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Free SFF e-books from Renaissance
25/03/2005. Editor Jean Marie Stine drops us a line with some updates from genre e-book publisher Renaissance E Books.

Forthcoming titles: Del Rey
22/03/2005. Del Rey's forward publications list includes Sunstorm by Arthur C. Clarke and Lost and Found by Alan Dean Foster.

Magic for sale
21/03/2005. The Mummy series and Van Helsing director Stephen Sommers will direct a film based on the book series MAGIC KINGDOM FOR SALE by fantasy author Terry Brooks.

Anne McCaffrey is the Master
21/03/2005. Author Anne McCaffrey to be presented with the Nebula Grand Master Award at the Nebula Awards weekend April 28th-May 1st 2005.

Del Rey makes Manga. True
20/03/2005. US SFF publisher gets award for its manga output.

Cassini finds an atmosphere on Saturn's moon Enceladus
17/03/2005. The Cassini spacecraft's two close flybys of Saturn's icy moon Enceladus have revealed that the moon has a significant atmosphere. Scientists, using Cassini's magnetometer instrument for their studies, say the source may be volcanism, geysers, or gases escaping from the surface or the interior.

Fantasy author Norton dies
17/03/2005. Witch World novellist Andre Norton sadly passes away at age 93.

Against literary snobbery
17/03/2005. Joe from the Forbidden Planet writes in to complain about snobbery against science fiction award winners.

Revenge of the Sith books line up
16/03/2005. Publisher DK has a line up of books for the new - and possibly last - Star Wars movie.

Oxford English SF Project revamp
15/03/2005. The Oxford English Dictionary Science Fiction project has been redesigned and relaunched.

Them bones them bones
15/03/2005. Talebones asks some of its subscribers to re-send their details after a nasty computer crash.

Ticonderoga Online back on schedule
14/03/2005. Australia's most sporadic online semi-prozine, TiconderogaOnline, has launched its first issue for 10 months.

New Who
14/03/2005. Actor Christopher Eccleston plays Doctor Who in a new 13-part series for BBC ONE transmitting on Saturday 26 March 2005.

Thomas Haden Church Cast as new nemesis in Spider-Man 3 film
13/03/2005. Thomas Haden Church, who was most recently nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in Sideways, has been cast as Spider-Man's new archenemy in the next Spider-Man sequel.

L.A.con IV holds first open General Meeting
13/03/2005. 2006 World Science Fiction Convention solicits participants and ideas.

One for Storm Constantine fans
13/03/2005. Wendy Darling, editor at Inception magazine drops us a line to say they are still alive and kicking.

Joss Whedon to write and direct Wonder Woman movie
12/03/2005. Silver Pictures, producer of the Matrix franchise, has signed Joss Whedon, creator of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series, to write and direct the feature film action adventure Wonder Woman based on the DC Comics character.

Find ET - win a million bucks
12/03/2005. Finance firm offers one million US dollars to anyone who can bring an alien into their office.

Neil Gaiman on March 2005 Fast Forward
12/03/2005. Writer Neil Gaiman is interviewed on this month's episode of Fast Forward: Contemporary Science Fiction. Gaiman talks about his range of writing projects, including his involvement with the upcoming film, MirrorMask.

2005 Hugo Awards Ceremony MCs Revealed
12/03/2005. Hugo Awards ceremony MCs announced, the nomination process is closed, and the shortlist to be released at Easter.

Peter Crowther joins John Jarrold Literary Agency
11/03/2005. Author, editor, anthologist and publisher Peter Crowther is the latest client of the John Jarrold Literary Agency.

Quatermass revisited
11/03/2005. BBC Four is to produce a live broadcast of the science fiction classic, The Quatermass Experiment.

Vatta's War
10/03/2005. Elizabeth Moon's new novel delivered to her publisher.

Ditmar voting starts for 2005
10/03/2005. The Ditmars are the science fiction awards given out annualy at each national Australian science fiction convention.

Giant space clouds iced Earth
10/03/2005. Eons ago, giant clouds in space may have led to global extinctions, according to two recent technical papers supported by NASA's Astrobiology Institute.

Robert Jordan gets graphic
09/03/2005. Red Eagle Entertainment has announced that they have formed a production partnership with comic book studio Dabel Brothers Production to bring fantasy author Robert Jordan's New Spring: The Novel, the prequel to his The Wheel of Time series, to the world of comic books and graphic novels.

Speculative Literature Foundation announces it first oldies grant
09/03/2005. The Speculative Literature Foundation has announced that its first annual Older Writers Grant is to be awarded to Andrea Hairston.

April 2005 events at Mysterious Galaxy
08/03/2005. Upcoming author signings at this US specialist SFF book store in San Diego.

Trek, Andromeda and StarGate down under
08/03/2005. Here comes a convention in Australia devoted to all three of Gene's shows, Andromeda, Trek & E:FC, plus one that wasn't his - Stargate.

The Bones Won't Tell
08/03/2005. Ilona Hegedus' new fantasy poem appears in the February/March 2005 issue of AlienSkin Magazine.

AntipodeanSF Issue 82 published
07/03/2005. A new issue of Oz science fiction magazine AntipodeanSF hits the virtual streets.

The Hedge Knight rides again
07/03/2005. Graphic novel based on story by fantasy author George R. R. Martin heads for second printing to meet demand.

Lost in Space petition
07/03/2005. The people over at have started a petition to bring back the classic LIS with all original cast in CGI.

Artist Alan Lee to be Interaction guest
06/03/2005. Alan Lee to be special Guest at Interaction - Oscar-winning artist worked as conceptual artist on Lord of the Rings movie trilogy.

Sci-FI Talk becomes a Podcast
06/03/2005. Since September 2004, Podcasting has been the internet buzz word. It's an on demand way of listening to radio shows on IPods, Personal Computers and MP3 players.

2005 Seiun Awards
06/03/2005. Cascadia Con is to announce the presentation of the 2005 Seiun Awards for best Foreign Language Translation into Japanese.

Light side of the moon?
06/03/2005. Apparently SF author Elizabeth Moon had been out and about in Kansas City speaking to various community groups about her novel The Speed of Dark.

Shadow of the Giant arrives
05/03/2005. New York Times bestselling SFF author Orson Scott Card has just delivered his new book, Shadow of the Giant.

Beyond the Tert
05/03/2005. Good news for lovers of science fiction: author Marianne de Pierres, author of the high-octane Parrish Plessis novels, has just signed a new deal with Orbit to write a new series of space opera books.

Dabel Brothers take on the Riftwar Saga
05/03/2005. Studio behind The Hedge Knight brings the universe of fantasy author Raymond E. Feist to life.

Wildside buys for March 2005
04/03/2005. SFF book imprint Wildside Press report on their latest acquisitions.

Is that a lion in your wardrobe?
04/03/2005. Some new conceptual art has been developed for the upcoming The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe movie.

It's a Wild Galaxy
04/03/2005. Golden Gryphon Press's first title for 2005 is now shipping - a new collection by William F. Nolan, best known as the author of the novel Logan's Run

Emerald City #114 hits the streets
04/03/2005. The Adobe PDF science fiction magazine is online to download.

Japanese want the moon
04/03/2005. Japan is now looking to put a large manned base on the moon by 2025.

Batman Begins released to IMAX in June 2005
03/03/2005. Warner Brother's summer event Film to be released in IMAX Theatres

New Star Trek movie confirmed
03/03/2005. If you thought Trek was dying with the Enterprise series, here's some good news ... hello to a new film.

Hugo nomination deadline is approaching
03/03/2005. Closing date for the 2005 Hugo Nominations approaches.

Battlestar Babes
03/03/2005. When a web site puts up a photo gallery of the new Battlestar Galactica actresses and calls them 'hot', us girls know what to expect.

Streaming Galactica
02/03/2005. Battlestar Galactica fans can see the first episode of the new Battlestar series free online.

A fantasy cash win in the USA
02/03/2005. Players from around the world will gather in Atlanta to compete in the 'Magic The Gathering' trading card game tournament.

The UFO Phenomenon - Seeing Is Believing
02/03/2005. The Peter Jennings ABC News Special 'The UFO Phenomenon - Seeing Is Believing' may be one of the most complete investigations ever into unexplained aerial phenomenon. But viewers from the scientific and research communities may recognize that some of the material in the ABC special comes from the documentary Out Of The Blue, says its producer/director James Fox.

Mary Doria Russell news
02/03/2005. SFF author Mary is back with a new novel, A Thread of Grace.

Ten years of Star Trek Magazine
01/03/2005. Star Trek Executive Producer Rick Berman acknowledges declining ratings were the primary factor in the cancellation of Star Trek: Enterprise.

Wildside Press goes State-side
01/03/2005. SFF imprint Wildside Press has selected Diamond Book Distributors as their exclusive US book distributor.

Upcoming SFF Books from Del Rey
01/03/2005. Science fiction imprint Del Rey in the USA have just dropped us their forward publishing list for the next four months.

Steamboy gets new trailer downloads
01/03/2005. Steamboy, tipped by fans for Akira-like stardom when it is released, has new movie clips to watch. Victorian steampunk? Yes please.

Science Fiction Covers gets an update
01/03/2005. Visco, the fabulous online Visual Index of Science Fiction Cover Art, gets an overhaul.

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