Science fiction and fantasy news library May 2006.

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Piers Anthony goes graphic
28/05/2006. Piers Anthony is the latest in a long-line of science fiction and fantasy writers to move into comics, reports Joe over at Forbidden Planet International.

Spy-fi not sci-fi
28/05/2006. BBC TV series Spooks is back for a fifth series, kicking off with a two-part special. Hint ... it's a bigger fantasy than Conan the Barbarian.

Ghostrider trailer
28/05/2006. The movie version of the Ghostrider comic-book has its first online trailer. Nick Cage stars.

Science Fiction Book Club blogs up
28/05/2006. It had to happen. The SFBC has started its own blog on SFF books.

Superman. Man or myth.
27/05/2006. Neil Gaiman looks at the myth behind the fellow in the big red cape.

Voyager a-voyaging
27/05/2006. That space probe Voyager just don't know when to quit, 11.5 billion km from Earth and counting.

Hard-nosed advice to lunar prospectors
27/05/2006. A 22-year veteran of prospecting and mining on Earth has some no-nonsense advice for lunar explorers.

Jim Baen's Universe on the move
26/05/2006. Jim Baen's Universe, the new science fiction and fantasy magazine making its debut June 1st 2006 will now be readable by any Internet-enabled mobile device: cellphone, Blackberry, or PDA.

The Fountain
26/05/2006. Trailer for the SFF movie The Fountain goes online.

London SFF author signings
26/05/2006. Some science fiction and fantasy authors signing in London shortly, including Neil Gaiman and Raymond E Feist.

25/05/2006. Battlestar Galactica episode from series 2 put up in its entirety to view online. Nice one too, about a Cylon fighter ace zapping Galactica's pilots one by one.

Trek for sale
25/05/2006. The largest sale of props and bits from the Star Trek TV series arrives at auction house Christies in October this year.

Goodbye AquaMan
25/05/2006. He's drowning, not waving. The new AquaMan TV series gets zapped before it ever takes off.

Casino Royale fills out
25/05/2006. The web site for the new Casino Royale movie gets some new content.

Gor blimey
24/05/2006. Police raid a religious cult based on John Norman's Gor series of saucy swords and sorcery novels.

Science fiction gets Sad
24/05/2006. SadCAST, a video podcast for the scifi community.

Xatafi-Cyberdark Prize
24/05/2006. The Xatafi Cultural Association has announced the candidates for the Xatafi-Cyberdark Prize by Critics of Fantastic Literature, awarded to works of fantastic, science-fiction and horror literature published in Spain in 2005 according to a board's discretion.

Mosley and Vaught win new SFF award
24/05/2006. Walter Mosley and Susan Vaught are winners of the debut awards from the Carl Brandon Society recognizing excellence and diversity in speculative fiction.

Beyond Imagination
23/05/2006. Beyond Imagination, a one-day conference in the UK organised by the Association of Illustrators, explores the variety of styles, subject matters and commissioning areas in the popular Science Fiction and Fantasy art world.

Seventh issue for Aeon SF
23/05/2006. Aeon Seven is now available at ebook retailers. With a cover by illustrator Alan M. Clark, the seventh issue of Aeon Speculative Fiction features fiction by Elizabeth Bear and Sarah Monette, Stephen Couch, Jay Lake, Rita Oakes, Bruce McAllister, Joe Murphy, and Ken Rand.

James Bond's new broom broom
23/05/2006. Aston Martin to be new 007 car in Casino Royale. It is explosive power in a black tie.

Bryan Singer says no to Logan's Run
22/05/2006. Bryan Singer of Superman Returns fame to pass on Logan's Run remake.

Dark Torch
22/05/2006. Dr Who spin-off starts and will be dark.

World of Warcraft hits the orc's axe
22/05/2006. It's not easy running an online game with thousands of players. Just ask the creators of fantasy epic World of Warcraft.

Waiting for Forbidden Planet
21/05/2006. Science fiction author Alan Dean Foster advises SFcrowsnest that a special edition of the classic SF movie Forbidden Planet is on its way.

Alastair Reynolds makes good
21/05/2006. Brit science fiction author and master of the space opera Alastair Reynolds has just delivered a new collection of short fiction to publisher Night Shade Books.

Iron Sky the movie
20/05/2006. The next digital film project by the Star Wreck team commences. But will they be able to continue their Star Trek-style parody without writs flying.

The Triangle
20/05/2006. Sam Neill and Eric Stoltz star in a new BBC science fiction mini-series that follows a group of professionals investigating the dangerous truths behind one of the greatest legends of our time, the Bermuda Triangle. Shades of Lost, anyone.

Savile - Steven, not Jimmy
20/05/2006. British author Steven Savile has joined the John Jarrold Literary Agency. Savile is currently finishing a trilogy of vampire fantasy novels (Inheritance, Dominion, Retribution) tied in to Games Workshop's popular Warhammer Fantasy games. Inheritance was released in February 2006 in the UK and March in the US.

New fat X-men Last Stand trailer
19/05/2006. You find those X-men trailers in the oddest places. Here's a supersized seven minute beast for the new X-men Last Stand movie on Dell's site. Wonder who paid who for that one.

Kurt Russell interview
19/05/2006. Kurt talks about leaving behind Escape from New York for the remake ship sinker that is Poseidon.

StarGate churns it out
19/05/2006. Yuck, now we can expect even more StarGate spin-off TV series and movies. How much fun can we stand.

Pyr blogs it up
18/05/2006. US science fiction book imprint Pyr launch their own blog.

Tom Lloyd interviewed
18/05/2006. An interview with the fantasy author behind the novel The Stormcaller.

Rise of the Cybermen preview
18/05/2006. A sneak peak for Dr Who fans at what they can expect from the next episode with everyone's favourite killing machine after the Daleks, the cybermen.

Fraggle my rocks
17/05/2006. The Henson Company talks about their future TV and movies planned.

Race for the moon
17/05/2006. Land on the moon, get 2 million big green ones. Yes, it's a prize to see which private organisation can get to the moon first. Obviously, it'll be the waste disposal people, a la Space 1999.

India goes into space with the USA
17/05/2006. NASA agrees to cooperate with India on India's planned lunar mission. Free curries all round, then.

The Prisoner re-made
16/05/2006. More news on the future of the remake of the classic TV series The Prisoner. Patrick McGoohan, where are you when we need you.

UFOs really don't exist
16/05/2006. Well, so asserts the UK government. But those slimey Brits would say that, wouldn't they.

All hail the H prize
16/05/2006. The USA comes up with an X-Prize for energy, aka the H prize. H as in hydrogen, rather than hot air, which is all you can normally expect from the US House.

Pleistocene megafauna death due to climate change
15/05/2006. It was global warming wot did it. Is humanity headed for the same fate.

Christopher Evans signs with JJLA
15/05/2006. British science fiction writer Christopher Evans has joined the John Jarrold Literary Agency.

A pod for the planet
15/05/2006. The Forbidden Planet International science fiction bookshop chain in the UK dips its toe into the world of podcasts. Nice.

Ian Cameron goes to Bantam
14/05/2006. The John Jarrold Literary Agency has sold world rights in two fantasy novels by Canadian author Ian Cameron Esslemont to Simon Taylor at Bantam UK, for a good five-figure sum.

Jim Kelly Burns up
14/05/2006. SFF author Jim Kelly is now giving away his book Burn, which is a novella nominee for the Hugo, in every online file format he can think of.

George Lucas breaks new ground
14/05/2006. For all you George Lucas and Star Wars fans, the first book ever published by George Lucas under his new George Lucas Books imprint will be in stores June 2006.

A Balti for Novik
13/05/2006. Fantasy author Naomi Novik will be attending Balticon in late May this year.

China Miéville nominated for a Stoker Award
13/05/2006. China Miéville has been nominated for a Stoker Award for his story collection, Looking for Jake.

Del Rey June-September 2006
13/05/2006. Upcoming science fiction and fantasy novels from US SFF imprint Del Rey.

JJ Abrams interview
12/05/2006. The cool dude creator of Alias, Lost and the new Mission Impossible movie blabs his guts out.

Can I take your cloak, sir
12/05/2006. Star Trek's cloaking device technology gets closer to reality.

Goodbye lay-dee astronaut Eileen
11/05/2006. Astronaut Eileen Collins is leaving NASA. Collins was the first woman to command a space shuttle and the leader of Discovery's Return to Flight mission last year. She plans to pursue private interests and spend more time with family.

SFX and SciFi Channel buddy up
11/05/2006. UK science fiction magazine SFX and the UK arm of the SciFi Channel are getting into bed together. Oh-err missus.

Horrors of War
10/05/2006. The sci-fi film Horrors of War is to have sneak preview screenings. Previews are scheduled throughout May and June in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Indianapolis, Austin, Dayton, Youngstown. The film, co-directed by John Whitney and Peter John Ross, was shot and produced entirely in Ohio.

Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man's Chest
10/05/2006. More trailer trash news. There's a new online trailer for the Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man's Chest movie just been released.

Casino Royale sneak peek
09/05/2006. Casino Royale movie teaser trailer goes live on new James Bond web site.

Lost early
09/05/2006. Channel Four in the UK allows viewers without Freeview to see the next episodes of Lost season 2 early online.

Superman Returns
08/05/2006. And so he does. Check out the new online trailer for the latest Superman movie.

Shatner's science fiction
07/05/2006. William Shatner, aka Captain Kirk, announces his top movie picks for sci-fi fans.

SciFi Gateway to Hungary
06/05/2006. The 7th Atjaro (Gateway) Festival will be held in Budapest 9-11 June, 2006. This summer science fiction festival pertains to literature, movies, television series and gaming.

Zoran Zivkovic rights available
05/05/2006. English-Language rights are now available in World Fantasy Award-winning author Zoran Zivkovic's novel sequence, THE BOOK/THE WRITER.

Paul McAuley's unlikely worlds
04/05/2006. British science fiction author Paul McAuley gets himself a blog at last. Sweet.

John Jarrold speaketh
03/05/2006. Science fiction agent John Jarrold has been asked to appear at this year's Winchester Writers' Conference at the end of June.

Caprica cometh
02/05/2006. The SciFi Channel bods are planning a new Battlestar Galactica series called Caprica to be set 150 years before the current episodes. Hmmm. I smell the scent of prequel money.

Geoff Ryman wins his second Clarke Award
01/05/2006. The 20th Arthur C. Clarke Award has been won by Air by Geoff Ryman. It is the second time that Ryman has won the Award, he was the 1990 winner for The Child Garden, which makes him onlt the third person after Pat Cadigan and last year's winner China Miéville to have won the Award twice.

Fragmenting comet to bypass Earth
01/05/2006. There will be no tsunamis, firestorms or mass extinctions to spoil your Memorial Day weekend. Although the Internet is rife with speculation that a fragment of Comet 73P Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 will strike the Earth on May 25, neither the main comet nor any of its more than 40 fragments pose a danger to Earth.

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