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Best SFF novels of 2005
26/01/2006. Matt Cheney selects the best science fiction novels of last year over at Locus Online.

Trek goes retro
26/01/2006. Thought that Star Trek was finished as a TV series. Not if these fans have anything to do with it, it is not.

SF goes audio
26/01/2006. It had to happen. Here comes a paid-for science fiction podcast called MechMuse.

Ruaridh Pringle joins the JJLA
25/01/2006. The latest SFF client signed up to the John Jarrold Literary Agency is Ruaridh Pringle, a Scottish author.

Dune movie gets an extended edition
25/01/2006. New expanded version of Herbert's film will feature 40 minutes of additional footage. Let's just hope it makes sense now.

Chadbourn goes graphical
25/01/2006. Fantasy author Mark Chadbourn will publish the prequel to his Age of Misrule books in graphic novel format.

Selling Sales
24/01/2006. British SF writer Ian Sales has joined the John Jarrold Literary Agency. Ian has co-edited a small press science fiction magazine, The Lyre, with Nicholas Mahoney, containing original fiction by Gwyneth Jones, Peter F Hamilton, Keith Brooke and others.

Of Darklands and Deathstalkers
24/01/2006. SFF author signings at the London Forbidden Planet Megastore for February and April 2006.

Screaming dreams
24/01/2006. Estronomicon, a new monthly Adobe PDF eZine from Screaming Dreams, is now online.

2005 BSFA shortlist drawn up
24/01/2006. The shortlists for the 2005 British Science Fiction Association (BSFA) awards have been announced.

Pasta for Chelsea
23/01/2006. SFF novelist Chelsea Quinn Yarbro to be honoured in Italy Spring 2006.

WonderCon to host movie premieres
23/01/2006. WonderCon (Feb 10 -12, 2006), a comics and pop culture convention in California, is playing host to a trio of world premiere screenings.

Ian Stewart and Jack Cohen's SF novels to be sold by Jarrold
23/01/2006. Scientists, bestselling authors of The Science Of Discworld and novelists Ian Stewart and Jack Cohen have joined the John Jarrold Literary Agency, for representation of their jointly-written novels.

Leonaur moves into science fiction
22/01/2006. Leonaur, a British publisher of military history titles, has now moved into science fiction and fantasy too.

Paperbacks for half-bloods
22/01/2006. J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince to be released in paperback on July 25, 2006.

Blade comes to US television in June 2006
21/01/2006. Series is based on Marvel Entertainment's super hero and Kirk 'Sticky' Jones is cast in the leading role of Blade.

21/01/2006. David Louis Edelman's new sci-fi novel Infoquake gets its own web site.

Lost in science fiction translation
20/01/2006. Forget the Water Margin, here comes the science fiction margin. Web site margin.notes writes about Japanese popular fiction in translation, with a focus on mystery, horror, fantasy, and science fiction.

Battle droids for South Korea
20/01/2006. South Korea draws up plan for police and army killer robots to go live in a decade.

SF down-under
19/01/2006. Some enterprising fans set up a catalogue of Australian science fiction books coming out this year, cobber.

Shatner sells body parts
19/01/2006. William Shatner starts selling bits of his body off on an online gaming site. Crikes, Kirk would never have done that.

Xenite.Org owner gets own blog
18/01/2006. Michael Martinez, owner of science fiction web sites joins the blogging revolution. You go, Michael.

Lost proves popular on the i-pod
18/01/2006. Walt Disney sells 1.5 million downloads of Lost and other shows to video i-pod owners. Steve Jobs will be pleased. Walt would too, if he wasn't dead.

X-Files creator is not happy
18/01/2006. X-Files creator Chris Carter is getting legal with studio 20th Century Fox over his payments for Sculley and Mulder's antics.

The fantastic seven
17/01/2006. The Write Fantastic - fantasy authors Sarah Ash, James Barclay, Chaz Brenchley, Mark Chadbourn, Juliet McKenna, Stan Nicholls and Jessica Rydill - will be travelling the UK providing talks, readings, workshops, panels, convention appearances and bookshop signings over the coming twelve months.

NASA's comet tale draws to a close in Utah Desert
17/01/2006. NASA's Stardust sample return mission returned safely to Earth when the capsule carrying cometary and interstellar particles successfully touched down at 2:10 a.m. US Pacific time in the desert salt flats of the U.S. Air Force Utah Test and Training Range.

Upcoming Eos books
16/01/2006. Upcoming science fiction novels from US publishing imprint Eos over at HarperCollins.

Time Warner SF upcoming novels
16/01/2006. Forward releases for science fiction books from US publishing imprint Time Warner Bookmark Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Has Bigfoot made a cameo appearance in your photos
15/01/2006. Submit photographic evidence of legendary creatures' existence and get a reward.

The Last Sentinel
15/01/2006. New indie science fiction movie The Last Sentinel is to feature Battlestar Galactica's Starbuck - aka actress Katee Sackhoff.

Rogue Trooper
14/01/2006. Science fiction soldier of the future and 2000AD comic character Rogue Trooper is to get his own video game. War on Nu-Earth is heck.

William Shatner to host the Golden Groundhog Awards
14/01/2006. On February 2nd 2006, the Golden Groundhog will be awarded to the Best Underground Movie of 2005.

Will Psylocke Join Magneto in X-Men 3 movie
13/01/2006. The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Psylocke, the sultry telepathic ninja assassin, will join Magneto and his brotherhood of mutants to face off against Wolverine, Storm and the other X-Men in the eagerly anticipated X-Men 3, storming theaters this May 2006.

Chandra discovers black holes stirring up galaxies
13/01/2006. Black holes are creating havoc in unsuspected places, according to a new study of images of elliptical galaxies made by NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory. The discovery of far-reaching explosive activity, due to giant central black holes in these old galaxies, was a surprise to astronomers.

PK Dick Award nominees are in for 2006
12/01/2006. Given out for the best original science fiction paperback published for the first time in the USA during 2005.

Prince Caspian next Narnia film
12/01/2006. The next movie in the Narnia series is to be Prince Caspian. Did the first film really do that well - nobody we know liked it that much.

Star Wars is the People's Choice
11/01/2006. The last instalment of Lucas' Star Wars series was the biggest winner at the US's People's Choice Awards. Hey, what is not to like.

Slan to return
10/01/2006. Classic science fiction novel from author Van Vogt - Slan - is to return shortly, the sequels penned by prolific nib for hire Kevin J. Anderson.

Reading for Timelords
10/01/2006. Following the success of the first new Doctor Who series, particularly amongst younger audiences, BBC Magazines is launching Doctor Who Adventures, a fortnightly magazine aimed at 6-12 year olds.

09/01/2006. Sarah Micklem, author of the fantasy novel Firethorn, is the guest on the January 2006 episode of Fast Forward.

From Hungary, with sci-fi
09/01/2006. Hungarian writer Ilona Hegedus launches a web site for European genre writers.

US government wants hyperdrive
08/01/2006. Why the US government is investigating a hyperspace engine concept that just might fly.

Futurama lives
07/01/2006. Animated science fiction cartoon Futurama - brainchild of Matt Groening - may yet flower back into rude health.

06/01/2006. Something out of a cyberpunk novel. Nope, it's real and it's here.

Partial ingredients for DNA discovered around alien star
05/01/2006. NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope has discovered some of life's most basic ingredients in the dust swirling around a young star.

Infinite Matrix to shut up shop
04/01/2006. Slightly arty science fiction web site Infinite Matrix appears to be ready to throw in the online towel.

An explosion on the Moon
03/01/2006. And you thought this only ever happened in Space 1999?

Jeff Bezos, space cadet
02/01/2006. founder wants to set up orbital space colonies.

William Shatner launches DVD club
01/01/2006. William Shatner's new DVD club casts him in the one role he's not had during his Star Trek career: science fiction film critic.

Sci-Fi calendar time
01/01/2006. It's time again for the annual downloadable PDF science fiction calendar from the Website at the End of the Universe.

Hugo Awards go gaming
01/01/2006. Fans of science fiction, fantasy, and horror will be able to nominate and vote for the Best Interactive Video Game as part of the 2006 Hugo Awards, fandom's version of the Oscars, to be held during the 64th World Science Fiction Convention in August, 2006.

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