexler, known as the father of nanotechnology, publishes a paper that admits that self-replicating machines are not vital for large-scale molecular manufacture, and that nanotechnology-based fabrication can be thoroughly non-biological and inherently safe.

Farscape Photos
10/06/2004. First look at the 'Farscape: Peacekeeper War' mini-series.

Sidewise Award Finalists 04
09/06/2004. The year's best books in alternate history are lined up.

A Loud Bark(er)
09/06/2004. Author Clive Barker signing in London this Saturday.

The Downloadable Robert Newcomb
09/06/2004. Get an MP3 interview with the author of The Scrolls of the Ancients.

iBooks Teams with WildSide
09/06/2004. iBooks to take SFF small-press Wildside's titles massmarket.

Furry SFF
09/06/2004. Is the magazine of 'Fantastic Feline Fiction' a sub-genre too far?

Space's Fall Season
08/06/2004. Live in Canada? Your science fiction channel - Space: The Imagination Station - has just announced its new season lineup.

Time in Colour
07/06/2004. Harry Harrison's The Technicolor Time Machine - the movie?

Of Clarkes and anti-Ballardism
07/06/2004. The June '04 Ansible is out.

Ray Bradbury attacks Michael Moore
07/06/2004. 'Fahrenheit 451' author claims Moore pirated his book's title for his latest anti-Bush movie.

Minnesota Sounds off about Science Fiction
07/06/2004. The University of Minnesota uploads its audio lectures on SF.

Judgement Night Slips ...
04/06/2004. ... while new Lensman books advance, from Red Jacket Press.

Eric Gets Chatty
04/06/2004. Author Eric Van Lustbader to chat online about new fantasy works.

Lovegrove's new Gig
04/06/2004. PS Publishing gets novel 'Gig' delivered by James Lovegrove.

George Lucas Wants You!
04/06/2004. ... to enter his 2004 Fan Film Awards.

SF, Brummie Style
02/06/2004. Some upcoming SF events around Birmingham in the UK.

What's in a Title?
02/06/2004. Hugo Award winning author Robert J. Sawyer's new novel has title changed by Tor.

June '04 Scifidimensions Out
02/06/2004. New issue of the online science fiction mag arrives.

June 04 Revolution SF Out
02/06/2004. Revolution SF site gets its monthly update.

Art from the Dragon
01/06/2004. Dragon*Con 2004 reveals its art show line-up.

Brian Aldiss by any other Name
01/06/2004. Aldiss's new novel, Jocasta, to be published in August by Rose Press.

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