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Death by heat ray
27/01/2007. That US military, there's just no stopping those boys. Coming to the back of a humvee in all good war zones near you soon ... the jeep-mounted heat ray weapon. Now all they need is a decent tripod war machine to go with it.

SciFi author Lia Scott Price to star in Normal, California
27/01/2007. Someone is making a killing in the fictional town of Normal, California.

A Song Of Fire and Ice travels to TV
27/01/2007. HBO have acquired the rights to turn George R.R Martin's fantasy series of books A Song Of Fire and Ice into a series to be written and exec produced by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss.

The ConDor is landing
26/01/2007. Science fiction convetion ConDor XIV is due to run shortly 2rd-4th March 2007.

Starbuck the cylon
26/01/2007. Is Starbuck a cylon-replicant-type-thing in the new Battlestar Galactica. As Hong Kong Phooey once said, could be.

Bye bye to Ed McFadden
25/01/2007. Ed McFadden resigns as editor of Fantastic Stories of the Imagination.

John Jarrold goes West
25/01/2007. The John Jarrold Literary Agency has taken on a client from the USA - Robert von Stein Redick. His first novel, Conquistadors, was a finalist for the 2002 AWP Thomas Dunne Novel Award under the title Wilderness.

British SF author Ian Hocking has joined the John Jarrold Literary Agency
24/01/2007. His first novel, a science fiction technothriller entitled Déjà Vu, was published in 2005 by the UKA Press.

Rob Holdstock visits the BSFG
24/01/2007. On the 9th February 2007, author Robert Holdstock is visiting the Birmingham SF Group to talk about what he has been up to recently.

Arthur C. Clarke award shortlist
23/01/2007. Stephen Hunt reports from the Clarke Award shortlist evening in London. Jon Courtenay Grimwood, M. John Harrison, Lydia Millet, Jan Morris, Adam Roberts and Brian Stableford are the six authors short listed for this year’s Arthur C Clarke Awards for 2007, the UK prize for SFF literature.

Spacecraft prepares for Jupiter encounter
22/01/2007. NASA's New Horizons spacecraft is on the doorstep of the solar system's largest planet. The spacecraft will study and swing past Jupiter, increasing speed on its voyage toward Pluto, the Kuiper Belt and beyond.

Space Academy returns
21/01/2007. Science fiction TV series Space Academy makes it onto DVD.

US navy goes for railguns
20/01/2007. The US navy have successfully fired a massive rail-gun which they plan to mount on future warships. The prototype is an 8-megajoule electromagnetic weapon, but the one to be used on actual ships will be 64 megajoules monsters.

Stargate leaves TV for movies
19/01/2007. MGM to go back to making big Stargate films, including Stargate The Ark of Truth and Stargate Continuum.

Serenity does charity
18/01/2007. SFF fans are notorious for their passion for their favourite film or television series, launching letter writing campaigns to save their show. Fans of Serenity and Firefly are working to put that passion into a series of charity events.

BSFA Awards for last year
17/01/2007. Shortlists for the 2006 British Science Fiction Association awards were announced on the 14th January 2007. Read on, McDuff...

Double Bookseller hit for The Court of the Air
16/01/2007. Last week, the fantasy novel The Court of the Air was one of trade bible's the Bookseller's featured SFF novels, this week it's the Bookseller’s Choice.

The Court goes cosmic
15/01/2007. Fantasy novel The Court of the Air has been selected as one of the UK Book Club's five hot picks for the science fiction and fantasy literary year.

Matrix Magazine news
14/01/2007. There's some new content over at Matrix Magazine including features by Escape Pod podcast producer Steve Eley and an interview with Echelon author Josh Conviser.

Alan Cumming joins Tin Man
13/01/2007. The US SCIFI Channel has cast Alan Cumming in its upcoming six-hour miniseries Tin Man from RHI Entertainment. The re-imagined sci-fi fantasy take on Frank Baum's classic book, The Wizard of Oz is slated to begin production in Vancouver this spring for a December 2007 premiere.

Destination Truth
13/01/2007. Globe-Trekking adventure series to explore the world's bizarre mysteries with host Josh Gates - no relation to Bill.

SCIFI Drive-In to launch in January
12/01/2007. has announced the creation of SCIFI Drive-in, a new broadband destination for science fiction classics, and the addition the Battlestar Galactica Video Maker Took Kit, a new user generated content feature on SCI FI Pulse.

Flash is back
11/01/2007. The US SCIFI Channel has greenlit production on a new tv series of Flash Gordon, based on the 1930s comic strip franchise, it was announced at the Television Critic's Association tour.

10/01/2007. SF agent to the stars John Jarrold writes in to let us know that his client Zoran Zivkovic's movie Two, is to open in February of this year. The film is based on a couple of Zoran's short stories.

Spiderwick Chronicles launches official web site
09/01/2007. Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing, along with Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black, the team behind the Spiderwick Chronicles series, have announced the launch of The International Sprite League, the official Spiderwick Fan Club website.

FantasyCon 2007
08/01/2007. Following on from 2006, the British Fantasy Society have announced that Michael Marshall Smith and Stephen Jones will be the first two guests of honour for this year's FantasyCon 2007.

Daleks to battle The Doctor in the Big Apple
07/01/2007. The most famous Doctor Who nemeses, the Daleks, are to battle The Doctor in a two-part story set in Thirties New York.

France to spill their UFO secrets
06/01/2007. The French government are to release all details of their previously secret official investigations into UFO sightings over the years.

Indiana Jones 4 to be made in 2007
05/01/2007. George Lucas has confirmed that the fourth Indiana Jones movie is now to go ahead this year.

The violence of the sun
04/01/2007. Instruments aboard a Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency satellite named Hinode, or Sunrise, are returning extraordinary new images of our sun. The international mission to study the forces that drive the violent, explosive power of the sun launched from Japan in September.

Jim Baen's Universe issue four released
03/01/2007. Science fiction and fantasy magazine Jim Baen's Universe releases issue number four for December 2006.

Bedford in running for Australian Aurealis Award for Best Science Fiction Novel
02/01/2007. Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing have announced that Hydrogen Steel, by K. A. Bedford, has been short listed for an Aurealis Award, the main Australian award for science fiction literature.

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