Science fiction and fantasy news library July 2004.

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Jude at 35th Annual Comic-Con
23/07/2004. The movie 'Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow' is making the 35th Annual Comic-Con's day with a special appearance by Jude Law.

Physics: Black Hole as Studio Apartment
22/07/2004. Astrophysicist Stephen Hawking said today that black holes, the hypothetical vortexes formed from collapsed stars, don't destroy everything they consume but instead eventually fire out matter and energy "in a mangled form."

Magic Fantasy Money
22/07/2004. Fantasy trading card game fans head to San Francisco for a $1 Million Prize weekend at the 2004 Magic: The Gathering World Championship

Meet the SF stars in San Diego
22/07/2004. SCI FI Channel Brings the Stargate SG-1, Farscape, Stargate Atlantis, and Battlestar Galactica stars out to 2004's Comic-Con International.

Mars in Pictures
21/07/2004. NASA artists imagine how their planned Mars base will look.

Chronicles of Riddick Opening in August
19/07/2004. Pitch Black sequel to open across the UK & Ireland on August 27th.

Challenging Destiny goes Digital
19/07/2004. Print SFF magazine moves to ebook format.

Alistair Reynolds update
19/07/2004. The UK's current king of Space Opera sends in an update of his latest feat of writing.

Why you shouldn't buy his book
12/07/2004. Author Nick Pollotta doesn't want you Americans to buy his latest book 'That Darn Squid God' from American Amazon.

Claymore are having climaxes
12/07/2004. Not that kind of climax! Independent publisher Claymore Comics are having climax arcs in all their titles next year.

Sarnaethian Trilogy
09/07/2004. Download this 3-part fantasy series free in PDF format and help kill the publishing industry.

08/07/2004. This year's Southeastern Science Fiction Achievement Award nominees are in.

The Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis premieres
08/07/2004. Stargate SG-1 begins its 8th season while Stargate Atlantis spins off.

Scholastic Goes Graphic
07/07/2004. Scholastic Launches New Graphic Novel Imprint, Graphix.

Playing in the SFF Fountain
07/07/2004. Speculative Literature Foundation announces the first Fountain Award winner.

Horizon Storms And Skrayling Trees
07/07/2004. New novels from Kevin J. Anderson & Michael Moorcock, and news from Tracy and Laura Hickman.

2004 Chesley Awards Nominations
06/07/2004. The list of contenders for the 2004 award for the best science fiction and fantasy art is now in.

Into Orbit for July
06/07/2004. This month's SFF books from the UK publisher.

The Surface of Titan Revealed
06/07/2004. The Cassini spacecraft has revealed surface details of Saturn's moon Titan and imaged a huge cloud of gas surrounding the planet-sized moon.

2004 Locus Awards Winners
05/07/2004. The bible of the SFF literary world announces its annual award winners.

July '04 SFF Movies
05/07/2004. Quick calendar update of the best genre movies hitting the cinema this month.

Free CD from JPK
05/07/2004. Author James Patrick Kelly is giving away a free audio CD of his latest book.

Vernor and Harry
05/07/2004. Summer update on the doings of SF authors Vernor Vinge and Harry Harrison.

Newton's Law: John Jarrold Literary Agency Must Expand
05/07/2004. A second name joins fantasy author Stephen Hunt at new genre lit. agency.

John Jarrold Literary Agency Hits Third Base
05/07/2004. The third author to be taken on by the John Jarrold Literary Agency - joining Stephen Hunt and Mark Newton - is Jasper Kent. Jasper's first novel, TWELVE, is a psychological thriller with fantastical overtones, set during Napoleon's invasion of Russia in 1812.

A Chat with Jarrold
05/07/2004. John Jarrold chats about his plans for his new genre literary agency.

Claypool Artist Wins Award
03/07/2004. Friends of Lulu, the organization for women in comics, has nominated Amanda Conner - the artist of the Claypool Comics title SOULSEARCHERS AND COMPANY - for the group's 2004 Women Cartoonists Hall of Fame.

The Last Chronicles of Thomas Covenant
02/07/2004. SFF author Stephen R. Donaldson returns to the series that made him famous.

Joe Haldeman Update
02/07/2004. The SF author behind 'Forever War' and 'Forever Peace' chats to the 'Nest about his new works in the pipeline.

Mercedes Lackey Update
02/07/2004. The SFF author behind Chrome Borne and Shadow of the Lion drops the Nest an update on her recent work.

A Comic July?
02/07/2004. Del Rey Books are planning a road trip to San Diego Comic-Con this July, with a large party of their authors in tow.

2004 Winners for the Wooden Rocket Awards Announced
02/07/2004. ... for the 'Woodies', the best web sites in the science fiction and fantasy field.

Fresh Cassini Pictures Show Majesty of Saturn's Rings
02/07/2004. The first pictures taken by the Cassini spacecraft after it began orbiting Saturn show breathtaking detail of Saturn's rings, and other science measurements reveal that Saturn's magnetic field pulsed in size as Cassini approached the planet.

The Usual Suspects?
02/07/2004. Alternative Armies release some 28mm 'Civvies' figures for their Attrition system.

The View Across Existence
01/07/2004. Fantasy author Mark Chadbourn does a three-book deal with Victor Gollancz.

SFF authors hit Birmingham
01/07/2004. Simon Clark, Mark Morris and Ramsey Campbell doing a reading in July.

Dragon*Con Needs You
01/07/2004. Would you like to be part of the Dragon*Con Art Show Team?

Of Iron Councils and Illearths
01/07/2004. China Mieville's Iron Council and Stephen R. Donaldson's The Illearth War features in forthcoming Del Rey titles.

The Wallflower and Othello
01/07/2004. Publisher Random House loads up on some more manga.

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