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Chronicles Of The Lescari Revolution
01/08/2007. BL Publishing has purchased a new trilogy of novels from fantasy writer Juliet E. McKenna, for their Solaris imprint.

Tor pods from land of the rising sun
01/08/2007. US science fiction and fantasy publisher Tor is to launch their new SFF podcast program from the 65th World Science Fiction Convention in Japan.

01/08/2007. A new film channel showcasing science fiction and fantastic film has launched today. The development sees the SCI-FI-LONDON film festival extend its web offering to include a free-to-view online TV style station. The festival has been running for six years and will now be presenting movies free to anyone on the web.

Josh Kirby at the Walker Art Gallery
01/08/2007. Out of this World: the art of Josh Kirby, is open until 30th September 2007 at the Walker Art Gallery in the UK.

David Louis Edelman signs with Solaris
01/08/2007. Christian Dunn of Solaris Books has acquired world mass-market rights for Infoquake by David Louis Edelman, in a deal with Pyr, the SF/F imprint of Prometheus Books.

Solaris signs Paul Kearney
01/08/2007. BL Publishing has purchased a new novel from fantasy writer Paul Kearney for its sci-fi-focused Solaris imprint.

Fatal Revenant
01/08/2007. Stephen R Donaldson is to promote his new novel Fatal Revenant. He will be at the Forbidden Planet Megastore, 179 Shaftesbury Avenue, London, WC2H 8JR, on: Saturday 27th 2007 October 1-2pm.

Artemis Fowl becomes rather graphic
01/08/2007. There's to be signing by Eoin Colfer and Andrew Donkin to promote the release of, Artemis Fowl: The Graphic Novel. They will be at the Forbidden Planet Megastore, 179 Shaftesbury Avenue, London, WC2H 8JR, on Wednesday 26th September 2007, 6-7pm

In the Serpent's Coils
01/08/2007. This Autumn 2007, Wizards of the Coast-backed scifi publisher Mirrorstone, the publisher of A Practical Guide to Dragons, is to launch a historical fantasy series for girls ages thirteen and up, with In the Serpent's Coils, the first in what will eventually be a ten-book series.

Bunyan & Babe
01/08/2007. John Goodman is cast in the lead role of the CGI-animated movie Bunyan & Babe.

The speeding bullet star
01/08/2007. NASA's Galaxy Evolution Explorer has spotted a surprisingly long comet-like tail behind a star streaking through space at supersonic speeds. The star, named Mira after the Latin word for wonderful, has been a favorite of astronomers for approximately 400 years. It is a fast-moving, older red giant that is shedding massive amounts of surface material.

New Spooks for Autumn TV
01/08/2007. The BBC's TV spy drama Spooks is coming back and MI5's Section D grapples with growing mistrust between the British, American and Iranian governments culminates in a series of high-risk operations at home, pushing the Section to its very limits.

The Sarah Jane Adventures
01/08/2007. A brand new children's drama from the makers of Doctor Who, The Sarah Jane Adventures stars one of The Doctor's most famous former companions - investigative journalist Sarah Jane Smith.

Freema Agyeman joins Torchwood
01/08/2007. Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman) is back and reunited with Captain Jack Harkness when she teams up with Torchwood to help them solve a series of mysterious deaths in Cardiff.

Dan Dare lands on Earth again
01/08/2007. Richard Branson has announced that Virgin Comics will be bringing Dan Dare out of retirement and back into the outer reaches of the galaxy, with a new Dan Dare comic book series. The new series will be published monthly beginning November 2007 and will be written by comic author, Garth Ennis (author of Preacher, The Boys, Hitman, John Woo's Seven Brothers and other titles).

Sawyer big in China
01/08/2007. Robert J. Sawyer of Ontario, Canada, has won China's top science-fiction award, the Galaxy Award, in the category Most Popular Foreign Author of the Year. The award, voted on by Chinese readers, was presented at the Chengdu International Science Fiction and Fantasy Festival, the largest science-fiction conference ever held in China.

Illusion On-Demand
01/08/2007. Illusion On-Demand, the first cable VOD channel dedicated to science fiction & fantasy, is set to launch October 2007., offering programming which includes live-action premieres, award-winning films, anime and news.

01/08/2007. Director Adam Green will screen his upcoming feature horror film, Hatchet, on Wednesday, September 4th 2007. Hatchet pays homage to the classic horror films of the '70s and '80s where plain folk find themselves in mysterious fog and mortal danger. Unlike other thrillers being distributed today, Hatchet was produced without the use of computer generated imagery (CGI), relying solely on traditional movie making.

Young Starburst
01/08/2007. The Sunburst Award Committee has announced an award for Canadian young adult literature of the fantastic, starting in 2008.

Pratchett making (more) money
01/08/2007. Forbidden Planet has announced a signing by Terry Pratchett to launch his new book, Making Money. He will be at the Forbidden Planet Megastore, 179 Shaftesbury Avenue, London, WC2H 8JR, on Saturday 13th October 2007, 1-2pm.

Rian Hughes in London
01/08/2007. Forbidden Planet has announced a signing by illustrator Rian Hughes to promote his book of collected comics Yesterday’s Tomorrows. He will be at the Forbidden Planet Megastore, 179 Shaftesbury Avenue, London, WC2H 8JR, on Thursday 23rd August 2007 between 6-7pm.

Orbit a go-go
01/08/2007. Orbit, the new Hachette Book Group USA science fiction and fantasy imprint will launch next month.

Milka Duno to appear in Speed Racer movie
01/08/2007. Latina IndyCar babe is to travel to Germany to participate in live-action version of the anime classic.

George Takei heads out east to first Japanese Worldcon
01/08/2007. Nippon 2007 has announced the participation of Trek actor George Takei at the 65th World Science Fiction Convention, which is to be held from August 30 through September 3 2007 in Yokohama, Japan. Prominent in Takei’s five decades-long career is his portrayal of Lieutenant Sulu in the original Star Trek television series, a role which he reprised in six subsequent Star Trek movies.

Potter goes Potty
01/08/2007. Scholastic announces sales of 11.5 million Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows novels in its first 10 days.

Felicity Kendal to guest star in new Dr Who
01/08/2007. Doctor Who series four filming is underway with Catherine Tate joining the BBC One drama series as The Doctor's new companion, Donna Noble. Tate is reprising her role as Donna, the runaway bride who featured in last year's Doctor Who Christmas special. Good Life actress Felicity Kendal is getting in on the Who-celeb action too.

Rule Comics Britannia
01/08/2007. UK TV station BBC Four is set to explore the world of comic books in a new three-part series, Comics Britannia, that hopes to celebrate the achievements of British popular culture - 2000AD and errr 2000AD.

Sam does Flash
01/08/2007. Original Flash actor Sam J Jones is to guest star on Flash Gordon.

Rockne S. O'Bannon to produce Farscape webisodes
01/08/2007. More good news for Farscape fans... Series Creator Rockne S. O'Bannon has signed on to executive produce and develop stories for the new 10-episode webisode series based on the show. Produced for SCIFI.COM by The Jim Henson Company, O'Bannon will work with executive producers Brian Henson and Robert Halmi, Jr., and SCIFI.COM's Craig Engler, to develop the online show's storyline, which aims to revive and expand the Farscape universe.

Write Fantastic in Brum
01/08/2007. In September 2007 the Birmingham Science Fiction Group are welcoming the Write Fantastic to speak to them.

Macleod at Edinburgh Book Festival
01/08/2007. Scottish SF author Ken Macleod is doing a couple of events next week around the Edinburgh Book Festival.

01/08/2007. BBC One is to run a new two-part supernatural drama called Apparitions starring ex-Professionals actor Martin Shaw.

David Hardy sings
01/08/2007. Have you every heard space-artist David Hardy sing a Monty Python song? No, neither have we ... until we found this little ditty on YouTube.

The Dreaming Void
01/08/2007. There's a new signed boxed edition of Peter F Hamilton's new book The Dreaming Void available for sale from Pan Macmillan.

I think I'm going Japanese
01/08/2007. I really think so... the 65th World Science Fiction Convention is to be held in Yokohama, Japan.

01/08/2007. Galaxiki is a fictional galaxy created, maintained and owned by it's community. Site members can name and edit stars, planets, moons; invent life forms and write stories about them, so that a virtual sci-fi world is being created.

Robinson Crusoe in space?
01/08/2007. From actor Thomas Jane (The Punisher, Killshot) and comic/graphic novel author Steve Niles (30 Days of Night) comes a new US TV miniseries set 30 years in the future. A private shuttle takes a three-year journey to a newly discovered planet filled with exotic and dangerous creatures. But after an attack, the shuttle is forced to flee, stranding one of its pilots in the midst of this wild new land.

UFO Hunters
01/08/2007. From the creators of the US SCIFI Channel's Ghost Hunters, comes the search for paranormal phenomena of a different kind. UFO Hunters, a series from executive producer Craig Piligian, Tom Thayer and Piligian's Pilgrim Films and Television, sets out to investigate claims of UFO sightings and otherworldly experiences.

God inc
01/08/2007. What, asks a new TV series, if all the world's problems were caused by office politics in God's corporate headquarters? Filmmaker Francis Stokes created a worldwide viral video when his short web series God, Inc. was featured on YouTube's main page.

Going Homer
01/08/2007. The Odyssey collides with the 21st century in a new American six-hour miniseries from Ben Browder (star of Stargate SG-1 and Farscape) and Andrew Prowse (Farscape).

The Awsomes
01/08/2007. SuperFriends meets The Office in this US animated workplace comedy about a team of past-their-prime superheroes looking to get back onto the justice enforcement A-List.

Battlestar's Razor
01/08/2007. In anticipation of the premiere of SCI FI's two-hour event, Battlestar Galactica: Razor, the US SF Channel will whet viewers' appetites with an eight-week series of 2-3 minute mini-sodes.

Branson to save universe?
01/08/2007. SCI FI Channel and Richard Branson's Virgin Comics have announced their first original title under the SCI FI/Virgin Comics banner. The Stranded, created and written by Mike Carey, is an adventure spanning two worlds as seen through the eyes of five ordinary people and whose abilities may ultimately spell doom or salvation for the entire universe.

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