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NASA travels sun-ward bound
28/10/2006. NASA's twin Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatories mission, known as STEREO, successfully launched this Wednesday from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Fla.

Al Gore says explore space
28/10/2006. Al Gore says we need to expand into space if humanity is to survive. No shit, Sherlock.

The failure of Lord Of The Rings
27/10/2006. Why the movie version of Lord Of The Rings has killed the chances of every other fantasy movie that wants to follow in its footsteps. Well, apart from Harry Potter, that is.

The sisters dissect Orson Scott Card
27/10/2006. Feminist SF lays into the works of science fiction author Orson Scott Card.

Marvel offers comics free on-line
26/10/2006. Marvel comics are giving some of their goodies away free online now, as long as you register for their service.

Eragon gallery
26/10/2006. The fantasy movie Eragon has a few preview pictures up over here.

What if our world is their heaven
25/10/2006. The final conversations of Philip K. Dick. Edited by Gwen Lee & Doris Elaine Sauter.

Rule science fiction Britannia
25/10/2006. Fans of British science fiction are in for a treat this November as BBC Four pays homage to the enduring appeal of the genre with a season of films and programmes. Covering everything from the televisual appeal of Blake's 7 to the genius of John Wyndham, the channel boldly aims to explore all aspects of the subject to get to the heart of the genre's appeal. in webisode brawl
24/10/2006. MSNBC is reporting that Battlestar's executive producer is refusing to deliver any more Battlestar Galactica webisodes to broadcast online on, because NBC Universal is not going to pay the TV series' writers their residuals. It's about money and its getting messy. Ouch.

Igor grows new parts
24/10/2006. Jeremy Piven and Saturday Night Live alum Molly Shannon have joined the voice cast of the CG-animated horror comedy Igor. Piven will voice the role of Dr. Schadenfreude, Igor's nemesis, with Shannon voicing the role of Eva, a giant, indestructible monster invented by Igor. They join Steve Buscemi, John Cleese, and Christian Slater.

Doctor Who Horror of Glam Rock
23/10/2006. Stephen Gately, who found fame as one fifth of pop phenomenon Boyzone, enters the world of Doctor Who for a new radio series on BBC 7 early in 2007.

An Earth without people
23/10/2006. Imagine all all 6.5 billion of us were teleported off the planet. What would the world end up looking like.

The strange future of mankind
22/10/2006. Evolution study reveals what man will look like in year 3000 and beyond.

DNA computer
22/10/2006. A computer is developed that uses strands of DNA to perform calculations, and it has mastered the game tic-tac-toe. Now how mad it that.

Science fiction comes to Birmingham
21/10/2006. Novacon 36 is being held from the 10th November 2006 to the 12th November 2006 at the Quality Hotel, Bentley, Walsall, near Birmingham.

Your last novel ... hmmm
21/10/2006. Odyssey is now offering a new resource to budding science fiction and fantasy writers, the Odyssey Critique Service.

Torchwood tunes in
20/10/2006. Actor John Barrowman didn't need a TARDIS to take him into space. All it took was the news that Captain Jack Harkness would be getting his own Doctor Who spin-out series and he was over the moon.

Starship Dave
19/10/2006. Comedy science fiction movie looks ready to go, in Starship Dave.

Snoop Dogg's Hood of Horror
19/10/2006. You can't make this flipping stuff up. The hip-hop horror feature Snoop Dogg's Hood of Horror will have a Hollywood premiere as part of Screamfest 2006 on the evening of Wednesday, October 18th 2006, at Grauman's Mann Chinese 6 Theater located in the Hollywood & Highland Center.

Geffen 06 awards made
18/10/2006. The 2006 Geffen Awards was presented October 12th 2006, in Tel Aviv during Icon 2006, the annual israeli SF convention. The convention's guest of honor, author Neil Gaiman, presented the award in the Best Original Short Story category.

Tokyopop to produce live-action movie Lament of the Lamb
18/10/2006. Lament of the Lamb is a horror story of a young man who discovers he may be the last in a bloodline of vampires, and Tokyopop has chosen the property to launch the company's first foray into independent film production.

The edge of Bladerunner
17/10/2006. Google Video gives out a free downloadable documentary on Bladerunner.

Saturn's moons may creating new rings
17/10/2006. Cassini scientists are on the trail of the missing moons of Saturn. A recent observation by the spacecraft leads them to believe that they will find the moons near newly discovered rings around the planet.

Spitzer sees day and night on exotic planet
16/10/2006. NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope has made the first measurements of the day and night temperatures of a planet outside our solar system. The infrared observatory revealed that the Jupiter-like gas giant planet circling very close to its sun is always as hot as fire on one side, and potentially as cold as ice on the other.

Farmerphile October
15/10/2006. The October 2006 issue of Farmerphile features Philip Jose Farmer's previously unpublished short story Keep Your Mouth Shut and the sixth installment of Up from the Bottomless Pit.

John Picacio becomes the master
15/10/2006. Artist John Picacio will be the Master of Ceremonies for the International Horror Guild Awards presentation at the World Fantasy Convention Thursday, November 2nd, 2006.

Science Fiction con coming to Montreal over October 13-15th 2006
14/10/2006. Authors Elisabeth Vonarburg and Robert Charles Wilson, actor Steve Bacic from the television series Andromeda and Stargate SG-1, and television director David Winning will be Guests of Honour at Con-Cept 2006.

Bionic Woman coming back
12/10/2006. NBC is set to bring back the TV series Bionic Woman to the USA's small screen. Dur-dur-dur, dur dur dur. Or something like that.

Peter Hamilton blogs it up
12/10/2006. British space opera author sets up his own blog. Kind of looks like a monthly editorial update to us, though. He's currently hoping to deliver his The Dreaming Void novel to Pan Macmillan by Xmas.

Doctor Who does charidee, darling
12/10/2006. BBC Wales's drama Doctor Who and the BBC National Orchestra of Wales are set to work together to stage a one-off event in Cardiff in aid of BBC Children in Need on the 19th November 2006.

Go fly a kite
11/10/2006. Apparently, Italian researchers are getting ready to float a sail-powered wind generator, one that could produce as much energy as a nuclear power plant.

Australia gets its own Sci Fi Channel
11/10/2006. Sci Fi will be operated by the TV1 General Entertainment Partnership, which is owned by NBC Universal, CBS Paramount International Television and SONY Pictures International Television.

The price of Star Trek
10/10/2006. In celebration of the 40th anniversary of Star Trek, Christie's held an auction on October 5th-7th, 2006 of official Star Trek contents from the archives of CBS Paramount Television Studios.

Mars uncovered
09/10/2006. NASA's surprisingly long-lived robotic rover Opportunity is beginning to explore layered rocks in cliffs ringing the massive Victoria crater on Mars.

Chinese laser cannons blast US assets
09/10/2006. China has been test-shooting US spy sats that get too close too its territory, Missile Command, anyone.

Here comes Torchwood
07/10/2006. John Barrowman, Eve Myles, Indira Varma, Burn Gorman, Naoko Mori and Gareth David-Lloyd star in this new science fiction series spun-off from Dr Who for BBC Three.

TV for ET
06/10/2006. A television programme made for aliens, now what is that all about.

George gives up
06/10/2006. George Lucas to the movie industry... I give up.

What we know about Star Trek XI
06/10/2006. Well, apparently the adventure is in trouble.

Some extrasolar planet-action
05/10/2006. NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has discovered 16 extrasolar planet candidates orbiting a variety of distant stars in the central region of our Milky Way galaxy.

The Alien Online branches out
05/10/2006. Science fiction web site The Alien Online launch a new sister site, The UK SF Book News Network, or UKSFBN for short.

Take a Starhyke
05/10/2006. Starhyke is a new British Sci-Fi comedy staring Claudia Christian, aka Susan Ivanova, Babylon 5, and Jeremy Bulloch, aka Boba Fett, Star Wars.

That sinking feeling
04/10/2006. The premiere of Is It Real: Atlantis is scheduled for Monday, October 2nd, 2006 in the United States on the National Geographic Channel at 8pm and 11pm Eastern.

04/10/2006. News about the 24 Hour Comic event at this weekend's Comica event in London.

Science fiction magazine Jim Baen's Universe posts 3rd issue
03/10/2006. Jim Baen's Universe has announced its third issue has gone live on the web with stories from authors like Mike Resnick, Gene Wolfe, Gregory Benford and David Brin.

Dabel Brothers begin to Marvel
03/10/2006. Marvel forms partnership with Dabel Brothers productions to adapt best selling novels into comic books and graphic fiction works. Author Laurell Hamilton's Anita Blake franchises series marks first project under the new agreement.

Mercedes goes podcasting
02/10/2006. Science fiction and fantasy author Mercedes Lackey announces her new podcast.

The Music Of Razors
01/10/2006. Cameron Rogers's novel The Music Of Razors has just been delivered.

Brian W. Aldiss comes to HARM
01/10/2006. HARM, by British science fiction author Brian W. Aldiss, has been delivered.

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