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Aaronovitch, Ben (Ben Aaronovitch)

London. A bustling hub of culture, history, and for one particular resident, a playground of fantastical tales and whimsical adventures. Enter Ben Aaronovitch: a man whose self-proclaimed “unrelentingly uninteresting childhood” somehow became the springboard for a catalogue of riveting fiction that makes us wonder... how dull was his youth, really?

Before you rush to SFcrowsnest's database to dig deep into Ben's mysterious past (spoiler: you won’t find much), we’d like to take a scenic tour of the literary landscape he’s painted for the world.

Starting with the proverbial big guns, let’s address the TARDIS in the room. Aaronovitch’s two Doctor Who serials, Remembrance of the Daleks (1988) and Battlefield (1989), are a testament to his knack for weaving captivating stories. But alas, the Time Lords were just the beginning of this journey. Remember when the good Doctor landed in a metro station, hinting at portals leading through the Solar System and a particularly pesky gateway to hell? Yes, Transit didn’t make it to the screen, but it did grace the bookshelves, and for that, we thank the celestial beings above... or maybe just Virgin New Adventures.

But Doctor Who wasn’t Aaronovitch’s only playground. Remember the "cheapest soap opera ever made", as he fondly recalls? Jupiter Moon had his signature all over various episodes. And for those with a keen ear, Blake's 7 spin-offs have been blessed with his penmanship in the audio drama world.

Now, while intergalactic soap operas and time-traveling adventures are all well and good, it was in the heart of Covent Garden, between stacks of crime and science fiction, that a new series would take root. And no, we’re not talking about the latest London-based reality show. The Rivers of London series, which, as Aaronovitch will have you know, was born out of sheer financial necessity. And bless that necessity, for without it, we might never have met Peter Grant or wandered the streets of London chasing after ethereal mysteries.

Starting with Rivers of London (or Midnight Riot for the Yanks) in 2011, we've been treated to a cascade of tales, the latest being Winter's Gifts, which conveniently hit the shelves just a few months back in June 2023. For those keeping count, that's more than a decade of Peter Grant’s enchanting escapades.

To end our little stroll through the annals of Aaronovitch's achievements, let’s address his cheeky promise. No, Ben, we don’t quite believe you're spending all your time on the next Peter Grant novel and not sneaking in a bit of computer gaming. But honestly, who could blame you? You can search the Nest for articles on Aaronovitch, Ben (Ben Aaronovitch) over at