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Akers, Tim (Tim Akers)

In the enigmatic alleys of SFcrowsnest's galactic library, we stumbled upon a gem, a little spark from rural Buncombe County, North Carolina. Hold on to your hoverboards, dear readers, as we journey into the cosmic musings of Tim Akers, the sage of speculative fiction.

Ah, Veridon, that pulsating heart of steampunk wonderment! It's a city unlike any other, and only Tim could've dreamt it up. The "Burn Cycle" series with the captivating tales of "Heart of Veridon," "Dead of Veridon," and a collector’s favorite – "Bones of Veridon." And if the titles sound like a Sherlock Holmes mystery set in an alternative universe with a dash of clockwork, well, isn’t that just an adventure waiting to happen?

Then there's the sweeping epicness of "The Hallowed War." If you've never questioned the nature of deities or haven’t participated in a divine skirmish lately, Tim’s got you covered. "The Pagan Night" and its sequels are the stuff of legends. Literally. It's as if the old gods decided to drop down for a cup of cosmic coffee and stayed for a battle royale.

Knights in shining armor are so passé. But have you met the crew from the "Knight Watch"? In Akers' world, they're less about jousting and more about... well, you'll just have to read "Knight Watch" and "Valhellions" to find out. Let's just say it’s not your grandfather’s tale of chivalry.

Akin to adding another star to the galaxy, "The Spiritbinder Saga" recently welcomed "Wraithbound" in 2023. And while we're not hinting at any ghostly apparitions, rest assured, it's bound to send spirits soaring.

Oh, and lest we forget, sandwiched between these mammoth sagas is "The Horns of Ruin" (2010), a standalone testament to Akers' ability to craft tales that resonate across the dimensions. You can search the Nest for articles on Akers, Tim (Tim Akers) over at