Science fiction and fantasy news library September 2004.

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Patrick O'Brian meets Anne McCaffrey?
30/09/2004. Del Rey purchases a new three-book fantasy series.

Del Rey Releases
30/09/2004. Here's the forward publishing schedule for U.S. SFF imprint Del Rey, taking readers up to January 2005.

Terry Brooks and Greg Keyes on Tour
30/09/2004. Terry Brooks and Greg Keyes will be touring the USA together in September '04, to promote their new books HIGH DRUID OF SHANNARA (Terry) and THE CHARNEL PRINCE (Greg).

Emerald City 109 Out
30/09/2004. The latest issue of everyone's favourite downloadable Adobe PDF-format SFF mag is out now.

Kirk gets Tricky
30/09/2004. William Shatner's 'Invasion Iowa' Proves to Be TV's Most Elaborate Hoax Ever.

Elaine Corvidae Releases New Fantasy Novel
30/09/2004. Author's say her book deals with the realities of a 'diverse society'.

Go Virgin Galactic, GO!
30/09/2004. SpaceShipOne Surpasses 100 Km Altitude on First X-Prize Flight.

Large Asteroid Will Zoom Safely Past Earth Wednesday
29/09/2004. A mountain-sized asteroid will make its closest approach to Earth at 9:35 a.m. EDT tomorrow.

Richard Branson Goes into Space
29/09/2004. Virgin founder sets up 'Virgin Galactic' for space holidays.

British Fantasy Awards 2004
29/09/2004. The winners are in ... read on!

Swissnex SF Symposium Starts Today
29/09/2004. Swissnex presents 'From Fiction to Science', a four-day event examining the mutually influencing domains of science and fiction.

Jarrold and the King
23/09/2004. The fifth author to join the John Jarrold Literary Agency is William King.

Issue 76 of AntipodeanSF Released
23/09/2004. Latest issue of the zine from down-under now available for your enjoyment on the web.

Blogging Suzy
23/09/2004. Author Suzy McKee Charnas launches her blog.

Sink Plungers Confirmed
20/09/2004. Doctor Who to face Daleks in new BBC One series.

DreddCon 5 is ready for action
20/09/2004. The UK's Oxford is once again playing host to the big 2000AD bash.

Jack goes Diamond
20/09/2004. Seventy-Five: The Diamond Anniversary of a Science Fiction Pioneer-Jack Williamson.

Interaction Accommodation Bookings Break Records
20/09/2004. Interaction launches accommodation service live in Boston - record breaking response as members plan their trips to Glasgow - £300,000 of accommodation booked in first two weeks.

China Miéville on Sept 04 episode of Fast Forward
17/09/2004. UK author China Miéville is interviewed on this month's episode of Fast Forward: Contemporary Science Fiction. Miéville talks about metaphor, monsters and politics, and how they all fit into his latest novel, Iron Council.

The Dragon Lensmen, Lensman From Rigel, and Z-Lensman reissued.
14/09/2004. New editions of three authorized sequels to E.E. "Doc" Smith's Lensmen series now available from Red Jacket Press.

2004 Hugos Announced
07/09/2004. Word has drifted in from this year's science fiction worldcon for 04's Hugo winners.

The Hitchhiker's Guide back on Radio 4
06/09/2004. The Hitchhiker 's Guide To The Galaxy began life on Radio 4. Now, more than 25 years later, the series returns with the first-ever dramatisation of the last three books by Douglas Adams, including material specially written for radio.

Scientists Discover First of a New Class of Extrasolar Planets
03/09/2004. Results from NASA-funded research have put humankind just a little closer to answering the age old question, "Are we alone in the universe?"

Solar hydrogen - energy of the future
03/09/2004. A team of Australian scientists predicts that a revolutionary new way to harness the power of the sun to extract clean and almost unlimited energy supplies from water will be a reality within seven years.

Islam in Science Fiction
03/09/2004. Muhammad Aurangzeb Ahmad launches a new web site looking at the world of Islam in the SFF genre.

Banking on Iain M
03/09/2004. SF author Iain M. Banks, is soon to be out and about in the UK promoting his new SF novel, The Algebraist.

Sunburst Award Announces 2004 Winner Of Its $1,000 Literary Prize
02/09/2004. The winner of the 2004 award is author Cory Doctorow, for his short story collection 'A Place So Foreign And 8 More' (Four Walls Eight Windows Press).

Emerald City #108 Published
02/09/2004. Just in time for you to read it before heading off for Worldcon, Emerald City issue #108 is now available online.

Hacker Hunter
02/09/2004. A vampire flick made for $3000 and available only online.

Telos to Reprint Doctor Who Handbooks
01/09/2004. Telos Publishing will be reprinting the 'Doctor Who: The Handbooks' series, originally published by Virgin and long out of print, as one volume in 2005.

Telos at Fantasycon 2004
01/09/2004. Telos Publishing's David Howe will be at the UK's 2004 FantasyCon event at the end of September.

Lumi Virtuale for Summer
01/09/2004. The second issue of Virtual Worlds (Lumi Virtuale), the Romanian magazine of science fiction, hits the streets.

Getting Creepy
01/09/2004. Submissions are being asked for by the Creepfest 2004 Film Festival.

SFF comes to Ellesmere Port
01/09/2004. On September 3rd, at the Borders store in Ellesmere Port's Cheshire Oaks centre, the British Fantasy Society has invited 4 top SF/Fantasy authors at 6.30-7pm to do readings and talks.

Bryan Talbot in Birmingham
01/09/2004. Bryan Talbot, the world-renowned artist, is visiting the Birmingham Science Fiction Group on the Friday 10th September, to give his legendary 'Heart of Empire' slide show and talk.

Anne Wins Big
01/09/2004. SFF author Anne McCaffrey receives the Hubbard Lifetime Achievement Award.

Aeon Flux Cast to join Charlize Theron
01/09/2004. Peter Chung's futuristic MTV animated series, Aeon Flux, is coming to the big screen with its supporting cast just announced.

SF Wrinklies
01/09/2004. Speculative Literature Foundation announces 'Older Writers' Grant.

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