Science fiction and fantasy news library August 2003.

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Jake 2.0
26/08/2003. Jake 2.0 comes to TV screens: think The Six Million Dollar Man with nanotechnology bells.

The Somewhat Exclusive SFWA
22/08/2003. The Science Fiction Writers of America tightens up its membership requirements.

Dune Tour Hits Earth
21/08/2003. Dune authors Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson begin their 17-city U.S. book tour on September 16th '03.

Del Rey: House of Manga?
20/08/2003. SFF publisher Del Rey Books to launch own line of Manga comics.

The Dragon that Ate Art
19/08/2003. Dragon*Con 2003 lays on an utterly magnificent schedule of SFF art seminars and sessions.

Predator Terminated
18/08/2003. All Schwarzenegger's movies zapped off the SciFi Channel.

Writers of the Future winners 2003
15/08/2003. With David Carradine presenting this year's L. Ron Hubbard Achievement Awards for science fiction & fantasy there might have been a little Kung Fu fighting on the menu. There wasn't!

Not a Flight of Fantasy, This
15/08/2003. Must be something in the water. Hot on WizKid's heels, games house Fantasy Flight Publishing announce their new SFF imprint.

Ilium: Half My Novel is Missing!
14/08/2003. Dan Simmons new SF space opera novel seems to be missing something ... like an ending.

World Fantasy Awards Final Ballot
11/08/2003. The nominations for this award are in. China Miéville's 'The Scar' is our tip for the top.

ConJosé Saves SF-Lovers
11/08/2003. San Francisco-based SF con helps bail out the popular SF-Lovers web site.

Wizkids put 'Wiz' into new SFF Imprint
11/08/2003. Games house WizKids create a new SFF book imprint to publish tie-in novels for their RPGs.

Sign Ray Bradbury's Birthday Card
07/08/2003. The Planetary Society want you to sign classic SF author Bradbury's online birthday card. Please.

Simulated Hugos?
05/08/2003. Science Fiction Weekly simulate the Hugos. China Miéville grabs an early lead.

Bollywood's First SF Movie
05/08/2003. Bollywood produces its first science fiction blockbuster. Spielberg watch out, India's Hollywood just made you redundant!

Hugo a-Go-Go
04/08/2003. The 2003 Hugo nominees to do a live online chat with you in August.

New SFF Bookclub launched
04/08/2003. Wildside Press and DNA Publications join forces to launch a new bookclub.

BSFG Science Fiction Fans Want You
01/08/2003. The Birmingham Science Fiction Group are meeting on the 8th August, and you're all invited to meet their special guest.

Top Cat? No. Top Cow.
01/08/2003. US radio show Sci-Fi Overdrive interviews top brass at comics house Top Cow.

The Bruchetta's on Heinlein
01/08/2003. You too can attend the inaugural presentation of the newly-created Heinlein Awards.

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Just in | Library of scifi news

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