Science fiction and fantasy news library August 2005.

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When Worlds Collide
29/08/2005. Steven Spielberg is taking over the production of the movie remake of When Worlds Collide from Stephen Sommers for Paramount.

Science fiction Canadian style.
29/08/2005. Cascadia Con has announced the publication of their Science Fiction and Fantasy anthology; 'Northwest Passages: A Cascadian Anthology.'

A Sound of Thunder
29/08/2005. Downloadable trailer for this interesting looking science fiction movie.

The 2005 Hugo Award ceremony script
29/08/2005. Missed author Kim Newman's Hugo opening speech at this year's world science fiction con in Glasgow? Fear not, Kim's just posted it up verbatim over on his web site.

Designing the perfect Dr Who beast
29/08/2005. Blue Peter design to be turned into Doctor Who monster.

Doctor Who is reunited with some old companions
29/08/2005. David Tennant, the Tenth Time Lord, is to be reunited with two of his favourite and most iconic companions - Sarah Jane Smith and his faithful robot dog, K9.

2005 Writers and Illustrators of the Future Awards winners
29/08/2005. Seattle's Science Fiction Museum hosted the 21st annual international L. Ron Hubbard Writers and Illustrators of the Future Awards - a competition for new and aspiring writers and illustrators of science fiction, fantasy and horror.

Future Birmingham Science Fiction Group events
29/08/2005. Science fiction guest speakers at the UK's Birmingham SF Group.

Neil Gaimen's Anansi Boys and other novels
29/08/2005. Science fiction books upcoming from SFF publisher EOS September - November 2005.

Danny Flynn's new SFF art web site
29/08/2005. Danny Flynn has been an Illustrator of SF, Horror and Fantasy since the mid 1980's, having illustrated the covers of hundreds of novels for authors including Robert A Heinlein, Isaac Asimov, Frederik Pohl, Brian Stableford, and Sir Arthur C Clarke.

The Empire of Ice Cream
29/08/2005. The Empire of Ice Cream is Jeffrey Ford's second short fiction collection from Golden Gryphon Press.

Computer crash at the house of Jarrold
24/08/2005. If you have e-mailed a script to John Jarrold and are waiting for a reply, he has lost all e-mails and many documents received since February 1st 2005 in a computer crash.

John Jarrold agency signs Daniells
24/08/2005. Australian fantasy author Cory Daniells is the latest client of the John Jarrold Literary Agency.

2005 Mythopoeic Award Winners
24/08/2005. Who won what where.

The gift of science fiction and fantasy
24/08/2005. Sheila Williams muses about passing the gift of SFF on to our children.

NASA's Mars mission launched
23/08/2005. A seven-month flight to Mars began this morning for NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. It will inspect the red planet in fine detail and assist future landers.

Life After Harry
23/08/2005. Baen Books announces a cure for PPD ... Post-Potter Depression.

Hubbard's SFF awards comes to the SciFi Museum
23/08/2005. Seattle's SciFi Museum to host this year's Writers and Illustrators of the Future Awards

Film Music Radio to launch with SF content
23/08/2005. New internet radio station will begin broadcasting soundtrack recordings and original programming on august 8th 2005.

Get Smart gets serious
22/08/2005. Apparently the movie re-make of the Get Smart TV spy series is going a little less for laughs than the television series ever did. Hmm. The fans will be angry about that.

New Zathura trailer
22/08/2005. The science fiction film based on the novel by children's author Chris Van Allsburg now has a new trailer online.

Resident Evil actress signs up for Eragon
22/08/2005. The rediculously young Christopher Paolini's fantasy novel gets the movie treatment with Sienna Guillory in the title role.

Shuttle crew happy to be home
22/08/2005. Five of the seven Return to Flight crew members spoke to SFcrowsnest during a press conference from Edwards Air Force Base in California. Commander Eileen Collins opened the briefing speaking of the team's excitement to come home.

Online gaming can kill
21/08/2005. South Korean dies after playing massively multiple online SFF game for 50 hours straight.

Batman Begins (again)
21/08/2005. Neatly missing the irony of a move called Batman Begins II, movie producer Charles Roven has confirmed that the cast have signed up for a sequel to the Batman Begins film.

Orson Scott Card's Advent Rising
21/08/2005. Developed by GlyphX Games, PC game Advent Rising thrusts players into an intergalactic adventure punctuated with a storyline created in collaboration with science fiction novelist, Orson Scott Card.

Anime better than Britney Spears?
20/08/2005. The Lycos search engine's top search terms charts shows that anime is more popular than pictures of Britney Spears.

Who wants to live forever?
20/08/2005. Immortality treatments coming to a doctor's waiting room near you soon?

Money for old science fiction
20/08/2005. The Speculative Literature Foundation (SLF) has announced its second annual travel grant is now open for applications.

Delta Film Award 2005: shortlist announced
19/08/2005. The final shortlist has been announced for this year's Delta Film Award, to be judged and announced on Saturday 3rd September 2005, during the sixteenth annual Festival of Fantastic Films.

Questions about space weapons
19/08/2005. Everything you never wanted to know about orbital weapons.

Successful Martian invasion
19/08/2005. War of the Worlds passes $500 million at worldwide box office.

Lucas gets a digital life
19/08/2005. LucasArts to showcase Star Wars Battlefront II at DigitalLife event.

The Land Before Time
18/08/2005. Universal joins forces with the Cartoon Network for 'The Land Before Time' animated TV series.

Paul Halpern speaks to Philadelphia Science Fiction Society
18/08/2005. On August 12th, 2005 at The Rotunda, 4014 Walnut Street, in West Philadelphia, adjacent to the Univ. of Pennsylvania campus, the Philadelphia Science Fiction Society (PSFS), a non-profit organization that meets monthly to discuss and promote science fiction and fantasy in literature, the arts, and popular culture, will hold their August meeting.

2005 Hugo winners announced
18/08/2005. Winners of 2005 Hugo Awards announced - Susanna Clarke wins award for Best Novel - The Incredibles wins award for Best Dramatic Presentation (Long Form) - Special Committee Award given to David Pringle.

Taking the Sith?
17/08/2005. Apparently six or so deleted scenes from Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith are to be stuffed on the DVD of the film - expected around November 1st 2005.

The god of small things
17/08/2005. The next big thing is small, says NASA scientists: nanotechnology could lead to radical improvements for space exploration.

Allan Cole at Autumncon
16/08/2005. Allan Cole, author of The Timura Trilogy and co-author of the Sten Series will be guest of honor at the upcoming Autumncon in the USA.

Forthcoming SFF novels from Time Warner
16/08/2005. Science fiction and fantasy books coming soon from Aspect, Warner Books, Inc. and Little Brown and Company.

New publishing house launches
16/08/2005. New fiction imprint Reverb is launched by Osiris Press.

Heinlein hissy-fit
16/08/2005. Fans at war - it ain't pretty. Witness the current, cough, dialogue, between the Heinlein Society and the group planning the Heinlein Centennial.

2005 World Science Fiction Con round-up
15/08/2005. Quick look at all the mainstream media's coverage of this years world science fiction con up in Glasgow. With marks out of ten for being condescending (1: fan-friendly - 10: extracting the Klingon urine).

David Gemmell in Cambridge
15/08/2005. British fantasy author David Gemmell is coming to Heffers in the Grafton Centre, Cambridge (UK) on Monday 5th September at 6.30pm. It will be a Q and A session with the chance to have your book(s) signed too. His new book is Troy: Lord of the Silver Bow, the start of a new historical series.

Sidewise Awards winners 2005
15/08/2005. Results just in from this year's alternative universe story awards, as presented at Interaction, the World Science Fiction Convention, in Glasgow, Scotland, yesterday.

SFRevu August 2005 issue hits the virutal streets
14/08/2005. Latest issue of Ernest Lilley's online science fiction zine.

War of the Worlds movie passes 500 million at worldwide box office
14/08/2005. War of the Worlds, the Steven Spielberg film starring Tom Cruise, has passed the 500 USD million threshold at the worldwide box office, taking in USD 218.3 million domestically and USD 310.7 million internationally and still growing.

Chris Bunch: author, screen writer, soldier
14/08/2005. An obituary by SFF writer Allan Cole. Chris Bunch, international best selling genre author, screenwriter and decorated Vietnam veteran, sadly died July 4th 2005 from a lung ailment. He was 62.

Chris Sabat to be guest host on the SciFi Zone radio show
13/08/2005. Voice Actor Chris Sabat, one of the guests of honor at Anime Festival Orlando 6, has stepped up to the plate to be a special guest host on the SciFi Zone Radio Show. The SciFi Zone is the official radio show of AFO and is broadcasting live from the convention in the USA Saturday night 11pm to midnight.

Interaction Worldcon comment begins
13/08/2005. 'I don't think of myself as a science fiction writer', says SF author Christopher Priest, 'but I wouldn't deny it.'

NASA develops a Nugget to search for life in space
13/08/2005. Astrobiologists, who search for evidence of life on other planets, may find a proposed Neutron/Gamma ray Geologic Tomography (NUGGET) instrument to be one of the most useful tools in their toolbelt.

Serenity interview
12/08/2005. Joss Whedon talks about his new science fiction movie Serenity.

365 Tomorrows
12/08/2005. New web site news! 365 Tomorrows is a collaborative project designed to present readers with one new piece of short speculative fiction each day for one year.

BloodRayne 2 ships for the PC
12/08/2005. The PC version of BloodRayne 2 is now shipping to US stores. Developed by Terminal Reality, BloodRayne 2 continues the mature action game series that has sold nearly one million units to date.

Del Rey forward books list
11/08/2005. Science fiction and fantasy books forthcoming from US genre publisher Del Rey, August-December 2005.

Sky High
11/08/2005. Review of Disney's new live action superhero movie. There's a full set of trailers to download online now too.

Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time adaptation
11/08/2005. Newsarama has a six page preview of issue 2 of the graphic novel version of Jordan's 'New Spring' fantasy epic up to see.

Telos feel the Midas touch
11/08/2005. SFF publisher Telos Publishing has announced that they have signed a deal with Midas PR to run their publicity campaign for Back to the Vortex: The Unofficial and Unauthorised Guide to Doctor Who 2005 from July through to the end of 2005.

Reasons to hate Revenge of the Sith
10/08/2005. Do you hate Star Wars Revenge of the Sith? Then you are in good company.

Final Fantasy XII
10/08/2005. Final Fantasy XII game to ship first in Japan, on March 16th, 2006.

DIY in space
09/08/2005. The STS-114 crewmembers continue to conduct joint operations with the Expedition 11 crew and prepare for Wednesday's spacewalk, which includes the unprecedented task of repairing an area of the Shuttle's heat shield.

Tenth planet around the sun
09/08/2005. A planet larger than Pluto has been discovered in the outlying regions of the solar system.

Foam alone
08/08/2005. NASA makes official statement about the shuttle foam shedding from its external tank.

Terry Pratchett peeved at JK Rowling's rise?
08/08/2005. According to the BBC, fantasy author Pratchett may be annoyed that Harry Potter author JK Rowling is being elevated at the expense of other fantasy writers.

WorldCon Update: of Comics and Interzone
07/08/2005. Stephen Hunt reports live from the World Science Fiction convention in Glasgow - Interaction. The history of British comics, the fantasy illustrator Alan Lee, StarGate and the history of SFF magazine Interzone were all visited.

Lakes of Mars
07/08/2005. Some very nice pictures of water ice in a crater at the Martian north pole.

Trailer trash: Serenity
07/08/2005. Another new trailer to download online for the science fiction film Serenity.

Alternative Armies take over the Tabletop
07/08/2005. SFF figure manufacturer Alternative Armies has just acquired the manufacturing and distribution assets of the firm Tabletop Miniatures.

No Inter(Net)action
06/08/2005. Despite the hordes of science fiction fans queuing for hours for a 15 minute web cafe slot at this year's World Science Fiction convention at Glasgow, as usual, the existence of online science fiction has largely - and sadly - passed the con organisers by.

DragonCon 2005 Art Show programming
01/08/2005. DragonCon is the largest annual Science Fiction and Fantasy themed convention in the world with an attendance of around 20,000 people.

World Fantasy Award nominees for 2005
01/08/2005. The lucky authors in the running for this year's World Fantasy Awards.

Doom the movie
01/08/2005. First online trailer for this game turned into a movie. Yeah, because these films are so really good.

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