Science fiction and fantasy news library August 2004.

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Zivkovic joins John Jarrold
23/08/2004. The latest client of the John Jarrold Literary Agency is World Fantasy Award-winning Serbian author, Zoran Zivkovic.

2004 Mythopoeic Award Winners
17/08/2004. This year's Mythopoeic Fantasy Awards for adult literature announced.

Hugo Competition
17/08/2004. Interaction and Glasgow School of Art announce design competition for science fiction's 2004 'Oscars'.

One Year to Worldcon
17/08/2004. Glasgow to welcome over 4000 science fiction fans in August 2005 - World Science Fiction Convention to boost local economy by 4m.

Anita Blake is Back
17/08/2004. New Laurell K. Hamilton novel features a vampire serial killer who preys on strippers, on the loose.

Eurocon-2004 Award Winners
17/08/2004. Bulgarian science fiction comes up trumps again.

Martians Catch a Cold
17/08/2004. Steven Spielberg Directs, Tom Cruise Stars in Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks' 'The War of the Worlds' movie.

SFF Audio Gets a Boost
17/08/2004. Palm Digital Media team leaves to set up a science fiction audio-book firm.

VCON Writer's Workshop wants you
10/08/2004. The Convention Committee of VCON, The Vancouver Area Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Gaming Convention, invites writers and prospective writers to submit their original Science Fiction/Fantasy manuscripts this month for the Writer's Workshop.

August Ansible Hits the Virtual Streets
10/08/2004. Orson Scott Card on his novels in development hell and Terry Pratchett assures the world that alarming reports of his recent hospital visit are much exaggerated.

SFF artist Cortney Skinner fast forwards
10/08/2004. Cortney Skinner is featured on this month's episode of Fast Forward: Contemporary Science Fiction.

The Gryphon at ArmadilloCon
09/08/2004. Next weekend, Austin, Texas sees ArmadilloCon 26 - and Golden Gryphon Press will be there.

Bantam Spectra Update: September 04
05/08/2004. The latest U.S. Bantam Spectra books and author signings in the near future.

Larry and Jerry get Game
02/08/2004. Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle's excellent CoDominium books gets a role playing game.

Ansible loses Web Site
02/08/2004. Everyone's favourite SFF fan zine loses a site.

Harryhausen Screening
02/08/2004. ... and a SPFX Panel in the USA's SF Bay Area.

Bedford Reading
02/08/2004. The author of Orbital Burn hits the Big Apple.

The big Green'un
02/08/2004. Emerald City issue #107 is available online as a free Adobe PDF download.

Go for Launch
02/08/2004. X Prize Foundation announces teams ready to compete for $10 million.

Telos Goes Down Under
02/08/2004. Telos Publishing announces deal with Slow Glass Books.

Telos Books Recommended for Award
02/08/2004. Telos in the running for this year's British Fantasy Awards.

Red Jacket Press gets Classical
02/08/2004. Red Jacket Press announces a new Line of facsimile SFF reprints. C.L. Moore's Judgment Night and Wilmar Shiras's Children of the Atom to be first titles reissued.

Not such a secret fantasy novel
02/08/2004. 'The Secrets of Jin-shei' has been chosen as Library Paperback Book of the Month for September in the UK.

New Batman Begins Trailer Online
02/08/2004. Warner Bros. Pictures brings new footage from their anticipated June 2005 release, Batman Begins.

SF on your mobile?
02/08/2004. Groan. It had to happen - a dedicated mobile phone service for science fiction fans.

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Just in | Library of scifi news

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