Science fiction and fantasy news library August 2006.

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Science fiction books to be free
30/08/2006. Google is to release hundreds of out-of-copyright science fiction and fantasy novels as free e-books including HG Wells, Jules Verne and Edgar Rice Burroughs.

The real-time supernova
29/08/2006. Shocking death of a solar system captured live on film.

Sunrise for Solaris
28/08/2006. BL Publishing has announced the full line-up of scifi novel titles for its launch season of Spring 2007, as well as the debut of the new Solaris Books website.

The return of spy-fi
27/08/2006. TV series Spooks is back for a fifth, razor-sharp series. Kicking off with an explosive two-part special and introducing some new faces to the team, the spy-fi series bursts back onto the UK's screen for autumn 2006.

Peter Weston gets Thrilling
26/08/2006. Amazing, Astounding, Startling, & Thrilling - Join Peter Weston on a voyage of discovery into the lost world of the pulp magazines.

DragonCon resorts to slight of hand
25/08/2006. Scifi convention chooses magician Misty Lee to ramp up their magic.

Scifi Channel not to change name
24/08/2006. Forged press release about cable station SciFi Channel changing name to SurgeTV is exposed as fake. SFcrowsnest one of the few SciFi sites to smell a rat and not post the story. Furious StarGate fans believed to have paid for the ruse.

Doctor Who spin-off cancelled
23/08/2006. Plans for a Doctor Who spin-off show starring Billie Piper were scrapped at the last minute, the series producer Russell T Davies has commented.

The death of StarGate
22/08/2006. The StarGate SG1 television series is axed after falling viewer numbers.

NASA finds Dark Matter proof
21/08/2006. Dark matter and normal matter have been wrenched apart by the tremendous collision of two large clusters of galaxies. The discovery, using NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory and other telescopes, gives direct evidence for the existence of dark matter.

David Gemmell Memorial Award
20/08/2006. The British Fantasy Society are musing over the idea of a David Gemmell Memorial Award to celebrate the life and works of the recently passed away English fantasy author.

The Grin of The Dark
19/08/2006. The limited-edition rights for horror author Ramsey Campbell's new novel The Grin of The Dark, have been sold by the John Jarrold Literary Agency to Peter Crowther of PS Publishing.

A tangled Webb is woven
18/08/2006. The latest author to join the John Jarrold Literary Agency is new scifi novelist Richard Webb.

Estronomicon e-zine hits the streets
17/08/2006. After a delay in their original publishing schedule, the Estronomicon eZine is now finally back in production.

Prometheus really is unbound
16/08/2006. When the 2006 World Fantasy Award Nominees were announced earlier this month, science fiction publisher Prometheus Books said they were pleased to see that three of the six people nominated in the category Special Award: Professional were affiliated with their press.

2006 Mythopoeic Award Winners
15/08/2006. Neil Gaiman and his novel Anansi Boys scoops the Mythopoeic Awards for this year.

Dark Shadows
14/08/2006. For 40 years, Dark Shadows has entertained audiences with supernatural intrigue and gothic romance. The classic US daytime drama featured vampire Barnabas Collins and his ancestral home Collinwood, cursed across three centuries.

Tennant back in the Tardis
13/08/2006. David Tennant returns to his role as the tenth Time Lord and meets his brand new companion, as filming commences on the third series of Doctor Who for BBC One.

FPI gets altruistic
12/08/2006. Forbidden Planet International do charity. True.

Shatner needs scifi fans
11/08/2006. William Shatner knows how hard it is to become a bona-fide science fiction star. That's why he's making it a little bit easier for the next generation of would-be Captain Kirks. William Shatner has announced that he is holding an on-line contest to find the most talented sci-fi personality in the USA.

Jane Yolen eats fantasy
10/08/2006. Take two children's book authors, a healthy dose of fairy tales, a heaping spoonful of original recipes, a pinch of folkloric commentary, and a sprinkling of mischievous illustrations, creative cooking ideas, and stir. The result is Fairy Tale Feasts A Literary Cookbook, a tasty blend of literary wizardry and creative cookery by Jane Yolen and Heidi E.Y. Stemple.

Publishing of Star Trek TV Scripts announced
09/08/2006. Limited edition script for the original Star Trek Pilot episode The Cage marks launch of endeavour to include scripts from the entire Star Trek television series.

The Touch
08/08/2006. Christian Dunn, commissioning editor for Solaris, concluded a deal this week with literary agent Dorothy Lumley for the UK rights to Brian Lumley's latest Necroscope novel, The Touch.

The Conqueror of Shamballa conquers
07/08/2006. Fullmetal Alchemist Conqueror of Shamballa won the Best Animated Film award at this year's Fantasia International Film Festival.

Secrets of the Rebellion
06/08/2006. Fan starts shooting a feature-length independent Star Wars spin-off film for 60,000 USD.

Life after humanity
05/08/2006. Scandinavian prime ministers met to break ground on a doomsday vault that will stockpile crop seeds in case of global catastrophe.

04/08/2006. For those that don't get pay-TV SciFi Channel content, their web site is now running a free full downloadable episode of their new TV series Eureka, about a hidden town of mad scientists in the USA.

Death of a web site
03/08/2006. Award-winning science fiction web site Emerald City is to shut its virtual doors.

Doing the impossible
02/08/2006. Free documentary about the fans of scifi TV series Serenity getting the movie made after the television eps were cancelled.

Cassini locates lakes on Titan's arctic zone
01/08/2006. NASA's Cassini star probe has discovered lakes on Saturn's moon Titan.

Gemmell remembered
01/08/2006. Fantasy author David Gemmell, who has died aged 57, was recognised as the best - and bestselling - writer of heroic fantasy, says SFF agent John Jarrold, once David's editor.

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