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Meisha Merlin shuts it doors
21/04/2007. US science fiction publisher Meisha Merlin is to close its doors.

Heroes TV Show gets spoofed in Hewoes
20/04/2007. Parody Press Comics has announced the upcoming release of Hewoes #1, a comic book satire of NBC's superhero drama Heroes. The title is written and illustrated by Bill Maus and will ship with two different covers, a Good Hewoes cover and a Bad Hewoes cover.

Douglas Adams Memorial Debate
19/04/2007. The Douglas Adams Memorial Debate asks From Star Wars to the Battle of Ideas - Is science fiction good for public debate?

Imagine launches SciFiNow
18/04/2007. UK publisher enters exciting market with (another) new glossy science fiction magazine.

A special episode of the Time Traveler Show
17/04/2007. Recorded on International Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Day Eve at Penguicon in Michigan. This panel discussion about Creative Commons and Internet Marketing broached the subject of giving your stuff away with three SF author web scabs.

Behold the Death Ray
16/04/2007. Blackfish Publishing is to launch Death Ray, a new science fiction magazine by Matt Bielby, the creator of magazines including Total Film, PC Gamer, SFX and Official PlayStation 2 Magazine. Death Ray is a new glossy, UK professional science fiction and fantasy-related magazine.

Mark Morris joins John Jarrold Literary Agency
15/04/2007. UK horror and thriller author Mark Morris has joined the John Jarrold Literary Agency. Since the publication of his first novel, Toady, in 1989, Morris has had eleven further novels published, as well as a story collection, Close To The Bone, a non-fiction book, Cinema Macabre, and two Doctor Who novels.

14/04/2007. A piece of news from Solaris about Eric Brown's Helix, which they will be publishing in the UK and US in June 2007.

RECON 2022
13/04/2007. Sci-Fi London Film Festival to premiere SF action flick RECON 2022.

Roddenberry and the Wolfe man
12/04/2007. This year, the Science Fiction Hall of Fame is mostly inducting Ed Emshwiller, Gene Roddenberry, Ridley Scott and Gene Wolfe. Lucky fellas.

Science fiction cover artist Jamie Bishop dies in shooting
12/04/2007. Marty Halpern, owner of Golden Gryphon Press, sends in this terribly sad news. One of Golden Gryphon Press's past cover artists, Jamie Bishop - son of author Michael Bishop - became one of the victims yesterday in the tragic shootings that occurred on the Virginia Tech campus. Jamie was a foreign languages instructor at Virginia Tech.

British Science Fiction Awards 2006
11/04/2007. The British Science Fiction Awards for 2006 were presented in a ceremony on the evening of Saturday the 7th of April at Contemplation, the 58th National British sciene fiction convention.

Rise of the Silver Surfer
11/04/2007. The next Fantastic Four movie has a new trailer online to grab too.

Shrek the Third
10/04/2007. There a new trailer online for everyone's favourite big green ogre. Does he want to be king of the land now?

Eric Johnson gets Flash
10/04/2007. New TV series of Flash Gordon slated to premiere in August 2007. Actor Eric Johnson has been cast in the title role of the SCIFI Channel's newest original action-adventure series, Flash Gordon. The modern day retelling of the classic science fiction comic strip franchise will begin production in May 2007 with an eye toward an August 2007 premiere.

Lost and LoTr skits
10/04/2007. Here's some Lost and Lord of the Ring spoof skits we were sent on YouTube.

Dr Who not the last timelord
09/04/2007. Last night's new Dr Who episode saw the Face of Bo reveal that Doctor Who is not the last timelord to survive the time war with the daleks.'s secret inside source reveals just who that other timelord is.

Kurt Vonnegut dies at 84
09/04/2007. Author Kurt Vonnegut passes away - but oddly most the obits fail to mention his start in the world of science fiction. Sci-Fi denial even in death, that's kind of sad on its own.

Big down under
09/04/2007. Fantasy novel The Court of the Air is number six on the Dymocks SF/F bestsellers list for the week ending 7th April 2007. Dymocks is Australia's main bookstore chain with 80 plus stores. Hunt's new novel has climbed over works by writers of the calibre of Tad Williams, Traci Harding and Anne Bishop.

COSMOS publishes online serialised novel
08/04/2007. Starting on Monday, 16 April 2007, a new novel by Australian science fiction writer, Damien Broderick, will be serialised online by COSMOS magazine. The new novel, Post Mortal Syndrome, will be appear five days a week in chapters of around 2,000 words each over the next 56 weekdays.

Mystical fantasy movie
08/04/2007. And another fantasy movie from the masters of animation at Google's YouTube system. Some day those boys at Google are going to have to start charging for these downloads and their search engine. Until then, enjoy the free lunch.

Alex Leap and his Quantum Adventures Through Time
07/04/2007. More home made science fiction TV distributed through the wonder of You Tube.

Don't call it sci-fi
07/04/2007. Why filmmakers and authors would rather swallow their pet dog's doo-doo than be labelled sci-fi.

Jackie Chan and Jet Li to pair for fantasy movie The Forbidden Kingdom
06/04/2007. An American teenager who is obsessed with Hong Kong cinema and kung-fu classics makes an extraordinary discovery in a Chinatown pawnshop: the legendary stick weapon of the Chinese sage and warrior, the Monkey King. With the lost relic in hand, the teenager unexpectedly finds himself traveling back to ancient China to join a crew of warriors from martial arts lore on a dangerous quest to free the imprisoned Monkey King.

Time travel to the 1980s
06/04/2007. After the finale of the sci-fi crime series Life On Mars on BBC One, the BBC has announced the next chapter - Ashes To Ashes. DCI Gene Hunt (Philip Glenister) is back in the 1980s but he's no longer the self-styled Sheriff of Manchester, and its a female cop from the future who has to cope with his funny little ways.

Dragon in Chains
05/04/2007. Caitlin Blasdell of Liza Dawson Associates in New York, representing the John Jarrold Literary Agency, has concluded a three-book deal with Fleetwood Robbins of Del Rey Books.

Gentlemen of the Road
05/04/2007. Michael Chabon, winner of the Pulitzer Prize for The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay, has been purchased by Del Rey. Well, his new novel, not the author, of course.

Ghost Hunters season 4
04/04/2007. Ghost Hunters, SCIFI's reality series, will return to the Channel for a fourth season. America's paranormal plumbers, Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, will deliver 13 episodes of investigations when the show returns next year. Upcoming episodes will feature the intrepid Ghost Hunters exploring a chilling range of bizarre occurrences that will challenge the most hard-boiled of skeptics.

Spiderman III trailer
04/04/2007. There's a new trailer for the third Spidey movie online.

DreamWorks goes for Master Mind
04/04/2007. DreamWorks Animation has acquired writers Alan Schoolcraft & Brent Simons' superhero send-up Master Mind. Master Mind is a satirical send-up of the superhero genre, built around the story of a super villain who loses his joie de vivre after accidentally killing his archrival, Uberman, in the opening scene of the movie.

Sci-fi & Horror channel from Sky
03/04/2007. Sky has announced that its Sky Movies service is to be repackaged into a number of genre-based channels. From April 4th 2007, the channels will relate to a number of specific film genres: Comedy, Family, Classic, Action & Thriller, Sci-fi & Horror, Drama, Indie, Modern Greats and Premieres.

Cliff Burns' blogs it up
03/04/2007. The author of Righteous Blood (published by Pete Crowther at PS Publishing), has just launched his blog.

Darker Matter 2
02/04/2007. The second issue of Darker Matter, the online science fiction magazine has just gone live. This issue has the second part of their three part interview with Douglas Adams from 1979, as well as five new science fiction stories, and an article about alien life.

Jack Williamson and Frederik Pohl speak
02/04/2007. The Time Traveler Show, a free science fiction podcast, has released a conversation with SF Grand Masters, Jack Williamson and Frederik Pohl. The topic is the Art, Science and Combat of Collaboration. Jack and Fred frequently collaborated on novels and series like Farthest Star and The Starchild Trilogy.

Bruce Willis to feature in Star Trek
01/04/2007. Actor Bruce Willis is set to star in the new Star Trek movie in the role of Kirk's father.

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