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More Priestly Mischief
24/11/2004. Is there no stopping the man? The winners of the British Science Fiction Association Awards were announced on Easter Sunday, at he 54th UK National Science Fiction Convention. The Winner for Best Novel of 2002? None other than Christopher Priest for his 'The Separation', published by Scribner.

Canadian University Student Publishes Debut Science Fiction Novel
15/11/2004. University of Ottawa student Cavan Terrill's new book, Blurred Line, is a cyberpunk thriller set in a dark future.

London SFF Signings: November '04
12/11/2004. The Forbidden Planet sees signings from Stephen Donaldson and Mark Gatiss, among others.

A word with the Sphinx
11/11/2004. Sphinx Books has launched an e-publishing website with a call for genre authors and cover artists.

The Poetry of Chaos, Lust and Science
11/11/2004. Just as The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy took us on a romp through existential musings on reality, life and the meaning of it all, science fiction's latest installment of tongue-in-cheek philosophy is The Combat Poets of Maya, penned by Bill Johnson, about a war between a colony of artists and the bureaucrats who seek to control their expression for the good of society.

A rest for Ticonderoga
11/11/2004. Russell B. Farr, editor over at Ticonderoga Online, has sadly announced that due to a series of life events among the editorial team their publications will be entering a bit of a hiatus.

Odyssey Ten
10/11/2004. The tenth annual Odyssey summer SFF writing workshop is announced for 2005.

Earthsea for Xmas
10/11/2004. SCI FI Channel's Lawrence Bender-Kevin Brown Production of Ursula K. Le Guin's Earthsea drawing near its December release.

Cassini Radar Sees Bright Flow-Like Feature on Titan
10/11/2004. A strikingly bright feature that is consistent with an active geology has been seen in one of Cassini's first radar images of Saturn's moon Titan. There are many possibilities for what it is but one of the leading candidates is that it may be a 'cryovolcanic' flow or 'ice volcano'.

We are not alone?
09/11/2004. Astronomer Predicts Alien Contact By 2025.

DreamWorks goes Fishing
09/11/2004. DreamWorks has landed the domestic distribution rights to the Japanese science fiction film Casshern, which it will release under the banner of its specialty film division, Go Fish Pictures.

Pendragon Joins War Of The Worlds Exhibit At Paul Allen's Sci-Fi Museum
02/11/2004. Production maquettes from Pendragon Pictures' new movie version of H.G. WELLS' THE WAR OF THE WORLDS will be featured in the new THE WAR OF THE WORLDS exhibit opening at Paul Allen's Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame beginning October 30th, 2004.

World Fantasy Awards 2004
02/11/2004. This year's World Fantasy Awards were presented on Sunday at the World Fantasy Con in Arizona.

Cinema Macabre
01/11/2004. Next autumn will see the publication - in conjunction with the British Fantasy Society and edited by Mark Morris - of Cinema Macabre.

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Just in | Library of scifi news

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