Science fiction and fantasy news library June 2005.

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Eos upcoming
22/06/2005. New books coming out in the next three months from science fiction publisher Eos.

Battlestar Galactica in La-La Land
22/06/2005. On June 21st 2005, La-La Land Records will release the Battlestar Galactica: Season One soundtrack, featuring 78 minutes of musical moments from season one of this new series.

Raven Moon go all Pixar
22/06/2005. Raven Moon want to make animated movies as good as Toy Story for a lot less of the folding green stuff.

22/06/2005. Horror movie based on the - cough - true events of kidnapping by an ancient Mexican death cult.

Batman Begins. Box office records. KAPOW.
21/06/2005. IMAX Corporation and Warner Bros. Pictures today announced that Batman Begins: The movie debuted with record breaking box office results and outstanding moviegoer response this past weekend.

The Roads to fantasy
21/06/2005. Red Jacket Press publishes a limited edition facsimile reproduction of vintage SF and Fantasy classic: the 1948 Arkham House edition of Roads by Seabury Quinn, featuring illustrations by fantasy artist Virgil Finlay.

In the shadow of giants
21/06/2005. Writer Orson Scott Card is interviewed on June 2005's episode of Fast Forward: Contemporary Science Fiction. Card discusses his recent book, Shadow of the Giant, the final book in his Shadow Cycle.

Robert Sheckley cancels WorldCon
21/06/2005. SF author Robert Sheckley, due to be Guest of Honour at this year's world science fiction con, is unable to attend convention for health reasons.

Dark Water hits the big screen
20/06/2005. World Premiere to celebrate the release of Touchstone Pictures new horror movie Dark Water.

Dr Who returns again
20/06/2005. New Doctor Who - a third series is commissioned by the BBC.

Everquest plunges to the Depths of Darkhollow
20/06/2005. New EverQuest massively multiplayer online role-playing game allows players to play as monsters and creatures.

MirrorMask trailer online
19/06/2005. Neil Gaiman's odd new fantasy film gets a web-loaded trailer to showcase his latest movie.

It's a Grimm old world
19/06/2005. New downloadable trailer for Terry Gilliam's fantasy flick, The Brothers Grimm.

Dark Water beats the Matrix Reloaded
19/06/2005. The web site for the horror movie Dark Water trounces the online presence for the Matrix films.

AntipodeanSF issue 85 hits the streets
19/06/2005. More science fiction news from the land of roos and BBQs.

Broderick enters the Cosmos
18/06/2005. One of Australia's most renowned science fiction writers, Damien Broderick, has been appointed fiction editor of Cosmos magazine.

Small extrasolar planet
18/06/2005. Astronomers find the most earth-like planet yet discovered outside the solar system.

Sunburst Awards nominees for 2005
18/06/2005. The best of this year's Canadian science fiction creeps into the limelight.

Kidnapped Dalek found alive in the UK
18/06/2005. In the early hours of Tuesday Morning Wookey Hole Caves got a phone call on their emergency 24 hour line from the kidnappers telling them their stolen Dalek has become to hot to handle and had been dumped at Glastonbury Torr.

The Loch
17/06/2005. When New York Times best-selling author Steve Alten set out to write a novel about Loch Ness's famous inhabitant, he never realized he'd be caught in a battle between angry scientists and the Scottish government.

Anime series remade into RPG game
17/06/2005. Fullmetal Alchemist 2 Curse Of The Crimson Elixir, is coming to a Playstation near you soon.

A gong for Aldiss
17/06/2005. SF author Brian Aldiss gets an OBE from Her Majesty.

Star Wars creator gets Life Achievement Award
17/06/2005. American Film Institute honours George Lucas and the Star Wars movies.

Crawling for SFF art
17/06/2005. The DragonCon 2005 convention in the USA is introducing an Art Crawl.

Buzz Aldrin joins advisory board of Cosmos magazine
16/06/2005. Australia's new popular science magazine, Cosmos, today announced the appointment of its Editorial Advisory Board, made up of leading figures in the sciences and the arts - including astronaut Buzz Aldrin, celebrated palaeontologist Mike Archer, sci-fi novelist and futurist Damien Broderick, medical research pioneer Judith Whitworth and renowned science journalist Robyn Williams.

There's a whole new Cosmos out there
16/06/2005. Australia gets a new glossy popular science magazine.

Thomas M Disch joins Jarrold Literary Agency
16/06/2005. The latest client of the John Jarrold Literary Agency is author Thomas M Disch.

Possible volcano on Titan
16/06/2005. A recent flyby of Saturn's hazy moon Titan by the Cassini spacecraft has revealed evidence of a possible volcano, which could be a source of methane in Titan's atmosphere.

Turn those wheels of fantasy
16/06/2005. Filmmaker Justin Lin - who made a splash with the 2002 independent feature and Sundance hit Better Luck Tomorrow - has been signed to direct the latest installment in the motion picture series built on speed: The Fast and the Furious 3.

SFF movie marathon on US television
15/06/2005. Premium movie service Encore aims to terrorise its viewers with a science fiction movie marathon.

Mission: Impossible 3 not so impossible
15/06/2005. Mission: Impossible 3, starring Tom Cruise, will commence principal photography on July 18th in Italy, it was announced by Paramount Pictures Chairman and CEO Brad Grey.

Fido. Your zombie best friend?
15/06/2005. Lions Gate Films has announced today that it will co-produce and distribute Fido, a horror comedy movie to be produced by Blake Corbet and Mary Anne Waterhouse. Starring Carrie-Anne Moss (The Matrix Trilogy), Billy Connolly, Tim Blake Nelson (Minority Report and Lions Gate's "O") and Dylan Baker (Spider Man 2), the film begins principal photography tomorrow. Hmmm. Zom-rom-com, anyone?

Research to investigate links between Ancient Greeks and modern science fiction
15/06/2005. New research into the Ancient Greeks shows their knowledge of travel inspired early forms of fantasy and science fiction writing.

Alternative Armies thinks small
15/06/2005. SFF miniatures manufacturer Alternative Armies creates a new 15mm scale series for fans who like their orc hordes large.

Interaction for a day
15/06/2005. This year's UK Interaction con announces its day admission rates.

Martian invasion to go ahead
15/06/2005. World premiere of War of the Worlds movie not cancelled after all.

DNA sequenced from extinct cave bear
15/06/2005. The genomic DNA sequencing of an extinct Pleistocene cave bear species has been logged into scientific literature thanks to investigators from the US Department of Energy Joint Genome Institute.

War of the Worlds: From Wells to Spielberg
14/06/2005. New book from Hugo Nominee John L. Flynn.

Dark Horse mangas up
14/06/2005. Dark Horse Comics to publish Harlequin novels in manga format.

Science fiction cons in Canada
14/06/2005. Lloyd's Cancon List 2005-2006 just in from Lloyd & Yvonne Penney, north of the border.

Star Risk and The Fabulous Beast
14/06/2005. News just in of a whole slew of new acquisitions at science fiction book publisher Orbit.

2005 Canadian Prix Aurora awards
14/06/2005. The best science fiction from Canada for the year is being lined up.

Undead trailer
10/06/2005. More zombie stomping movie fun with the new trailer for this horror flick.

Zathura trailer hits the web
09/06/2005. In the children's science fiction movie Zathura, two squabbling brothers are propelled into space while playing a game they discover in the basement of their house. Yes, it's Jumanji sequel time.

Icy Jupiter moon throws out formation theories
08/06/2005. Scientists studying data from NASA's Galileo spacecraft have found that Jupiter's moon Amalthea is a pile of icy rubble less dense than water. Scientists expected moons closer to the planet to be rocky and not icy. The finding shakes up long-held theories of how moons form around giant planets.

Resurrection enters NY Times bestseller list
07/06/2005. Resurrection, the final volume in the Forgotten Realms War of the Spider Queen series, has climbed to number 27 on The New York Times' extended hardcover fiction bestseller list from its debut spot at no. 30.

Emerald City no. 117
02/06/2005. The latest issue of the PDF science fiction magazine hits the streets.

Coming soon from Bantam Dell
01/06/2005. Some Spectra imprint science fiction and fantasy novels coming your way in July and August of 2005.

Weird Tales takes a walk on the Wildside
01/06/2005. Wildside Press, LLC has reached an agreement to purchase DNA Publications' Weird Tales magazine.

At war with Mars
01/06/2005. New online War of the Worlds movie trailer invades our PCs.

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