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Farmerphile 4 about to ship
23/04/2006. Farmerphile The Magazine of Philip Josť Farmer is about to ship. This issue has material including a previously unpublished Farmer story, an essay by Locus Magazine contributing editor Gary K. Wolfe, and another essay by Danny Adams, who recently completed Phil's unfinished novel, The City Beyond Play.

The Devil You Know
22/04/2006. Television company Bentley Productions has acquired an option on Mike Carey's Felix Castor series of novels about a freelance exorcist walking the mean - and haunted - streets of London.

Black hole engines
21/04/2006. One billion miles per gallon - that's how far a car could travel if it were powered by a typical black hole. Scientists with NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory recently arrived at this estimate after determining black holes are the most fuel-efficient engines in the universe, a discovery that highlights a black hole's economical performance and its benefits.

More actors for Torchwood
20/04/2006. Burn Gorman and Naoko Mori have been cast to star alongside John Barrowman and Eve Myles in the BBC 3 spinoff Doctor Who drama Torchwood.

Flatspace fattens out
19/04/2006. The science fiction RPG game Flatspace II has been updated to version 1.01 and is now available for download.

How SFF books make money
18/04/2006. Interesting article on the economics of science fiction book publishing by a staffer with the inside track over at Tor in the USA.

Journey to the Center of the Earth film
17/04/2006. Actor Brendan - The Mummy - Fraser is to star in the new Journey to the Center of the Earth movie.

11th Star Trek film is go
16/04/2006. Mission: Impossible 3 helmer JJ Abrams is hired to produce the next Star Trek movie.

Tomorrow People. Today
15/04/2006. June 2006 will see the first of a new series of six, full-cast audio dramas featuring the Tomorrow People.

Next is, well, Next
14/04/2006. Production has begun in Los Angeles on the science fiction action thriller Next, based on a Philip K. Dick story. The film will star Nicolas Cage, Julianne Moore and Jessica Biel.

Star Trek's Synthehol gets real
13/04/2006. Barfly rumour has it that Star Trek's Synthehol is now possible to brew. Make mine a Romulan Ale.

Full X-men Last Stand web site up
12/04/2006. The full new web site supporting the next in the series of X-Men films is now up and fully functional. Zowie.

2006 Philip K. Dick Award winner announced
11/04/2006. It was announced at Norwescon 29, in SeaTac, Washington USA, that the winner for the best original science fiction paperback published for the first time during 2005 in the USA is ...

2005 British Science Fiction Association awards
10/04/2006. The BSFA awards for 2005 were presented on Saturday 15th April 2006 in a ceremony at the Eastercon, Concussion, in Glasgow. The ceremony was hosted by Farah Mendlesohn, the co-chair of the convention.

Upcoming Del Rey science fiction releases
09/04/2006. New books coming out from US science fiction publisher Del Rey, May to August 2006.

Eragon the game
08/04/2006. Vivendi Universal Games are bringing the fantasy novel Eragon to the PlayStation 2 and the PC in November 2006.

Ian Cameron Esslemont goes to Bantam
07/04/2006. The John Jarrold Literary Agency has sold world rights in two fantasy novels by Canadian fantasy author Ian Cameron Esslemont to Simon Taylor at Bantam UK, for a good five-figure sum.

Constantine storms to Birmingham
07/04/2006. SFF author Storm Constantine will be visiting the Birmingham Science Fiction Group on Friday 12th May 2006 at 7.45pm. She will be talking about her publishing company, Immanion Press, and the highs and lows of running such a business.

European Nightmares
06/04/2006. Here comes a new conference that aims to offer a platform to explore differences and similarities between European horror traditions. Yeah, but where's the flipping blood and gore.

The Clockwork Atom Bomb
06/04/2006. Dominic Green's Hugo-nominated short story the Clockwork Atom Bomb is posted online as a PDF by the kind folks at science fiction magazine Interzone.

Tanith Lee bails on Eastercon 2006
05/04/2006. Tanith Lee is sadly now unable to attend Eastercon 2006, the UK national science fiction convention which is shortly to be upon us.

Hubble finds the Tenth Planet is a little larger than Pluto
05/04/2006. For the first time, NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has distinctly seen the tenth planet, currently nicknamed Xena (as in warrior princess, or should that be planet), and found that it is only slightly larger than Pluto.

Spiderman III web site goes live
05/04/2006. The web site for the new Spiderman film has just been launched by Sony.

The Crucible of Power
04/04/2006. Classic science fiction author Jack Williamson gets some new material out via Haffner Press in the USA, with The Crucible of Power, The Collected Stories Of Jack Williamson, Volume Five.

Adam Sandler Clicks
04/04/2006. First online trailer is up for the actor Adam Sandler's new fantasy movie, Click.

Mission Impossible III
04/04/2006. New trailer up to download for the Mission Impossible 3 Movie.

Dungeons and Dragons goes online
03/04/2006. The game that kicked off the RPGing revolution all those years ago has finally hit the world of multi-player online gaming.

Adventures in Podcasting
03/04/2006. James Patrick Kelly over at Asimovs looks at the brave new world of science fiction via the technology of podcasting.

2006 Will Eisner Awards shortlist
03/04/2006. The shortlist nominations for the 2006 Will Eisner Awards have been announced, reports Joe Gordon over at Forbidden Planet International. The incredibly diverse nature of the comics-graphic novel-sequential art is showcased noticeably by the fact that the two front runners with the most nominations are quite different in style and subject

First line-up for Solaris
03/04/2006. Science fiction imprint Solaris Books has announced its initial three author signings over at BL Publishing.

Stephen Hunt sells to German science fiction publisher Heyne
02/04/2006. The first international publishing deal has been confirmed for fantasy novel The Court Of The Air by UK author Stephen Hunt, in which World Rights were sold by the John Jarrold Literary Agency to Sarah Hodgson at HarperCollins Voyager November 2005.

Robin Hood gets hoodie
02/04/2006. Filming has started in Budapest on the new series of Robin Hood for BBC One.

SFcrowsnest to launch new science fiction television channel
01/04/2006. Stephen Hunt's SFcrowsnest gets backing from computer billionaire and UAE-based investors to launch a new cable science fiction and fantasy television channel.

Is it an airship - is it a plane?
01/04/2006. Just 200 miles northeast of the Wright Brothers' Dayton home, two other Ohioans claim that they are the "right brothers" to influence the second century of aviation. Earlier this week, the two completed construction of a 120-ft, two-seat prototype of their Dynalifter hybrid airship/airplane concept at Alliance's Barber Airport.

Abaddon Books news
01/04/2006. The new Abaddon Books science fiction and fantasy imprint has closed to new submissions, reports its editor. They'll have a web site up soon too.

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