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Jim Baen eulogy
30/06/2006. Science fiction author David Drake, and friend of Jim Baen, sends SFcrowsnest his eulogy of one of the great US editors of science fiction and fantasy.

Jim Baen dies
30/06/2006. US pioneer of science fiction publishing passes away from a stroke.

Brucey bonus
28/06/2006. Golden Gryphon picks up author Bruce McAllister's new collection of short stories.

Golden Gryphon's Well-Built City
27/06/2006. The Well-Built City trilogy sold to Marty Halpern at Golden Gryphon Press.

Brian Aldiss comes to Harm
23/06/2006. Del Rey cozies up to Brit science fiction Brian Aldiss for his latest novel.

Naomi Novik's dragons
22/06/2006. US sci-fi book imprint Del Rey loved the Temeraire fantasy series so much they've bought the whole ruddy lot.

Thief with No Shadow
21/06/2006. Emily Gee sells a new fantasy novel to US sci-fi imprint Solaris.

Solaris fattens up with Eric Brown
20/06/2006. BL Publishing has announceed an addition to its growing stable of SF and Fantasy authors for its Solaris imprint, which is due to launch in Spring 2007.

Sarah Pinborough signs-up
19/06/2006. British author of supernatural and crime fiction, Sarah Pinborough, has become the latest client of the John Jarrold Literary Agency.

Dungeons and Dragons film contest announced
18/06/2006. Wizards of the Coast, the Seattle-based company behind Dungeons and Dragons, have announced its first-ever D&D Fan Film Contest.

Second FPI podcast
17/06/2006. The Forbidden Planet International sci-fi bookshop team decide not to sing some old sea shanties and jolly Caribbean pirate songs.

Islamic superheroes win prize
16/06/2006. An award was presented last week to Dr. Naif Al-Mutawa at The Cartoons and Comics Festival in Recife, Brazil in recognition of his creation of the comic book project The 99. The 99 is the world's first superhero team based exclusively on Islamic culture. It is being released for publication through Teshkeel Media Group, a company that Dr. Al-Mutawa founded.

The Colorado Kid
15/06/2006. This just in from Pete Crowther over at British SFF publisher PS Publishing.

Justin Richards speaks to the BSFG
14/06/2006. Doctor Who man Justin Richards speaking at the Birmingham SF Group shortly.

Dragon Moon Press partners with Virtual Tales
13/06/2006. A Canadian publishing house for Science Fiction and Fantasy, Dragon Moon Press, has announced that it has entered into a partnership agreement with Virtual Tales, an e-publisher of serialized novels and novellas spanning a variety of fiction genres and styles. Under the terms of the agreement, Virtual Tales will serialize and distribute selected Dragon Moon Press novels through its website.

Toronto's Trek
12/06/2006. Star Trek's 40th anniversary celebration to be held in Toronto, Canada.

Alan Moore, Lost Boy
12/06/2006. Great Ormond St Hospital is not best pleased with comicbook guru Alan Moore.

Gemmell and Feist hit the big smoke
11/06/2006. Fantasy and SF author signings upcoming in the London Forbidden Planet scifi megastore.

Star Trek re-imagined
10/06/2006. Star Trek was due to get the Battlestar Galactica extreme makeover treatment by the creator of Babylon Five, but no more, according to various sources.

Science fiction intern needed
09/06/2006. The US science fiction news magazine Locus is on the hunt for an intern. Will you cut the mustard.

Jim Baen in hospital
08/06/2006. Jim Baen, founder of the lengendary Baen Books scifi imprint is in hospital after a stroke.

SyFy Portal hacked
08/06/2006. Web site the SyFy Portal falls to the guns of various hackers.

Voyage of Peter Beagle
07/06/2006. Writer Peter S. Beagle, author of the fantasy novel The Last Unicorn, was interviewed on location at Balticon 40 for this month's episode of Fast Forward Contemporary Science Fiction.

Harlequin's Ginger Blossom
07/06/2006. Harlequin Enterprises has announced the launch of its new manga-format imprint, Harlequin Ginger Blossom, beginning in September 2006.

Morgan Howell goes Orc-crazy
07/06/2006. Fantasy author Morgan Howell sells a new fantasy trilogy to Del Rey.

Brooks get graphic
07/06/2006. New York Times bestselling author Terry Brooks will create Del Rey's first original graphic novel, DARK WRAITH OF SHANNARA, set in his fantasy universe.

Into the Void
06/06/2006. US science fiction publisher Del Rey has acquired SF author Peter F. Hamilton's next three books to be titled the Void Trilogy.

The science behind Superman
06/06/2006. Superman. The ultimate superhero. Faster than a speeding bullet. More powerful than a locomotive. And able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. The Man of Steel has enthralled audiences for decades with his incredible powers of flight, super strength, x- ray vision and super speed. But just how much science fact is there behind these superpowers.

Sunburst finalists announced for 2006
05/06/2006. Like your science fiction served Canadian-style, then read about this year's Sunburst Award finalists.

Speculative Fiction Writers launch Storyteller's Bowl webzine
05/06/2006. Edited by SF veterans William Sanders and Lawrence Watt-Evans, Helix, a quarterly speculative fiction webzine, is to debut June 15th 2006.

Pirate fantasy, me hearties
04/06/2006. Anne McNeil at Hachette, formerly Hodder, has just signed a deal with David Lee Stone, author of the Illmoor Chronicles series, for a new pirate fantasy novel, set to publish in October 2007.

Rose Tyler must DIE
04/06/2006. As the climax of series two approaches, Doctor Who faces his greatest dilemma ... does saving the world mean the death of Rose Tyler.

Spider and Jeanne Robinson get jiggy
04/06/2006. SFF authors the Robinsons would like your help in making a thirty-year dream of dance in zero gravity come true.

Into A Dark Realm tour
03/06/2006. This September 2006 fantasy author Raymond E. Feist will be landing on UK shores for a 2 week tour.

Secret Masters Of Fandom
02/06/2006. SFSFC continues the SMOFCon scholarships.

2006 Mythopoeic Award finalists announced
02/06/2006. The Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for Adult Literature is given to the fantasy novel, multi-volume, or single-author story collection for adults published during 2005 that best exemplifies the spirit of the Inklings.

The Aeon Award 2006-2007
02/06/2006. Albedo One, the Irish Magazine of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror, has announced the 2nd Aeon Award for short fiction.

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro - legend
02/06/2006. The International Horror Guild has announced nominees for its 2005 awards and honored Chelsea Quinn Yarbro as recipient of its annual Living Legend award. Yarbro becomes the first woman to be named a Living Legend.

Author Paul Park goes Sidewise
01/06/2006. This year's Sidewise Award nominations have been announced. The award, which has been been presented since 1995, recognizes excellence in alternate history.

Jim Baen's Universe magazine launches
01/06/2006. Jim Baen's Universe has launched. Help save SciFi short stories, editor Eric Flint tells SFcrowsnest.

Orbit down under, cobber
01/06/2006. Hachette Livre is to launch two new SF and Fantasy imprints in the USA and Australia. Orbit, an imprint of the Little, Brown Book Group (formerly Time Warner Book Group), is a U-based SF and Fantasy imprint, and the firm says that launch of Orbit USA and Orbit Australia will give it a major presence in the three largest English-language markets in the world.

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