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Addison, Katherine (Katherine Addison)

Now, Katherine Addison is not your typical fantasy writer. No, she’s a gentle subverter, a discreet revolutionary of tropes. Her most renowned work, "The Goblin Emperor," is a testament to this very talent. Instead of grand battles and dark sorcery, Addison presents court politics, intrigue, and yes, a good amount of etiquette. But don't be fooled by the seemingly genteel facade. Her stories resonate with deep emotional undercurrents and subtle complexities. Addison has this delightful knack of taking the familiar – an estranged heir, a complicated throne – and turning it slightly askew to present a fresh perspective. Readers who pick up an Addison are in for a delectable treat – something akin to finding a truffle in a box of chocolates when you were only expecting plain old caramel. You can search the Nest for articles on Addison, Katherine (Katherine Addison) over at