Stephen Hunt's The Rise of the Iron Moon

How can one plucky orphan girl save the world from destruction?

Born into captivity as a product of the Royal Breeding House, lonely orphan Purity Drake suddenly finds herself on the run with a foreign vagrant after accidentally killing one of her guards. Her mysterious rescuer claims to have escaped from terrible forces who mean to enslave the Kingdom of Jackals, just as they conquered his own nation.

Purity doubts his story, until reports begin to filter through from Jackals' neighbours of the murderous Army of Shadows, marching across the continent and sweeping all before them.But there's more to Purity Drake than meets the eye.

And as Jackals girds itself for war against an army of near-indestructible beasts serving an ancient evil with a terrible secret, it soon becomes clear that the Kingdom's only hope is a strange little orphan girl and the last, desperate plan of an escaped slave from a land, far, far away...

Hardcover: 592 pages
UK Publisher: HarperCollins Voyager
Publication date: 6th May 2008
ISBN: 0007232209

Hardcover: 592 pages
Publisher: HarperCollins Voyager
Publication date: 3rd September 2009
ISBN: 0007232233

Sample chapter

Chapter 1

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