Science fiction and fantasy news library November 2007.

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Charles Stross Halting
27/11/2007. Video of science fiction author Charles Stross talking about his novel Halting State.

27/11/2007. Trailer for a new SFF-ish thriller about a secret order dedicated to killing the world's human wolves and making the globe a better place. Err, just like the wolftakers in The Court of the Air. Royalties, please?

Toy of the movie, or movie of the toy?
27/11/2007. The relationship between film and toy was taken to a whole new level in 1977, with the release of Star Wars, says Richard Bewley of The Entertainer.

Weta and Chapman team up
27/11/2007. New Zealand-based Weta 'Lord of the Rings' Productions and the UK's Chapman Entertainment are forming a partnership to develop a range of animated science fiction and fantasy TV series. The first venture will be an as yet unnamed animated comedy.

Chris Roberson scifi book to go onto web for free
27/11/2007. BL Publishing is doing a new online project with Chris Roberson, author of Set the Seas on Fire and The Dragon’s Nine Sons. In a bold move, Solaris Books plans to serialise the entirety of Three Unbroken on their website for free, at a rate of two chapters per week. Three Unbroken is the next science fiction novel in the Celestial Empire sequence and details the explosive war between the Chinese and Aztec empires as they battle for control of the red planet, Fire Star.

Pullman's Dark Materials back in charts (on back of movie)
27/11/2007. More than ten years after its original publication, The Golden Compass (Alfred A. Knopf Books for Young Readers, an imprint of Random House Children's Books) has hit USA Today's Top 50 Best Sellers list, having seen a 500 per cent increase in sales over the last three months.

Kingdom of the Crystal Skull photos
26/11/2007. The first pictures from the next Indiana Jones movie surface. They show some old bloke with a whip - now there's a surprise.

Voyage of the damned
26/11/2007. Xmas 2007 sees Pixie pop princess Kylie Minogue joins Time Lord David Tennant for a Doctor Who Christmas Special set on board The Titanic. At the end of the last series, viewers witnessed the The Titanic crash through the Tardis walls in spectacular style, and the rest of the action continues from that moment.

Batman the Dark Night
26/11/2007. A new trailer for the latest bats movie. Now this one we can't wait for!

The neglected art of science fiction
26/11/2007. Brian Aldiss sticks a couple of fingers up at the critics of science fiction over at the Times Online web site.

Google oddities
26/11/2007. Something strange going on in the Google Universe as far as search engine indexing for science fiction is concerned?

X-Men Origins: Wolverine
16/11/2007. Trailer for the next X-men movie. That short bloke with the blades in his knuckles seems to feature heavily. Snick.

The Mummy III
16/11/2007. Trailer for the third Mummy movie. Looks like an Asian theme going on for the next film in the series.

The Spiderwick Chronicles
15/11/2007. Trailer for the new fantasy movie based on the novel of the same name (coming 2008). Hey, all old houses have secrets. One for the kids.

Atlantis found
15/11/2007. The SCIFI Channel has renewed its TV series Stargate Atlantis for an all-new 20-episode fifth season. Atlantis continues the legacy of the show's sister series, Stargate SG-1, which ran for ten consecutive seasons. Produced and distributed by MGM Television, Stargate Atlantis is set to resume production in early 2008.

Aliens vs Predator Requiem
14/11/2007. New trailer for the second Aliens vs Predator movie, set in the current day USA when a crashed starship brings both the aliens and predators warring against each other in a small town America backdrop. Feels like a horror movie, and suspect this movie will suck.

Red Monday
14/11/2007. New podcast audio drama from J. Marcus Xavier. A nuclear weapon has just exploded in Los Angeles and millions of people are trying to get out ... but just three people are trying to get in.

Golden Compass update
14/11/2007. Fantasy author Pullman says he always believed Nicole Kidman was right for the Mrs Coulter role, while Kidman - quite correctly - states, yes but: 'It's not so flattering when you think about it.'

Verity Lambert visits the great Tardis in the sky
13/11/2007. TV Producer Verity Lambert has died aged 71. Lambert was the first producer of Doctor Who in 1963, as well as dark SF series Quatermass. She died on the 44th anniversary of her first ever episode of Doctor Who. Russell T Davies, the current Writer and Executive Producer of Doctor Who, told SFcrowsnest: There are a hundred people in Cardiff working on Doctor Who and millions of viewers, in particular many children, who love the programme that Verity helped create. This is her legacy and we will never forget that.

The Nines
13/11/2007. Trailer for the slipstream horror movie The Nines.

Beowulf turns into a beast
13/11/2007. Robert Zemeckis's latest motion-capture animated film, Beowulf, which opened first at the domestic ($28.1 million) and international ($17.3 million) weekend box office and is poised to have a strong showing over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, might just be the most ambitious computer-generated animated film ever produced. Driven by the director's vision and by visual effects technology, it was the artists at Sony Pictures Imageworks who brought the characters and worlds to life on screen in both 2D and 3D formats. SFcrowsnest goes behind the scenes at Beowulf, and no, we didn't get to meet Angelina Jolie (sob).

Survivors redux
12/11/2007. More news to make Uncle Geoff happy. The BBC has acquired the rights from the Terry Nation estate to develop the post-plague series Survivors which ran in the 1970s. With bird-flu, blue tongue, and the like doing the rounds, perhaps most of humanity dying isn't science fiction anymore?

Being Bionic
12/11/2007. Trailer for the new US TV series remake of the Bionic Women. Proving that the girls get there first ... take that Steve Austin.

Crossed Bones Xmas giveaway
12/11/2007. You could win one of 1000 advanced proof copies of Jane Johnson's - doyen of fantasy literature - pirate thriller Crossed Bones when you sign-up to the Penguin Books newsletter.

Das Adamantine Palace, ja
12/11/2007. Sascha Mamczak of Heyne Verlag has pre-emptively acquired German rights for the new dragon fantasy trilogy by debut author Stephen Deas for a high-five-figure sum in Euros. Simon Spanton of Gollancz only acquired World rights in the books last week on the basis of a proposal and early chapters.

Torchwood goes a-time traveling
11/11/2007. Torchwood, the Doctor Who-spin off by Russell T Davies, will be coming back to BBC2 with Captain Jack Harkness - AKA John Barrowman - and his alien-fighting team. But this time they're all going time jumping...

SciFi gaming for the Masses?
11/11/2007. The rather over-hyped Mass Effect X-box-only science fiction role playing game hits US computer game shelves today, rolling out to retailers across the world in times for Xmas 2007.

11/11/2007. Good old JJ Abrams, he knows how to make a teaser trailer. Shot in that on the floor shaky 'caught-on-my-iphone' fashion, something nasty crashes in New York - ETs? - vampires? - who knows, and starts causing carnage. Think Blair Witch meets Alien. Here's the trailer ...

Southland Tales
11/11/2007. New trailer for this near-future SF nuttiness from the same guy that did Donnie Darko. A Jericho-like movie which sees an atomic attack on the USA in a parallel reality America, leading to a right-wing fascist takeover of the nation. Lots of blended stories set in this mad world.

The Adamantine Palace
11/11/2007. John Jarrold has concluded a three-book World Rights deal with Simon Spanton of Gollancz, for a dragon-fantasy series by debut author Stephen Deas, for a good, five-figure sum in pounds sterling. The first book in the series, titled The Adamantine Palace, is due for publication in the summer of 2009.

10/11/2007. Pete Fowler will shortly be launching his new kid's fantasy book Monsterisms Volume 4, Pets and Owners.

Lord Tophet
10/11/2007. SFF author Gregory Frost has delivered Lord Tophet, the second half of his Shadowbridge duology, to his masters over in US publisher Del Rey. Lord Tophet will publish in the summer of 2008.

Perry Rhodan the game
10/11/2007. SF Signal has an interesting find today, a Perry Rhodan game. One to keep the German science fiction fans with a big happy smile on their faces.

Old Devil Moon
10/11/2007. Author Christopher Fowler will be signing his new book, Old Devil Moon, at the Forbidden Planet Megastore, 179 Shaftesbury Avenue, London, WC2H 8JR, on Thursday 13th December 2007 6-7pm.

Roz Kaveney in London
10/11/2007. At October’s British Science Fiction Association meeting in London, Graham Sleight will be interviewing writer Roz Kaveney. She is the author of various short stories and two books, Reading the Vampire Slayer, and From Alien to Matrix - Reading Science Fiction Film. Kaveney has lived both in the UK and the USA.

Wizards of the Coast Discoveries
09/11/2007. Wizards of the Coast is now following rival Games Workshop by launching a new company called Wizards of the Coast Discoveries to publish a line of fantasy/horror novels independent of their shared world roleplaying game books.

Iron Man
09/11/2007. American book publisher Del Rey's Keith Clayton has acquired rights from Marvel Entertainment to four books based on the character of Iron Man.

Del Rey heart's Dabel
09/11/2007. US comic publisher Dabel Brothers Publishing and US scifi publisher Del Rey have joined forces for some comic adaptations of their SFF novels.

Blood Magic
09/11/2007. US science fiction publisher Del Rey's senior editor Liz Scheier has acquired the rights to the novel Blood Magic.

The Sarah Connor Chronicles
09/11/2007. There's some new posters up giving you the first look at the new TV series: Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Oh Arnie, why did you have to go into saving the world via politics?

Hub-a Hub-a
08/11/2007. Since the recent release of the Mammoth Book of Best New SF, and its discussion of the state of the short fiction form, there has been much online debate about the readership numbers of contemporary genre magazines. It appears that reader numbers for science fiction and fantasy magazines are dwindling in all such offline markets.

Kelly pods out
08/11/2007. Author James Patrick Kelly has now finished the podcast of his 1989 science fiction novel Look into the Suns. The unabridged reading, eleven hours long in thirty-four parts, is available for free downloading at Kelly's Free Reads Podcast site and on iTunes. Kelly began his weekly readings for this puppy back in March 2007.

The joy of Beowulf
08/11/2007. On Saturday 17th November 2007, BBC Two’s The Culture Show will be broadcasting an interview with Caitlin Kiernan, the writer whose novelisation of the new Robert Zemeckis’ film Beowulf has recently been published by Transworld Publishers.

Stross's Family Trade
08/11/2007. Charles Stross will be signing copies of his scifi novel Family Trade at the Forbidden Planet Megastore London, WC2H 8JR, on Saturday 8th December 1- 2pm.

Beyond the Rave
08/11/2007. Hammer horror is back with a new movie called Beyond the Rave. But will it be a cinematic gem, or a horror from beyond the rave? Ah, those puns, those puns.

JK Rowling dancing at the Writs
08/11/2007. Harry Potter web site the Harry Potter Lexicon is getting its butt handed to it on a plate by lawyers over its plan for a print edition of its online presence.

The Nines
08/11/2007. The world is not what you think it is. Shades of The Matrix in this movie trailer for The Nines, a SF film featuring the same actors in different incarnations, with a weird mix of blur of reality, virtual reality and metaphysical fantasy.

Battlestar Galactica Razor
08/11/2007. A flashback trailer for Battlestar Galactica Razor.

The Golden Compass
07/11/2007. New trailer for the movie based on the first of the His Dark Materials series of fantasy books. Now, why did they have to go and change the title?

07/11/2007. No, not the fluffy kind you buy from M&S. This is a trailer for a big new movie set in the current day about a genetic anomaly allowing a young chappie to teleport himself anywhere in the world.

Be a character in a Terry Brooks novel
07/11/2007. Fantasy author Brooksy is having an online auction for charity - the proud winner to have his or her name written into the next Shannara series novel as a character.

Midnight Never Come
06/11/2007. British science fiction imprint Orbit has just laid out money for the rights to fantasy author's Marie Brennan’s 'Midnight Never Come' and its sequel - two dark stories of the faerie court, the first book being set in Elizabethan England.

The Mist
06/11/2007. Stephen King goes all gooey over The Mist - a horror movie adaptation of his novella by director Frank 'Shawshank Redemption' Darabont.

Whimsy and Wyrms
06/11/2007. As of January 2008, Jeff VanderMeer's genre publishing outfit Ministry of Whimsy Press will come out of hibernation as an imprint of Wyrm Publishing. VanderMeer will work as a creative consultant and publicist for the Ministry's books.

Winona Ryder, a logical choice?
06/11/2007. Actress Winona Ryder is set to play a part in the new Star Trek Academy-type movie. Spock's mother, no less.

Darth Vader is hungry
05/11/2007. Did you know that the Death Star had a company canteen?

JJ in Swanick
05/11/2007. Science fiction literary agent to the stars John Jarrold will be appearing at the sixtieth anniversary of the Swanwick Writers’ Summer School, which takes place in the UK's Swanwick, Derbyshire, in August 2008.

The Champions
04/11/2007. One to keep Uncle Geoff happy, the old black and white Champions TV series is getting the big budget movie remake treatment by Guillermo del Toro (he of Pan's Labyrinth fame). An interesting pairing.

Dare to be Dan
04/11/2007. Virgin Comics will be bringing science fiction hero Dan Dare out of retirement and back to fans with their new Dan Dare comicbook series. The series will be published monthly beginning November 2007 and will be written by comic author Garth Ennis - author of titles such as Preacher, Hitman, John Woo’s Seven Brothers.

The discovery of New Earth
04/11/2007. Astronomers have announced the discovery of a fifth planet circling 55 Cancri, a star beyond our solar system. The star now holds the record for number of confirmed extrasolar planets orbiting around it in a planetary system.

03/11/2007. Animator Nick Park will be signing copies of his new board game, Fleeced! He will be at the Forbidden Planet Megastore, Unit 4, Clifton Heights, Bristol, BS8 1ED on Saturday 1st December 2007 1-2pm.

Vampires, ghosts and werewolves
03/11/2007. The BBC is busy making a drama comedy called Being Human, think Friends with monsters, which looks at the friendship between three 20-something monstrous outsiders trying to find their way in the world.

Games Workshop kills fan film
03/11/2007. Boo hiss. Games Workshop have shot down science fiction fans' attempt to make a fan movie set in the Warhammer 40k universe. It would have been great publicity, but I guess they don't need the marketing buzz.

Fighting Forbidden Planet
03/11/2007. Forbidden Planet is hosting a signing by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone for their book The Warlock Of Firetop Mountain, a Fighting Fantasy game book. They will be at the Forbidden Planet Megastore, 179 Shaftesbury Avenue, London, WC2H 8JR, on Saturday 15th December 2007 1-2pm.

Song of the Sontarans
03/11/2007. Dr Who's old assistant Martha Jones is to team up with with his new one, Donna Noble, as they unite against the Sontarans, one of The Doctor's oddest-looking enemies.

Spielberg to receive SFX award
02/11/2007. Steven Spielberg has been chosen to receive the VES Lifetime Achievement Award. Spielberg has been selected for its highest honor in recognition of the contribution that his body of work, as both a director and producer, has made to the art and science of visual effects in science fiction and fantasy movies.

Spiderwick the movie
02/11/2007. Paramount have announced that The Spiderwick Chronicles, a fantasy movie based on the series of books of the same name, will be released in US cinemas on February 15th 2008.

Storm Winds
02/11/2007. A nice little online fantasy game where a steampunk fortress must be defended against various steam-powered airships and other attackers. Nice.

The Tales of Beedle the Bard
02/11/2007. JK Rowling is working Post-Harry Potter on a set of fairy tales called The Tales of Beedle the Bard.

Transformers: Beast Machines
01/11/2007. The struggle for Cybertron continues as Season Two of the animated Transformers: Beast Machines series is released to DVD on 19th November 2007.

Going Subterranean
01/11/2007. The inaugural list of Subterranean Press titles is now available on US science fiction publisher Baen’s e-publishing site.

Halo: Contact Harvest
01/11/2007. The novel is based on the Microsoft Halo video games for the Xbox 360. Halo: Contact Harvest is written by Joseph Staten, Bungie Studios' lead writer and one of the original creators of the Halo game trilogy.

I am Legend, a book again
01/11/2007. Tor Books is publishing a new edition of I am Legend: the tale of Robert Neville, the last man on earth... who comes to find out he is not alone. First published in 1954, I am Legend has been turned by Warner Brothers into a motion picture starring Will Smith. Directed by Francis Lawrence, the film opens in the US on December 14th, 2007.

Bury me in the void
01/11/2007. Fancy being put to rest in a Star Trek-themed coffin? Yes, of all the souls I have encountered in my travels, his was the most... human.

Robots kill pirates
01/11/2007. US navy sending robots boats to hunt down pirates.

Three Unbroken for Free
01/11/2007. BL Publishing will be working with Chris Roberson, author of Set the Seas on Fire and The Dragon’s Nine Sons, to put one of his latest works online for free alongside the print edition.

SAW IV scares up the money
01/11/2007. There are a few buckets of blood still remaining in the SAW movie franchise this weekend as the fourth installment in the horror franchise raked in the dosh.

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