Science fiction and fantasy news library September 2003.

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Alien Legion Slaps Onto TV
30/09/2003. The science fiction Delta Force of the comic-book world to hit the goggle box.

Clarke Award Funding Slashed
29/09/2003. Paul Kincaid, administrator for the Arthur C. Clarke Award, has been informed that Rocket Publishing has stopped all funding to the award, except payment of the prize.

All New Who To Return!
24/09/2003. BBC Wales broke the wild news of a brand new Doctor Who television series today.

Pulp (SFF)iction
23/09/2003. The UK's Pulp Book Fair returns to London in October '03 with a host of SFF authors, critics and artists attending.

Sawyer Says
23/09/2003. Author Robert J. Sawyer leads this week's line-up on the Sci-Fi Overdrive radio show.

Tangent Wobbles
23/09/2003. Sad days ... the fab SF zine Tangent looks set to shut down.

PS to get a Postscript
23/09/2003. PS Publishing launch a new SF&F magazine with Arts Council money.

The Horror ... The Horror
21/09/2003. Editor Stephen Jones has announced that he is now reading for the fifteenth volume of The Mammoth Book Of Best New Horror.

Writers APB
21/09/2003. The whereabouts of two horror authors and one artist is sought. Can you help?

Film Festival for SFF and Horror
19/09/2003. Move over Sundance, here comes a film festival dedicated solely to science fiction, fantasy and cult movies.

Jeremiah Returns
16/09/2003. The post-apocalyptic future TV show leaps back with a new series on US TV.

Solar Flare Goes Supernova?
15/09/2003. The Solar Flare web site, one of the SF genre's stalwarts, is still offline without even sending out a distress flare.

Chesley Turns 18
12/09/2003. The 18th Annual Chesley Awards for SFF art have been announced at TorCon III, the 61st World Science Fiction Convention.

2be or not to 2be?
11/09/2003. Indiana's cuddliest science fiction con gets ready to open its doors. Hey, anyone for Larry Niven or Farscape's creator?

The Games Constantine Plays
10/09/2003. Fantasy author Storm Constantine launches a Wraeththu-themed roleplaying game.

Noreascon Four Rates Increase October 1st, 2003
10/09/2003. The 62nd World Science Fiction Convention is set to stick their prices up. Jump in quick.

Shea Set to Sue
08/09/2003. Fantasy author Michael Shea is suing the U.S. Sonoma County authority for false arrest and civil rights violations.

Wolf Bites Underworld
08/09/2003. RPG firm White Wolf sue the movie Underworld for copyright infringement.

A Sidewise Look
05/09/2003. The judges for the Sidewise Awards for Alternate History fiction have announced the winners of this year's awards.

2003 Clarke-Bradbury Prize
05/09/2003. Lavie Tidhar's wins this year's Clarke Bradbury SF Competition.

Flynn Fine with Heinlein
04/09/2003. Author Michael Flynn scoops the very first Heinlein Award at the 2003 World Science Fiction Convention.

Firefly Flies Again as a Movie?
04/09/2003. Fan activism helps resurrect the dead SF television series Firefly as a truly epic movie.

Burn, Galileo, Burn
02/09/2003. Space artist David A. Hardy celebrates the end of the Galileo probe in a fab new illustration. And it's free for web sites to use too (as long as he's credited).

Prix Auroras Awarded
01/09/2003. The 2003 Prix Aurora Awards were presented on Saturday, August 30th, at Torcon 3 - the 2003 SF Worldcon - in Toronto.

2003 Hugo Winners
01/09/2003. The Oscars of the science fiction world have just been announced in the form of the 2003 Hugos.

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Just in | Library of scifi news

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