Science fiction and fantasy news library December 2004.

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Eos online's new look
22/12/2004. UK SFF publisher's site gets a revamp.

Two poems by Ilona Hegedus
22/12/2004. Two poems by the Hungarian SFF writer Ilona Hegedus will soon be available online.

Upcoming SFF books from Eos
21/12/2004. More new novels on the way from the genre imprint.

The StarDoc will see you now
20/12/2004. StarDoc author Lynn Viehl launches dark fantasy web site.

A sad end to Earthlight
19/12/2004. The old Earthlight web sites falls into the hand of meta-jackers.

H.G. Wells' The War Of The Worlds Wraps Miniature Photography
18/12/2004. Pendragon Pictures is wrapping up miniature photography this week on H.G. Wells' The War Of The Worlds, with the conclusion of filming of the fighting machines, which are being realized in both miniature and CGI.

PS Publishing to raise US$ prices
17/12/2004. SFF publisher PS Publishing are one of the many firms to have been hit by the terrible US exchange rate.

A touch of magic
16/12/2004. Magic consultant Paul Kieve develops Wizard Curriculum for the Sci-Fi Channel.

Burning Baxter
15/12/2004. Stephen Baxter, the Brit science fiction writer of books such as Evolution, Moonseed, Voyage and The Time Ships, will be judging the finalists of a £100-prize short story competition called 'We Burned So Bright', run by, a website dedicated to raising awareness of oil depletion and the energy-culture transition.

Warhammer Party
14/12/2004. Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War gets a LAN party?

SFF in Faringdon
13/12/2004. The Faringdon Arts Festival announces a string of SFF writers attending, including the elusive Brian Aldiss.

Ĉon Launches with New Faces
13/12/2004. Gene Wolfe, Walter Jon Williams, and Campbell Award-winner Jay Lake join a collection of new authors between the electronic covers of Aeon One, the premier issue of Ĉon Speculative Fiction, a new quarterly e-magazine from Scorpius Digital Publishing.

Denial of service attack on Andromeda
12/12/2004. One of the UK's leading specialist SFF book shops comes under cyber attack.

News from Scandinavia
12/12/2004. Swedish SFF writer, artist and cartoonist A.R.Yngve writes in with the following tit-bit of news.

Hanging with the SFF authors
11/12/2004. Guest author sessions are now being hosted by novelist Marianne de Pierres on an open BBS. Every week, you can settle in for a freewheeling Q&A session with some of your favorite genre authors.

Halo's Christmas Carol?
10/12/2004. Fantasy fiction fundraiser for Caribbean hurricane relief.

Shine on Harvey Raines
10/12/2004. The latest author to join the John Jarrold Literary Agency is Harvey Raines - the pen name of American-Scottish writer, Phil Raines.

The ESA imagines the future (again)
09/12/2004. Budding writers and artists have another chance to describe their vision of the future in space in the 2005 Clarke-Bradbury International Science Fiction competition.

Shadow Kingdoms
08/12/2004. Shadow Kingdoms, the first of ten matching limited-edition hardcover volumes collecting the classic fantasy fiction of pulp author Robert E Howard, is now available from Wildside Press.

Jeff's Secret Lives
07/12/2004. A new project by author Jeff VanderMeer.

Baltimore SF gets it day before the beak
06/12/2004. The Baltimore Science Fiction Society wins its court case.

Play SF game Anarchy Online without subscription fees
06/12/2004. The first major massively multiplayer online science fiction game switches to no subscription fees.

Australian science fiction for Xmas 2004
05/12/2004. AntipodeanSF Issue 79 is now available for your enjoyment on the web.

Del Rey's 2005 Line-up
04/12/2004. The publishing schedule for US genre publisher Del Rey's first quarter line-up.

Conan Returns
03/12/2004. The Coming Of Conan Of Cimmeria will be released in hardcover by Del Rey.

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