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Adams, John Joseph (John Joseph Adams)

Enter the realm of John Joseph Adams, and you might feel you've stumbled into a cosmic cocktail party where all the best storytellers in the universe have congregated. Adams, you see, isn’t just an author. He’s a connoisseur, a curator of stories, if you will. Best known for his anthologies, Adams is like the mixtape master of the sci-fi and fantasy world. Think of a topic - dystopia, apocalypse, high fantasy, space opera - and Adams probably has an anthology that fits the bill. His compilations, like "Wastelands" and "The Mad Scientist's Guide to World Domination," take readers on whirlwind tours of myriad worlds, each story a unique stopover. It's often said that every author brings a piece of their world into their stories. In Adams's case, he brings entire galaxies. You can search the Nest for articles on Adams, John Joseph (John Joseph Adams) over at