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The Children of Men
28/11/2006. A new web site is launched for the film version of The Children of Men.

A hub for science fiction
28/11/2006. Hub is a new UK-based bi-monthly SF Genre magazine in print, focusing on new writing from established and emerging writers.

Golfers in space
27/11/2006. Two residents of the International Space Station ventured outside the complex Wednesday for a 5 hour, 38 minute spacewalk to reposition, deploy and relocate equipment, and, errr, do some space golf.

Bruce McAllister goes animal
26/11/2006. Bruce McAllister has delivered collection of his book The Girl who Loved Animals and Other Stories to Marty Halpern at Golden Gryphon Press for publication in 2007.

Kiss goodnight to the Mars Global Surveyor
25/11/2006. NASA's Mars Global Surveyor has likely finished its operating career. The spacecraft has served the longest and been the most productive of any mission ever sent to the red planet.

Goodbye Emerald City
24/11/2006. The last issue of the award-winning scifi web site Emerald City has gone online, sob. We're not in Kansas anymore.

The Hobbit film is dead
23/11/2006. We are very sorry our involvement with The Hobbit has been ended in this way, says Peter Jackson.

Eragon the video game
22/11/2006. Sierra Entertainment has announced that the video game Eragon, based on the upcoming fantasy adventure film from Twentieth Century Fox will be available at US retailers and will be followed by the feature film opening in theatres on December 15th 2006.

The Dresden Files
21/11/2006. The Dresden Files, the SCI-FI Channel's new 12-episode supernatural detective series starring Paul Blackthorne, has begun production in Toronto for a January 07 premiere.

Going subterranean
20/11/2006. The very well produced science fiction magazine Subterranean is giving its fourth issue away free as a PDF. Grab your copy here.

Proteus Rising
19/11/2006. Speculative Fiction Review releases Proteus Rising, a mainstream science fiction novel that explores the what-ifs of the new genetic and computer modeling sciences in a chase across a Martian colony during an ethnic insurrection.

Spider Man 3 trailer
18/11/2006. There's a new downloadable trailer for the Spiderman 3 movie just gone up.

UK's SF con cancelled
17/11/2006. Next year's national UK science fiction convention has been cancelled due to events beyond their control. Now that's a crying shame.

The aberrant Mr Bear
16/11/2006. Science fiction author Greg Bear is interviewed over on Aberrant Dreams.

The Mutant Chronicles
15/11/2006. Del Rey has acquired world rights from Paradox Entertainment for the novelisation of the upcoming SF film The Mutant Chronicles.

Del Rey gets Elric
14/11/2006. Del Rey Books has announced the acquisition of a portfolio of Michael Moorcock's original Elric novels plus stories, essays, a comic book script, and other material featuring Moorcock's tormented antihero, Elric of Melnibone.

13/11/2006. Harry Harrison will be attending the scienceplusfiction festival, which takes place 21st - 26th November 2006 in Trieste, Italy.

Robot sentry
13/11/2006. Some nice video of a robot sentry at work.

The Galileans
12/11/2006. Jane Johnson, Publishing Director of Voyager, has secured from agent Ralph Vicinanza The Galileans, Kim Stanley Robinson's new sf novel, an alternative history set in Renaissance Italy and centering on the life and theories of Galileo.

Passing of a giant
12/11/2006. Science fiction author Jack Williamson, creator of the Legion of Space and the Legion of Time series, died today. He was 98 years old.

First Indian on the moon
11/11/2006. An Indian will walk on the moon in 2020. That's Indian as in the Hindu-Kush, not Native American.

Orson Scott Card interview
10/11/2006. Orson Scott Card's wild empire. He talks about his new SF novel on the second US civil war.

Saturn's monsters
10/11/2006. NASA's Cassini spacecraft has seen something never before seen on another planet - a hurricane-like storm at Saturn's South Pole with a well-developed eye, ringed by towering clouds.

Science fiction takes a bath
09/11/2006. Fans of science fiction and readers in general can enjoy a talk on the relevance and writing of science fiction at a free public lecture at the University of Bath in the UK's Swindon, Wednesday 15th November 2006.

09/11/2006. Interview with Michael J. Cavallaro, author of Cybernetica, a science fiction novel about a futuristic application of thought control by government to direct the way people think.

Telos scoops a fantasy award
08/11/2006. SFF publisher Telos was the recipient of the Special Award: Non-Professional at the World Fantasy Awards announced on Saturday 4th November at the World Fantasy Convention in Austin, Texas.

Ironman DVD
08/11/2006. Lionsgate and Marvel Studios join forces for animated features DVD. Cover art drawn by Marvel Comics' Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada.

Dr Who sells out
07/11/2006. A one-off event in Cardiff in aid of BBC Children in Need on 19th November 2006 - featuring BBC Wales' drama Doctor Who and the BBC National Orchestra of Wales - has sold out in record time. All the tickets for the concert at the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff sold out within just two hours of going on sale.

BBC tells fairy tales
06/11/2006. BBC Drama has told SFcrowsnest about the commission of Fairy Tales, an anthology of four contemporary adaptations of classic fairy tales.

IGH Awards announced
06/11/2006. The IHG awards were presented November 2nd 2006 in the Wedgewood Room of the Renaissance Hotel in Austin, Texas during the World Fantasy Convention. Artist John Picacio hosted. Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, this year's Living Legend and the first woman so honoured, accepted her award from Suzy McKee Charnas.

New Conan movie to go into production in early 2007
05/11/2006. Plans relating to an upcoming Conan movie from Warner brothers have been revealed and confirmed. According to Paradox Entertainment, the deal may include several Conan movies.

BBC finds a triple horror
04/11/2006. Filming has begun on a trio of drama specials for BBC One - Empathy, Life Line and Sea Of Souls, which share a contemporary supernatural theme - made by Carnival Films for BBC Scotland.

Ron Perlman and Kelly Hu Join Cast of Afro Samurai
04/11/2006. Ron Perlman and Kelly Hu will be joining actor Samuel L. Jackson in Afro Samurai. The five-part animated series produced by Japanese studio Gonzo and due to premiere on SPIKE Thursday, January 4th, 2007.

Albedo One announces short fiction shortlist
03/11/2006. Albedo One report they have a great response from writers so far, with eight stories getting on their shortlist after the first round.

Maneater and Eye of the Beast
03/11/2006. Production company RHI Entertainment and the SCIFI Channel have done a deal for a slate of new television movies.

Ghost hunters, live
02/11/2006. There's a live Ghost Hunters' investigation being planned on TV for Halloween night in the USA.

Kristanna Loken, superhero
02/11/2006. Now wearing her grundies over her tights, Terminator star Loken has been tapped as the series lead in Painkiller Jane. This new superhero series is to premiere Spring of 2007.

Eureka gets a second season
02/11/2006. TV series has brought 5 million new viewers to the cable SCIFI Channel.

ABC Warrior collectibles
01/11/2006. First 4 Figures has just signed a licensing agreement with UK comic 2000AD for the rights to create statues and prop replicas based on the characters from the 2000AD universe.

Borg War
01/11/2006. One for you Trek-starved fans. An amateur filmmaker has created a 200 dollar animated feature.

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