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NASA makes magic as Harry Potter goes to space
28/11/2005. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, the new movie based on the series of books by J.K. Rowling, is now having its orbital premiere.

Dirty Kong, dirty
28/11/2005. In the new King Kong movie remake, director Peter Jackson honours the 1933 original by featuring an old Kong, with drooped eyebrows and matted and mucky fur.

Tor UK domain allowed to expire
28/11/2005. The web site for the British arm of the science fiction publisher Tor, Tor UK, looks like it has been allowed to expire. We don't know why, though.

Claypool Comics declares emergency
27/11/2005. Independent sci-fi comic publisher reaches out to readers and retailers.

Sir flipping what
27/11/2005. Science fiction author Sir Arthur C Clarke (his UK title) has now also been knighted in Sri Lanka as a Sri Lankabhimanya. Now that just trips off the tongue, don't it.

The pain Threshold
27/11/2005. Gossip has it that new science fiction series Threshold has been killed by its masters over at CBS. Easy come, easy go.

Big budget SFX scares George Lucas
26/11/2005. An interview with Big Georgey, on such topics as why the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park are now, well, dinosaurs.

The end of Alias
26/11/2005. Our favourite spy-fi TV series is shutting its door. We will be 'Lost' without it. Oh well.

Star Trek spoof soars to new heights
26/11/2005. The Star Wreck movie - downloadable for free - has clocked up 3 million downloads since their film was highlighted on

Upcoming SFF novels from Eos
26/11/2005. Science fiction and fantasy novels coming your way from the EOS imprint over at HarperCollins (Dec 2005/Feb2006).

Lost gets a Podcast
25/11/2005. Want to know what is coming up on everyone's favourite dinosaur-inhabited island of the damned. Then you are in luck, because the Lost TV series is revealing secrets in their new Podcasts.

Doctor Who The Christmas Invasion
25/11/2005. Details of the upcoming Dr Who Christmas special for 2005.

Allan Cole news
25/11/2005. has selected one of US science fiction and fantasy author Allan's short stories for its new Amazon Shorts section.

Jim Baen's Universe
25/11/2005. US SFF publisher Baen plans to join the online SFF party with a new web-based science fiction magazine called Jim Baen's Universe.

The Prisoner comes back to TV
25/11/2005. Say it isn't true, Patrick McGoohan's fantasy spy series is set to return to the little screen in another remake series. Let's hope they update the ending this time.

Superman Returns trailer
24/11/2005. Another teaser trailer for the new Superman Returns movie.

Battlestar gets a Season 3
24/11/2005. The new Sci-Fi Channel remake of Battlestar Galactica is renewed for a third season. But will they ever find Earth?

First review of the Goblet of Fire
24/11/2005. Does the new Harry Potter movie stink - find out here.

Let them eat grass
24/11/2005. Dinosaurs were big grass-eating softies, confirms new research.

John Jarrold's first major deal as an agent is with Harpercollins Voyager
23/11/2005. SFF agent John Jarrold has concluded a world rights deal for three fantasy novels by UK author Stephen Hunt with Sarah Hodgson of HarperCollins UK's Voyager imprint, for a high five-figure sum in pounds sterling, after an auction.

Farewell, sweet Ellen
23/11/2005. Now that editor Ellen Datlow is leaving the SciFi Channel's online fiction operation as it gets closed down around her ears, it is time to look at the best web-based fiction she ever published.

Upcoming Del Rey SFF titles
23/11/2005. New SFF novels and books upcoming from US publisher Del Rey, up to March 2006.

Richard K. Morgan goes State-side
22/11/2005. SFF publisher Del Rey signs science fiction author Richard K. Morgan to a five-book deal.

Set your PHASRs to stun
22/11/2005. The US government reveals its new PHASR rifles, they look like something from a Colonial Marine's locker ... but does anyone know how they actually work.

The Cybermen return
22/11/2005. The second series of the all-new Doctor Who sees our chums in silver suits return as the main baddies. And they are actually scary.

SFX Online gets real content
22/11/2005. The SFX web site fattens up with some real content after years of science fiction draught.

New Superman web site goes live
22/11/2005. The web site for the new Superman film goes live with a teaser trailer and other proper content.

Sci-Fiction shuts it doors
21/11/2005. One of the last paying markets for online science fiction to shut by the end of the year by the Sci-Fi Channel.

Horror Awards for 2005
21/11/2005. The International Horror Guild announced the awards for work from 2004 during a presentation at the World Fantasy Convention on Thursday evening, November 3rd 2005 in the Capitol Ballroom of the Madison Concourse Hotel in Madison, WI.

Chaz Brenchley joins JJLA
21/11/2005. Chaz Brenchley is the latest SFF writer to join the John Jarrold Literary Agency.

Astounding magazine collectors cards
20/11/2005. Return to the origins of the science fiction genre with a collection of 50 Astounding Science Fiction magazine trading cards.

Zivkovic sells to Aio
20/11/2005. Science fiction author Zoran Zivkovic's works are sold to US SFF imprint Aio.

Spider-Man 3 Movie villain identity revealed
20/11/2005. Thomas Haden Church to play Flint Marko. Latest movie for the web-slinger set to debut worldwide on May 4, 2007.

Hello Earthling
19/11/2005. Four new books from the horror and dark fantasy imprint, Earthling.

Surfing gravity
19/11/2005. The detection of gravity waves is just around the corner, apparently.

WFA-winning fantasy novels for 2005 announced
19/11/2005. Here's the 2005 World Fantasy Award winners and nominees.

Chris Dolley in London
18/11/2005. The SFF author behind the novel Resonance invites you to meet him in London.

Psycho ghosts
18/11/2005. The Haunted Film captures unusual images at abandoned psychiatric hospital in the US's Buffalo.

Narnia - where's the damn gore
18/11/2005. The new Chronicles of Narnia film features a battle with children, minotaurs, polar bears and talking wolves, but no bloodshed.

SFcovers new release
17/11/2005. The fab web site SFcovers (aka VISCO) has just had a new release. Their aim is to index all the covers of every science fiction and fantasy magazine. Like, ever.

Those droids are flipping revolting
17/11/2005. How to defend yourself from the robot hordes come the great machine uprising, puny humans.

First issue of Fantasy Magazine
17/11/2005. Wildside Press have a new magazine out for fantasy fiction - entitled, aptly enough, Fantasy Magazine. Hmmm. Catchy name.

A Scanner Darkly
17/11/2005. Review of the latest PK Dick science fiction novel to make the leap to the glowing medium of cinema.

Hubble reveals possible new moons around Pluto
16/11/2005. Using NASA's Hubble Space Telescope to view the ninth planet in our solar system, astronomers discovered Pluto may have not one, but three moons.

The popularity of old mother Hubbard
16/11/2005. Guinness World Records names classic-age science fiction author L. Ron Hubbard as the world's most translated author. He's dead, you know.

Tarzan's your uncle
16/11/2005. Myths For The Modern Age: Philip Josť Farmer's Wold Newton Universe is now available and shipping.

The best editors in science fiction
15/11/2005. An excellent feature from SFF genre newspaper Locus looking at who might grab the title for best editor in science fiction.

Secret underground city for sale
15/11/2005. Need a James Bond-like underground base - well, there's a 240 acre underground one going for sale in the UK. It has 60 miles of roads, its own railway station, and for the thirsty super-villain, a pub called the Rose and Crown.

Rise of the girl fan
15/11/2005. Female science fiction and fantasy fans now outnumber male fans, according to the latest survey research.

New Harry Potter and The Goblet Of Fire media
14/11/2005. Some new online clips for the Harry Potter and The Goblet Of Fire film.

Baen to launch new science fiction magazine
14/11/2005. Apparently, there's a new online SFF magazine on the way - to be called Baen's Astounding Stories.

Real authors for comic-book series
14/11/2005. Action novel author David 'Rambo' Morrell will be the brains behind a new Captain America comic-book project, slated for 2006.

Author Eric Jerome Dickey goes down a Storm
13/11/2005. New comic-book series reveals the romance of X-Men favorite Storm.

The Man Who Fell To Earth remake
13/11/2005. Apparently the classic science fiction movie The Man Who Fell To Earth is due for the glossy SFX update in a new re-make.

The art of science fiction award design
12/11/2005. L.A.con IV needs you ... to design the 2006 Hugo Award Trophy.

Allen Ashley in Brum
12/11/2005. SF author Allen Ashley will be visiting the UK's Birmingham Science Fiction Group on Friday 4th November 2005 at 7.30pm. This will take place at the Britannia Hotel, New Street, Birmingham. Entry £3 members, £4 non-members.

Issue 2 of Farmerphile hits the streets
11/11/2005. Farmerphile is a quarterly digest devoted to making available previously unpublished writings by Hugo Award-winning science fiction author and SFWA Grand Master Philip Josť Farmer.

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