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Ahlborn, Ania (Ania Ahlborn)

Shall we venture into the spine-tingling, goosebump-inducing realms of Ania Ahlborn, SFcrowsnest types? Yes! If Edgar Allan Poe and Stephen King had a literary lovechild and hired Tim Burton as the babysitter, Ania Ahlborn would be the wondrous result. With a quill seemingly dipped in shadows and a knack for making you question every creak in your house, Ahlborn's books are like amusement park haunted houses - on steroids.

Let’s tip-toe into “Seed”, where Ahlborn offers us a delightful tale of demonic possession. Now, I know what you're thinking – “Been there, done that, got the exorcism T-shirt”. But oh no, dear reader, “Seed” wraps its tendrils around you and takes you on a journey where family drama and chilling horror are interwoven with the deftness of a spider spinning its web. It’s like "The Exorcist" meets "Modern Family" - if Modern Family had, well, a demon.

Next on our tour is “The Shuddering”. This one combines two of your classic horror elements: a cabin in the woods and mysterious creatures. Ahlborn must have been cooking up a storm in her cauldron of creativity to concoct this frightening feast. Imagine a group of friends snowed in, not with the abominable snowman, but something far worse. This is not your average snowball fight, folks; it’s more like if the creatures from “Stranger Things” took a winter vacation and you’re uninvited but show up anyway.

Now, who here loves a good old haunted house? Ahlborn’s “Within These Walls” is like a love letter to every haunted house aficionado. Think of a writer who’s struggling with his career (an odd concept for writers, I know) and gets an offer to document a chilling crime in a haunted house. What could possibly go wrong? It’s like if the house from “Amityville Horror” started a true-crime podcast and you’re the first guest. You can search the Nest for articles on Ahlborn, Ania (Ania Ahlborn) over at